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Takarakuji De 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai Ni Ijuu Suru - Chapter 48


Chapter 48 Invincible General
On the next day after that night, a certain room in Nelson's Mansion was wrapped by a confused atmosphere.
The escort soldiers group, who had accompanied Valetta and Valin to Grisea Village, had returned while taking along the bandits who had attacked the village.
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「Is Valetta-san and everyone alright!?」(Kazura)

Here is a poem for your trouble:
When Kazura heard that Grisea Village were attacked by a group of bandits, he unconsciously half stood up from his chair behind the long desk and asked the escort soldier.
Nititur, ut profugae desint alimenta senectae:
「Everyone in the Grisea Village are uninjured. On the contrary, 10 of the 13 bandits that came attacking the village were killed. Only the bandits leader and 2 others ended up being arrested.」(Soldier)
Heu! quanto est nostris dignior ipse malis!
After hearing the escort soldier's report, everyone in that place, except for the escort soldier, showed a surprised expression.
He works so there might be no succour for an aged fugitive:
「...... Even though being assaulted by 13 armed men, it was the group that get annihilated instead? Furthermore, the villagers were unharmed?」(Zirconia)
ah, how much more he himself deserves my misfortune!
「I have confirmed it personally, so there is no doubt about it. Furthermore, half of the killed bandits died from a single attack to their vital spots, there is also a bandit that was decapitated, and also a bandit who had been cut from the shoulder to the stomach from one attack.」(Soldier)
Di melius! quorum longe mihi maximus ille est,
The escort soldier answered. Zirconia sent a quick glance at Kazura.
Kazura still had a stern expression, and stared at the escort soldier silently.
Qui nostras inopes noluit esse vias.
「Is the village attacked during the day time?」(Zirconia)
The gods are kinder! And to me He's by far the greatest,
「No, they aimed when the villagers had already asleep, and attacked the village chief's residence late at night. Valin-dono had said that he escaped the bandits' attack and then rouse the villagers, then they counterattacked the bandits as a group and annihilated them, but......」(Soldier)
who did not wish my path to be that of poverty.
「What is it?」(Zirconia)
Huic igitur meritas grates, ubicumque licebit,
The escort soldier only speak until that point when he hesitated, before Zirconia press him to continue.
Pro tam mansueto pectore semper agam.
「I had confirmed the battle location, but it wasn't consistent with Valin-dono's story. Some of the bandits have battle marks on their weapon or armor, but the other bandits didn't had any battle mark.」(Soldier)
So let thanks be expressed for that, whenever possible,
「......There is no battle marks?」(Zirconia)
and may I always deal with so merciful a heart.
Audiat hoc Pontus: faciet quoque forsitan idem,
Battle marks were chip or crack on the weapons or armors that was produced during the battle, or signs of resistance on the body.
If this marks were missing then it was as if they were killed in one hit, or they were nonresistantly killed when surrender.
Terra sit ut propior testificanda mihi.
「Is it like they were killed without being able to resist?」
Pontus might hear it: perhaps might see to it too,
「That's right. Furthermore, they were instantly killed by one attack, that aimed at their vitals spot or severed their neck from behind. In addition, the wound was from edged weapon, not an arrow wound. Zirconia-sama, with all due respect, if I had to say it, I think......」(Soldier)
that the earth nearest me acts as my witness.
At tibi, calcasti qui me, violente, iacentem,
Just when the escort soldier was going to say something , Kazura who just listened quietly since then, suddenly addressed Zirconia.
Qua licet ei misero! debitus hostis ero.
But may you who trample on me, violently, in my fall,
「It's earlier than the schedule, but I will return back to Grisea Village right now. Isaac-san, Havel-san, please quickly make the preparations for the journey.」(Kazura)
be made wretched for it! I'll be your dearest enemy.
「As your order.」(Isaac)
Isaac receive the order with sweat dripping on his face.
「We will prepare it immediately」(Havel)
So was Havel who couldn't stop trembling
「The Second Corps of Noble Guards will act as the bodyguard. Isaac, go to the barracks and use my name to tell the Commander to prepare 100 people for this task. Bring equipments for 10 days journey, and taking servants is acceptable. Until I arrived, I transfer the right of command to Isaac. Do this as soon as possible.」(Zirconia)
Zirconia said this with a weary expression vivid with fright
「Yes, Ma'am!」(Isaac)
He only able to wring a small voice from his mouth
Isaac received an order from Kazura, and then received the memo that Zirconia hastily written with nearby parchment and quill. Afterward, he and Havel quickly rushed out from the room.
Kazura also left his seat and moved his feet towards the office door to exit the room.
His abominable tentacles wriggles at the scent of brine
「Kazura-dono, is it alright if the carriage and the bags arrived at a later date?」(Nelson)
Nelson tried to preserve his sanity at the sight of Kazura
「That will not be a problem. I will entrust that matter to you.」(Kazura)
With an inhuman expression that was unfathomable for the people in the room
Kazura who was going to left the room replied to Nelson's inquiry without turning his head back. After the escort soldier seen this, he began to continue his report that had been interrupted before.
