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Takarakuji De 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai Ni Ijuu Suru - Chapter 88


Chapter 88: Trauma
「Then, let's continue where we left before. I want you to tell me about the medicine used in Isteria. I had heard from Valetta-san that medicine is quite expensive in this world......」(Kazura)
When Kazura first arrived in this world, Valetta mistook LipoD as this world's medicine that she said「I am fully aware that even if I sell myself, the money is still not enough to obtain one.」
He didn't know how much the market price if a farmer's daughter were to be sold in a slave shop, but the amount of money would be between 50 to 100 Ar.

Isaac, who was silently watching the conversation between Kazura and Havel until now, began to speak up to answer Kazura's question.
「Certainly there are many expensive medicines, but it depends on the kind. Salve, mouthwash, constipation medicine are relatively cheap and can even be obtained in the grocers. However, for medicine to treat illness, the medicinal plants itself are very rare so it is expensive and the Shaman Guild monopolize the recipe for the medicine. Even the medicinal herb cultivation that will become the source of the medicine is run by the Shaman Guild at the medicinal herb garden in the middle of Isteria.」(Isaac)
「Shaman?[1] ...... Uum, you mean the people who apply curses or cure diseases with charms?」(Kazura)
When Kazura heard the word ’’Shaman’’, he remembered the television program back in Japan that featured a backwater tribe.
He also recalled that the shaman was also called as witch doctor or medicine man, but he only remembered the image of a person chanting some kind of mysterious incantation or burning a smoke.
He also felt that he saw the scene of them creating medicine by boiling herbs, but his memory was rather fuzzy.
「That's right. The role of Shaman is divination and healing diseases with prayers and medicines. Before the war, they will also perform divination using animal's entrails to forecast victory or defeat.」(Isaac)
「divination...... Is it reliable?」(Kazura)
「It's fifty-fifty, so it's not reliable.」(Isaac)
Kazura asked with a keen interest and Isaac answered him while smiling wryly.
「However, there are also cases where the divination results had been decided beforehand to raise the morale. I don't know how many people will believe it, but since there are no people who feel bad when they are informed that the result is good, at the very least, it has a good effects on the morale. Well, there are many soldiers that thought that if they have spare time, then rather than hearing a divination, it should be used for praying to Ormasior-sama instead.」(Isaac)
「Ah, is that so? I see......」(Kazura)
Kazura was curious about what kind of grandiose divination that was practiced, but as expected, a fortune telling might be correct and also might not be correct.
He also wanted to ask about Ormasior, but since it will be strange for a God to ask about another God, he refrained from doing so.
By the way, Kazura didn't know about this, but Ormasior is the name for the God of War.
A God of War who is believed to grant courage and strength to his believer.
It wasn't a powerful God who will grant victory just by believing, but he granted courage and strength. Though his divine protection tends to be complicated, on contrary, he was friendly, so he was widely loved even by people outside the military.
「Therefore, Shaman's main duty is to heal diseases. Since I will hand the report of the varieties of medicine and prayers later, I hope that you may confirm it.」(Isaac)
「I understand. I leave it in your hand.」(Kazura)
Since he was planning on tackling the sanitation and well digging problem first, the problem of whether or not he could get involved in medicine would be left for the next time.
If things didn't progress well then this could be after several months, so it best to collect information beforehand.
Afterward, Kazura and the others continued their friendly conversation around the campfire for awhile.
Night, the next day.
Kazura and the others had arrived at the plaza at Nelson estate that was still and silent.
Kazura carried his travel bag and alighted from the carriage and then Zirconia came from the estate to welcome him.
Zirconia's attire was the usual loose pink tunic.
The time was already 1 o'clock in the night.
Usually, Zirconia or Kazura would stop their work in the office at 11 or 12 o'clock, so she might have been waiting for Kazura's return.
Although, even when they returned to their room, they would bring their work with them and continue, or they often remain in the office and continued with the work as it is, so she might have been staying awake and working.
「Kazura-san, welcome back. The long journey must be tiring.」(Zirconia)
Zirconia spoke up her greeting towards Kazura who was stretching himself.
Behind Kazura, Havel was helping Marie to alight from the carriage.
When Marie had alighted, she ran towards the wagon to help Havel unloading the cargo.
Isaac and the servants were already at the wagon and began to carefully unload the cargo.
「I'm back. I've been able to return just as planned. Ah, so tired......」(Kazura)
「Fufu, you must have a tough time, right? Did your investigation turn out well?」(Zirconia)
「Yes, I have found everything that is needed. I also have procured various tools, this surely will be useful.」(Kazura)
When Kazura answered like this, Zirconia smiled delightedly.
