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Tales Of Demons And Gods - Chapter 469


Chapter 469: Stationing Experts?

There was still an intense, chaotic battle happening in the main hall of the Heavenly Note Sect . The battle between a group of Heavenly Note Sect disciples and Demon God's Sect experts was in a gridlock . Hundreds of corpses strew the ground as the rich smell of blood permeated the entire hall .

In the middle of the hall, shadows moved at speeds indiscernible to the naked eye .

"Protect the Soul Temple! Do not allow anyone from the Demon God's Sect to step foot into the Soul Temple,"Nangong Xianyin bellowed angrily .

"Yes, Sect master,"answered all the Heavenly Note Sect females .

Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun were stationed at the entrance of the Soul Temple . They had an astonishing strength and were capable of wiping out any Demon God's Sect expert that approached .

Although they were still uncomfortable with each other, they worked well as a team when faced with the survival of the Heavenly Note Sect .

They were encircled and protected by bolts of lightning and icy frost .

With a bang, Nangong Xianyin sent several Demon God's Sect experts flying out . Blood trickled down the corner of her mouth as her face appeared pale . She looked like she was about to collapse at any moment .

These Demon God's Sect experts were just about to advance and attack her when there was a whistling sound from afar . A blinding ball of light flew above them and transformed into dazzling, gorgeous fireworks .

The dazzling light illuminated the entirety of the Heavenly Note Sect .

The Demon God's Sect experts hesitated for a moment before they vanished, whizzing away as plumes of black smoke .

The group of Heavenly Note Sect experts was just about to pursue them when Nangong Xianyin stopped them .

"Don't pursue them!"Nangong Xianyin said weakly .

The surrounding Heavenly Note Sect disciples immediately gathered around her .

"Sect Master, are you alright?"

"Sect Master, are you fine?"the disciples asked out of concern .

"I'm fine,"Nangong Xianyin shook her head as she said . "I never expected the Demon God's Sect to be so powerful . It would probably be a disastrous battle if they did not retreat . "

The Heavenly Note Sect experts exchanged looks, the weight of all the uncertainties clearly hanging over them . The Demon God's Sect had always been the arch-nemesis of the six divine Sects . With the Demon God's Sect being so powerful at present, it was easy for the Heavenly Note Sect to be targeted by them since it was one of the weaker ones among the six divine Sects .

Although there had been conflicts between the Demon God's Sect and Heavenly Note Sect all this while, this was the first time an assault was this intense .

The Heavenly Note Sect had not been sufficiently wary when the battle first began . It was only till later did they realize that the Demon God's Sect had actually sent ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts over . Furthermore, they headed straight for the Soul Temple, their intent sending chills down the Heavenly Note Sect disciples'backs .

In order to fend off these Martial Ancestor Realm experts, even Nangong Xianyin was severely injured .

This was only because the Demon God's Sect had had made a temporary retreat . If they were to make another assault, the Heavenly Note Sect would likely not be able to put up much of a resistance .

Although the Heavenly Note Sect had greatly increased in strength through the acquisition of the Sacred Elixirs, they were still far inferior to the Demon God's Sect .

Besides, the Demon God's Sect's sect master had yet to come!

If the Demon God's Sect's sect master were to come, the Heavenly Note Sect would probably have been annihilated today!

"Go take a look at how the other elders are doing,"said Nangong Xianyin . The other elders of the Heavenly Note Sect were fighting the Demon God's Sect's members elsewhere .

Moments later, Nie Li walked in leisurely from the entrance .

"Nie Li!"Xiao Ning'er exclaimed happily when she saw Nie Li .

She had been worrying about Nie Li's safety, so when she saw him return safe and sound, the weight on her heart lifted .

Ye Ziyun looked intently at Nie Li before walking to his side . "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine . Didn't I mention it? Good people don't live long, but the evil lives on for a thousand years . For someone like me, how can I not live for ten thousand years? I would have lost out if I don't!"said Nie Li with a chuckle .

"Pfft . "Xiao Ning'er could not help but laugh . She always found it amusing when Nie Li acted improperly .

"How unbecoming of you . "Ye Ziyun could not help but mutter, but she felt a lot happier inwardly .

"Sect Master Nie . "Nangong Xianyin cupped her hands slightly at Nie Li when she saw him approaching .

"Sect Master Nangong, what happened? Are you alright?"Nie Li said, seemingly surprised . At that moment, Nangong Xianyin's face was pale . She must have been severely injured .

"I was injured by several experts from the Demon God's Sect,"said Nangong Xianyin with a bitter smile . "But it's nothing serious . "

"Experts from the Demon God's Sect? Sect Master Nangong, the ones you fought were just peons of the Demon God's Sect . For me, I had encountered Demon God's Sect's Elder Phoenix Feather outside the hall . Thankfully, you did not fight them . If she were to enter the conflict, the Heavenly Note Sect would probably…"Nie Li appeared to be gloating over their misfortune .

Ye Ziyun quickly tugged at Nie Li's sleeve . What he said was not giving Nangong Xianyin any face .

The surrounding Heavenly Note Sect disciples looked very displeased as well . What Nie Li had said had hit a sore spot .

Upon hearing Nie Li, Nangong Xianyin smiled wryly before saying, "For some unknown reason, the Demon God's Sect suddenly stopped its attack . "

"The Demon God's Sect has only been temporarily frightened into a retreat as a result of Phoenix Feather's command,"said Nie Li nonchalantly with a smile .

"So it was because of your help . I'm extremely grateful for that . "Nangong Xianyin slightly cupped her hands at Nie Li . The Demon God's Sect's experts were about to join in the fray when they suddenly received the command to retreat . It was likely as Nie Li said . She had to give credit where credit was due .

Although Nie Li's words were somewhat nasty, as somewhat nasty, as a sect's master, Nie Li had saved the Heavenly Note Sect . She was still broadminded enough to accept the fact that he had helped her sect .

"Sect Master Nangong, what do you plan on doing next?"Nie Li looked at Nangong Xianyin and asked . "If the Demon God's Sect were to return again, the Heavenly Note Sect might…"

"If the Demon God's Sect returns again, my Heavenly Note Sect will definitely vow to fight to the death . We will not stand down even if it leads to an internecine outcome,"said Nangong Xianyin heroically . "I, Nangong Xianyin, swear to live and die by the sect!"

"Live and die by the sect!"echoed all the Heavenly Note Sect female disciples .

"Everyone from the Heavenly Note Sect is truly brave . I do have a method that can resolve the Heavenly Note Sect's predicament . Sect Master Nangong, I just wonder if…"Nie Li appeared to be in a dilemma .

"Sect Master Nie, please speak your mind . "Nangong Xianyin paused before asking . She was unsure what Nie Li was up to again, but now, with the Heavenly Note Sect in peril, she was willing to put up with any sacrifices to protect the Heavenly Note Sect regardless of Nie Li's demands .

"It's very simple . My divine Feathers Sect is now extremely powerful, with us having countless Martial Ancestor experts . I'll just send word, and the divine Feathers Sect would be able to station a group of experts here in the Heavenly Note Sect . They will naturally be able to ensure the Heavenly Note Sect of its safety,"said Nie Li .

"That simple?"Nangong Xianyin was taken aback . She originally believed that Nie Li would raise some excessive demands .

"It's just that simple . "Nie Li nodded as he said with a smile .


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