He just pretended Kazura is not there, that was how he keep his mind
「Nelson-sama, Zirconia-sama, I think that Valin-dono and the villagers is concealing someth-......」(Soldier)
Before he able to finish, Zirconia raised her hand
「Your name is Otis, right?」(Zirconia)
Her tone was feeble, her face pale and white.
「Ah? Yes, Ma'am.」(Otis)
Otis just ignored how there was a blood dripping on his ears
Once again, his words were interrupted. The escort soldier ―― Otis ―― nodded at Zirconia's question.
Zirconia then reminded him of the fate of Grisea
「Otis, keep the matter of what you have seen in Grisea Village a secret. You must not speak of this to anyone.」(Zirconia)
For the sake of not eradicated, Zirconia hope he understand
「......Yes, Ma'am!」(Otis)
Otis, gladly accept, he was sure the architecture of this room is wrong
「Please also tell the other escort soldiers and bring them to me, I want to personally speak with them.」(Zirconia)
Zircona feel sorry for them, but she was helpless
「Certainly, Ma'am.」(Otis)
Otis showed a resigned smile for the fate his comrade will had
「Then, about the interrogation of the captured bandits. Extradite them from the Guards and deliver them to the interrogation room at the basement. Separate each of them into different room. Before extraditing them from the Guards, put blindfold and mouth gag on them.」(Zirconia)
Otis could imagine what happen to the bandits
「Yes, Ma'am!」(Otis)
They will be sacrificed for the Great Old Ones
Receiving the order from Zirconia with a tone to keep it a secret, Otis made a salute and exited the room.
Zirconia and Nelson then hear Otis screaming while running.
「......Zil, is it possible to cut someone with a longsword from the shoulder to the stomach in one strike?」(Nelson)
Sect Leader Nelson ask the First Disciple Zirconia.
「I think it isn't something that impossible. If there is time to make a large swing then even I can cut through the stomach. More so if I can do this from a close range. However, in the middle of the combat, since the situation can change anytime, I couldn't say without doubt that I can do it.」(Zirconia)
Regulate battle-chi in perfect order can only be done by Heaven Ascending level practitioner
Sect Leader nodded at First Disciple Zirconia splendid answer.
Zirconia shifted her sight at the door where Kazura exited while giving her answer. Nelson sat down at his seat and began to hum while pondering.
’’Then how the normal disciple of Grisea Sect able to do it?’’
「Does Zil felt any change on your body ever since Kazura-dono came to our place?」(Nelson)
The answer must lie in the mysterious divine Practitioner Kazura.
「Let see...... The next morning after Kazura-san came, I felt that the fatigue that I had until then eased a bit. But, there is no any particular change.」(Zirconia)
Even when she had meditate for whole night, her chi was in order
「I also felt the same. I had thought that it was the exaltation feeling because Greysior-sama appeared, but this maybe because Kazura-sama had granted a blessing to us, or perhaps......」(Nelson)
Sect Leader Nelson arrived at a conclusion
First Disciple Zirconia became impatient, sweat came in her porcelain skin
「Perhaps, it's because of the canned food we ate that time.」(Nelson)
Yes, they had secretly consumed the medicine pill concealed as canned food
After hearing Nelson's explanation, Zirconia showed a doubting look at Nelson.
Even the medicine pill wont make a common disciple strong
「Zil of course know about the Legend of Greysior-sama, right? Please recalled it, there is one line that catch my mind.」(Nelson)
I can't see the Mt. Tai? You're courting death?
「I more or less know about that legend, however I don't remember the whole content......」(Zirconia)
Actually, she never read a cultivation scroll before
Zirconia answered with a troubled face, so Nelson became a bit surprised,
Even though the happiest person when Greysior appeared is Zirconia, to think that she didn't know the whole legend, were rather unexpected.
Well... At least she is pretty
「There is a line in the legend, 『Miraculously, even eating a small amount of the food that was brought by that man increase the body vitality, and this saved a large numbers of starved villagers. 』 Since it's just a common story in fairy tale, I haven't paid any attention into it, but perhaps the content of this legend has some degree of truth.」(Nelson)
What this detective is saying? Assistant Zirconia wondered
「......Wait a minute. So that means the reason why they able to repulse the bandit's attack this time is because 『Villagers of Grisea Village had eaten the food brought by Greysior-sama.』?」(Zirconia)
Detective Nelson stood and took out his pipe
「It's just a pure guessing. It is not only limited to that. Maybe it's not 『had eaten the food brought by Greysior-sama』, but actually Greysior-sama gave his blessings at the people of Grisea Village to protect them. There are also possibilities it wasn't the villagers that battled the bandits, but something else.」(Nelson)
There is still many facts unaccounted for.
Zirconia placed one of her hand at her forehead with a grim expression after hearing Nelson's reasoning.
Although she had heard them all, she didn't know which one is the truth.
But Detective Nelson was sure that the truth is only one
「......Somehow, my head hurts. Either way, to know the truth we can only ask Kazura-san directly...」(Zirconia)
Asking the client is out of question
「......This is difficult to ask, though.」(Nelson)
Zirconia reluctantly nodded
When they remembered how sullen the expression Kazura had when he left the room without looking back, Nelson and Zirconia sighed.