「Well, that is gladdening. But, you must have been tired from travelling inside the carriage for a long time, right? Since the bath had been warmed, you could enter anytime.」
「Oh, I appreciated that. Has Zirconia-san already taken a bath yet?」(Kazura)
「Eh? No, I haven't yet.」(Zirconia)
「Then, when you have a bath, try to use this. It will remove your tiredness.」(Kazura)
Kazura took out a paper bag that contained bath salts from his travel bag and then handed over the paper bag to Zirconia.
Other than bath salts, the bag also contains shampoo, conditioner, and then the same soap that was used in Grisea Village.
「This is?」(Zirconia)
Zirconia looked at the goods inside the paper bag with a puzzled expression.
Kazura took out the bath salt plastic case from the paper bag that Zirconia held.
The label that was written in large letters spelling out 『Shinsuu Shirahone Onsen's Essence』[2].
「This is what's called Onsen's Essence. You mix it with the water before entering the bath. It has a good scent and will warm your body to remove the fatigue. The amount to use is about......」(Kazura)
Zirconia nodded attentively at Kazura's explanation of how to use the goods.
When he finished explaining everything, Zirconia held the bag near her chest and smiled delightedly.
「To give me this much, thank you very much. I will use it at once tonight.」(Zirconia)
「You're welcome. I am glad if you are pleased with it...... Ah, that's right. After you came from the bath, can you come to my room? There is something else I want to give.」(Kazura)
Inside the paper bag, there were no beauty care products like the moisturizing gel.
Since Zirconia couldn't read Japanese at all, Kazura thought that he must explain while showing how to use it directly, so he didn't put these products inside the paper bag that he had given to her.
If she came to his room after bathing then it might also be the right time to explain how to use the beauty products.
Since Kazura had read the instruction paper with Valetta about how to use it back in Grisea Village, he should be able to pull it off one way or another.
Even so, until Zirconia came to his room, he thought that it might be better to do some review.
「...... Me?」(Zirconia)
When she heard Kazura's request, Zirconia for some reason made a surprised expression and asked back.
「Hm? Yes?」(Kazura)
Kazura didn't comprehend the meaning behind Zirconia's reaction and so he replied while tilting his head.
「I-I under...... stand......」(Zirconia)
Zirconia nodded with a slight stiffened expression while still holding the paper bag close to her chest. Even though that Kazura thought that it was strange, Kazura entered the estate to enter the bath.
After bathing, Kazura returned to his room and then connected the large refrigerator that had been transported to his room with the power generator and turned it on. After that, he quickly transferred the frozen food inside the cooler box to the large refrigerator.
Currently, he was sitting in the bed and reading the instruction paper of the beauty care products.
Atop the table in front of Kazura, there were a flask that contains the hot water he made in the kitchen, glass pot with herbs, and then the wooden box with the beauty care products.
The beauty products inside the wooden box had been taken out from its packaging box.
Kazura carefully reading the explanation for some time when the door was knocked.
「It's me, Zirconia.」(Zirconia)
「Come in.」(Kazura)
The door opened after Kazura replied, and then Zirconia entered.
Zirconia wasn't wearing her usual tunic, but a beige shin-length one piece dress.
Perhaps, this was her sleeping clothes.
For some reason, her expression felt a bit gloomy, so something might have happened.
「Thank you for waiting......」(Zirconia)
「Ah, please have a sit. I am brewing a tea right now.」(Kazura)
Kazura called out to Zirconia who was standing still in the room's entrance and then stood up from the bed before heading towards the table and took the flask.
Zirconia nodded, and then for some reason, she didn't walk to the table but towards the bed and sat on it.
「(...... Why is she sitting on the bed?)」(Kazura)
A strange premonition arose at Kazura's mind towards Zirconia who had a very different air than she usually had.
However, he rethought it as just his imagination and then pour hot water into the glass pot while turning his back at Zirconia.
「What do you think about the bath salts that I have given to you? Your body feels warmer right?」(Kazura)
「Yes, my body feel a lot warmer and my tiredness is gone.」(Zirconia)
「I see, then that's good.」(Kazura)
「W-what about the shampoo?」(Kazura)
「Yes, my hair has never been silkier than right now and it's really easy to wash them. The soap too, has a nice scent.」(Zirconia)
「I see.」(Kazura)
The conversation didn't continue and silence descent into the room.
Only the tick tock sound from the needle of the analog clock placed at the small table beside the bed could be heard inside the room.
「Alright, the tea is ready. Since it's hot, be careful not to get...... burne-......」
Kazura spoke these words as he holds the cup with the herb tea and turned around.
Then, when he looked at Zirconia's expression who was sitting on the bed, he stopped moving.
Zirconia was huddling herself from extreme nervousness and looked at Kazura with an expression as if she was ready to cry.

「...... Ka-Kazura-san, I-I...... I'm......」(Zirconia)
Kazura spontaneously made a reply with a shrilled voice.
Zirconia was averting her eyes from Kazura and looked down at her own fists which were tightly grasping each other above her lap.
「I-I will do it properly, since this is...... my first time......」(Zirconia)
「Please go...... easy on...... me......」(Zirconia)
Zirconia was trembling while her tears started to fall, so Kazura hurriedly put the cup on the table and rushed over to her.
Zirconia unintentionally startled and quivered at Kazura who was rushing towards her.
Kazura kneeled at that place and then reached his hand out to touch Zirconias shoulder, but when he saw Zirconia's quivering appearance, he withdrew it.
「Why are you suddenly crying!? To begin with, I did not call you for that reason‼」(Kazura)
「Eh? But...... Eh?」(Zirconia)
Zirconia was still trembling and her eyes were still brimming with tears as she looked at Kazura who was kneeling in front of her.
「Ah...... I see, that's true, this is my fault......」(Kazura)
Kazura reminded of the conversation with Zirconia at the plaza and regretted his own thoughtless request.
Not only it was in the middle of the night, furthermore, he requested a woman to come to his room after bathing. Normally, it was an unthinkable request.
Since he recently had been working together with Zirconia from late night until dawn, his sense for such matter might have been numbed.
Zirconia's misunderstanding could also be thought as going too far, but considering the situation, the fault can be said to be on Kazura's side.
Since Zirconia was already frightened and began crying, there was no other option than to throw out an apology.
「I'm sorry to cause a misunderstanding. The reason why I called you to my room just now didn't have any meaning of asking you to accompany me in the night. It was just like I said, there is something that I want to give to you, only that.」(Kazura)
「Eh? Ah...... I-I se......e......」(Zirconia)
Once again, the awkward silence descended upon the room.
Whilst either of them didn't let out any words, time flowed like an eternity.
For the second time, only the tick tock sounds from the clock's needle resounded in the room.
There was only awkwardness.
The one who couldn't endure the silence first was Zirconia.
「M-my apology. There is no way that such request would be asked from someone like me. Even in the estate, there are a lot of beautiful girl...... To misunderstand, how foolish I am......」(Zirconia)
「Ah, no, I think that Zirconia-san is beautiful too. Your presence is also warm, like, or rather, healing!」(Kazura)
Once again, silence.
「...... etto...... will you」(Zirconia)
Just what kind of interpretation she had on Kazura's words, Zirconia once more said out an outrageous remark.
「N-no, since it's alright, you could return already, thank you.」(Kazura)
「I-Is that so......」(Zirconia)
After Kazura replied so, Zirconia unsteadily stood up from the bed.
「Ah, ano, I am truly sorry. I hope you can forgive me.」(Zirconia)
「No, the fault lies completely on me, so no need to apologize. I sincerely apologize.」(Kazura)
Both of them deeply bowed their head to each other.
Zirconia raised her face and then said, 「Excuse me」 and left the room.
Kazura who remained in the room saw Zirconia off and then squatted down and held his head.
「...... Hey me, what kind of face I have to make when meeting with Zirconia-san from tomorrow? Stop joking around you know.」
Though there were many curious statements from Zirconia just now that he had heard, currently Kazura wasn't paying attention to that.
Even if it was a misunderstanding, it was still a fact that she disliked the ’’night partner’’ matter that she even cried, even considering her status as a married woman, the plain mental damage was humongous.
「...... Let's just sleep.」(Kazura)
Kazura stood up with a blank expression and headed towards the bed.
Then, he fell down to the bed and let out a long sigh from the bottom of his stomach.
Character Introduction at the point of time of Chapter 88
· Shino Kazura, 25
The Story's Main Character
The owner of a very strong luck who obtained a large sum of money of 4 Billion Yen from Lotto6. Former company employee.
He discovered a room where he could come and go to another world in the mansion that had been inherited by Shino family through the generation.
A soft hearted and hard worker person.
Grisea Village
· Valetta, 15, Commoner
The daughter of Grisea Village's Chief, Valin
Extremely smart and clever
So that she could be together with Kazura, she was in the middle of a strenuous effort to increase her knowledge and skill.
· Valin, 40, Commoner
Valetta's father. Grisea Village's Chief.
Exhibit great fighting prowess against bandits.
He had military service experience in the Isteria Region Arcadia Army at the continuous war with Balveil until 4 years ago.
· Lodurr, 35, Commoner
The first villager that Kazura met in Grisea Village.