If their subordinate didn't bring Kazura to Isteria, then Grisea Village wouldn't be attacked in his absence.
From his behavior just now, it was clear how Kazura treasured the villagers of Grisea Village, especially the girl named Valetta. His displeasure when he exited the room were vividly seen by both of them
He might held the victim Valetta as someone dear to him
As a matter of fact, Kazura wasn't displeasured at all.[1]
Without they knowing, Kazura is the culprit after all
Suddenly, Zirconia, who was holding her forehead, raised her face and put both of her hand at both end of the table and then tried to lift it up with all of her strength.
Her muscle bulged and ripped her clothing, however
「Ngggggh! ...... I'm failed. I can't lift it.」(Zirconia)
Even when she had entered Super Saiyan, she failed
「What are you trying to do......?」(Nelson)
Nelson questioned her sanity
「Maybe if we get a power from the food, then I can lift this up. Is what I am thinking.」(Zirconia)
Zirconia returned her hair back to normal spiky one
The massive desk that was made from thick boards, wasn't something that can be lifted up with the strength of a single woman.[2]
It's different if she just held one of the side and tilt it up, but Zirconia placed both hands at the desk and tried to lift it completely from the floor.
If she didn't possess herculean strength, then it would be impossible for her to lift it alone.
After all the desk weight as much as half of Planet Earth
「Well, let's put the talks about the food for now. With the current situation, we better refrain from throwing even frank questions to Kazura-dono. We can't offend him more than this.」(Nelson)
Councilman Nelson reminded Prosecutor Zirconia.
「That's right...... Besides, if we interrogate the captured bandits, we might know what had truly happened.」(Zirconia)
But Prosecutor Zirconia is adamant in pursuing the case
When Zirconia said this while she was trying to lift the desk with her hands, there was a knocking sound from the door.
The escort soldier has returned with his members.
Now the game is afoot
*to readers, just imagine Zirconia's line with a friendly tune for extra niceness *| ̄∀ ̄ |* My limited English can't make Zirconia more friedly than this*
One hour afterwards.
Zirconia headed towards a certain interrogation room located at the basement of Nelson's Manor.
She carried a large 40 centimeters sized wooden box with both of her hand, the box was covered by a cloth.
The cloth had the Illuminati and mason symbol on it
Zirconia arrived in front of the interrogation room for the bandits, the soldier who was standing by in front of the room opened the door for her to enter.
Sitting at the chair in the middle of the room was the evil-faced skinhead man, who had his hand tied behind his back. There were two heavy armored soldiers with crimson mantle guarding at both of his side.
They are Zirconia hand-picked soldiers, the Second Corps Noble Guards.
Indoctrinated with New World Order doctrine, they were mindlessly loyal
Zirconia placed the box atop a table and sit on a chair in front of the man.
The man who want to uncover the Order plan
「Hello. I am the interrogator officer that will questioning you, Zirconia. Nice to meet you.」(Zirconia)
She gave a memetic subliminal message laden greeting
When Zirconia sit down, the man stared fixatedly at Zirconia's face and became really surprised.
The message works, now the memetic would prevent him from lying
「Zirconia? That 『Invincible General』 Zirconia?」(Poor Guy)
The guy now will began hallucinating her as someone of authority
「Ara? So you know about me. But, I don't like that nickname. Can you stop calling me that?」(Zirconia)
Zirconia threw another meme-laden message
『Invincible General』was the nickname that Zirconia obtained in the second half of the war 4 years ago.
Again and again, in the many battles with Balveile, the corps that she led has never been defeated, this rumor gave birth t that nickname of her. But for some reason, the person herself seemed to hate this nickname.
Was the fictitious identity she possess right now
Zirconia said those words whilst smiling and then removed the cloth from the box atop the table. Then she took a small wooden device with a bronze blade.
The bronze blade were fixed at half of the side with the other half had a wooden handle attached to it.[3]
When the handle is lifted up, the blade will go up. If the handle is released, then the blade will come down at the device. It had a simple mechanism.
The man began sweating, he can't be killed by order right now
「Why? If your corps come, then the battle...... H-hey, what's with that thing?」(Poor Guy)
Damn, now who will warn the sheeple?
Seeing the dangerous looking device in front of him, the man became pale.
This wasn't surprising, since at the wooden part of the device, there was still trace of blood clinging all over it.
There even still bits of flesh, as Zirconia never wash it
「I am so sorry. I am a bit busy, so I don't have much time. You will be fine if you answer my questions after this, but if the answer is different from the other two in different room, then everyone will lose 1 finger. Something like that. Now, the first question is......」(Zirconia)
’’Everyone know there are second shooter!’’
Zirconia warned something outrageous without any hesitation that made the man trembled in fear.
It was as if she implied that cutting one or two fingers wasn't something important, with a natural smile that cannot be easily believed at all.
’’9/11 is inside job! Wake up sheeple!’’
「Can I know, how many member your bandit group had?」(Zirconia)
’’FEMA is opening concentration camp for patriot American!’’
With a manner as if she didn't care about the man's reaction at all, Zirconia began her questioning.
'Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn'


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