Master archer hunter. His eyesight is outstandingly good and his physical ability is considerably high.
He had military service experience in the Isteria Region Arcadia Army at the continuous war with Balveil until 4 years ago.
· Taana, 28, Commoner
Lodurr's wife. Beautiful. Her demeanor is really gentle.
Excel in butchering animals.
· Myura, 6, Commoner
Lodurr and Taana's daughter. Colts close friend.
Even though she is young, she is clever. Has very good sociability.
· Colts, 6, Commoner
A mischievous boy.
Accidentally divulges Kazura's existence to Isaac.
Currently, passing his days while tormented by guilt.
Isteria and others
· Nelson Istelle, 45, Noble
The Lord of Isteria Province. Head of Istelle House.
The Chief Commander of Isteria Region Arcadia Army.
Lieze's father. Extremely treasured his daughter, Lieze.
· Zirconia Istelle, 26, Noble
Nelson's second wife. Former Commoner and soldier.
Married Nelson when she was 16.
The Second-in-Command of Isteria Region Arcadia Army.
Usually, she had a gentle and meek demeanor, but when related to military she becomes more forceful.
Has a very high combat ability, with equipment he could be equal or even surpass an experienced Noble Guard, a point she proud about.
· Lieze Istelle, 14, Noble
Nelson's daughter
Her base personality is a relatively rough and self-assured, but usually, she feigns innocence.
Since she doesn't mind in interacting with citizen or subordinates, she was extremely popular regardless of status.
Really love shopping for clothes or accessories.
Right now, she is dead set at Kazura as excellent marriage partners.
· Eira, 25, Commoner
Lieze and Kazura's personal servant
Since Lieze was 3, Eira had been together with her as her servant.
Right now she was under Zirconia's order to watch over and get Lieze and Kazura hooked up in one way or another.
She has a natural special skill where she could remember a person's name and face just by looking at them once.
· Isaac Slan, 20, Noble
The eldest son of Slan House. A natural born soldier and a member of the military. A noble.
Has actual combat experience for several months during Balveil War.
Has a very honest personality. A man who is like a lump of hard work.
· Havel Leveson, 20, Noble
The second son of Leveson House. A natural born soldier and a member of the military. A noble.
Has actual combat experience for several months during Balveil War.
Has excellent observant eyes and is quick witted.
Really treasured his imouto Marie.
· Marie, 13, Slave
Havel's imouto from a different mother.
Since her mother is a slave, she is a slave too.
She had worked at Leveson House as a maid, but due to Havel's scheme, she now works at Istelle House as Kazura's personal servant.
During her time working in Leveson House, it seems that she wasn't treated that nice.
Since the change of her circumstances, she seems to a bit happy recently.
She is tense when working, but she is a timid girl who will tremble from nervousness.
· Alrond Leveson, 25, Noble
The eldest son of Leveson House.
Went for negotiations and inspection to Gregoria with his father Nor.
Has antipathy against Marie.
· Nor Leveson, 50, Noble
Head of Leveson House
Went to Grisea and brought Alrond with him.
The biological father of Marie, but he didn't treat her like a daughter.
· Root Slan, 17, Noble
Isaac's cousin. Has similar personality like Isaac.
Know about Kazura's matter.
· Serette, 19, Commoner
A female guard who also do a night shift. Tasked to guard Lieze's Room.
· McGregor, Noble
Lieze's tactic lecturer.
Details are unknown.
· Diaz Gregorn, Noble
The Lord of Gregorn Province west of Isteria.
Good with business.
Details are unknown.
· Heyshell Fraise, Noble
The Lord of Fraise Province east of Isteria.
Details are unknown, but he increased the amount of aid for Isteria Province.
· Nibel Ferdinand. Commoner
A wealthy merchant who persistently request for a meeting with Lieze.
· Otis, 40, Commoner
An escort soldier who deliver Valin and Valetta back to Grise Village.
Havel's private army. Has one married daughter.
· Shino Shinji, 54
Kazura's father.
Managed a small factory and worked in metal milling.
Has a curt way of speaking, but a soft person a heart.
He appeared to know about the secret of a room that is connected to another world, but at the present time, it was unknown how much he knew about it.
· Shino Mutsumi, 54
Kazura's mother.
Had a younger appearance compared to her age.
Is worried about Kazura.

[1] Jujutsushi呪術師. This Japan words didn't actually only refer to shamanism, but also magic practitioner of animism and other pre-religious beliefs.
[2] Shinsuu is the alternate name for Shinano Province, an old province of Japan, now mainly become Nagano Prefecture. Shirahone is a very famous hot spring city, located at Hida Mountains in Nagano Province.


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