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Takarakuji De 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai Ni Ijuu Suru - Chapter 44


The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editors:
Lightstrider, Overworked Meido, Yol, Cannibaloid
Chapter 44: Night of the Blue Blade[1]
It was the midnight, the day after Valetta and Valin bid farewell to Kazura.
In the living room at the village chief's house, Valetta sat in fetal position with her back against the wall.[2]
She had been in this for about four hours.
The burning firewood in the hearth had already vanished. The moonlight also couldn't pass through the closed door, and so the room was enveloped in darkness.
After Valetta arrived home, she unloaded the luggage from the carriage and prepared Valin's dinner whilst still showing a gloomy expression. Without eating anything, she just sat against the wall since then.
Looking his daughter like this, Valin was worried and trying to say something to her, but her answer didn't change from the half-heartened answer she gave yesterday.
Eventually, Valin gave up and head up to his bedroom early and slept, leaving Valetta to herself in the living room.
Valetta curled motionless like this for some time, when she suddenly raised her face towards the direction of the entrance.
She noticed the creaking sound coming from the entrance door.
「......Who's there?」(Valetta)
At the same time as Valetta's address, the entrance door slowly opened, letting the moonlight illuminate the ground in the entrance.
Normally, she would put the wooden latch on the door before sleeping;however, today the latch hadn't been put on the door.
The idea that maybe Kazura had returned crossed her mind, so Valetta stood up and headed towards the door while still having a blank expression.
But, in the next instance, Valetta's expression froze with fear.
There was a man standing in the entrance with unsheathed longsword.
「Sh...! There is someone still awake! Kill him before he raise the alarm‼」(Bandit A)
As soon as the man in the entrance yelled behind him, four men holding with longswords and shortswords rushed in through the entrance, checking the living room for Valetta, and approaching with glaring blades.
As the sudden event unfolded before her, Valetta unconsciously scream「Hiii」 and stepped back from that place.
「Hm? It's a girl. Moreover a pretty one.」(Bandit A)
As soon as the large man, who approached Valetta, realized her gender, he quickly put the longsword in his hand back to its sheath at his waist and then seized Valetta.
Valetta, who had both of her wrist grasped, was swiftly pushed down to the floor forcefully.
「Ah! Father‼」(Valetta)
While still being pinned down to the floor by the man, Valetta screamed loudly at her Father who was sleeping in the inner room.
However, the man seemed undisturbed by what Valetta had done, his eyes examining Valetta's body from top to bottom.
「I will enjoy for this a bit. I leave the clean up to you guys.」(Bandit A)
While still having his eyes locked on Valetta, he gave instruction to the other invading men that were making a ruckus in the room.
Although the other men were smacking their tongue, they broke into the inner room without complaining the man who had pinned Valetta down.
「Since there is no time, I will finish this quickly so don't worry.」(Bandit A)
I don't know if this pic is SFW or not
While saying these words, the man brought his face closer to the neck of Valetta who was swaying and trembling in fear and tears.
However, just before the man's tongue could creep on her neck, he stopped as there were sounds of angry yelling and something crashing came from the inner room.
「......What the?」(Bandit A)
The unusual noises and shouts from the inner room were alarming and this made the man reflexively raise his head up.
And then, two men who were breaking to the inner room before, simultaneously rushed out in panic.
「What the hell with that guy!? What is going on!?」(Bandit B)
「Calm down! We'll attack him at the same time!」(Bandit C)
「O-Oi! What happened!?」(Bandit A)
Observing the exchange between the men who fled from the room, the man, who pinned Valetta down, called out to them.
「T-The guy in the room i-......!?」(Bandit B)
Just when the man's associate was opening his mouth to answer, his body was hit so hard by something thrown from the room, that made he made a turn in the air and blown away until he landed at the entrance.
「Oi! What with the commo-...... Hiii!?」(Bandit D)
Due to the commotion the other men who were waiting outside took a look from the entrance.
There, they found the sight of one of their friend moaning in the middle of puddle of blood from the lifeless corpse of their other friend who had his neck cut midway. This made them lost their words.
Using the chance while their attention was diverted to the blown-away friends in the entrance, Valin rushed out from the inner room. His whole body was bathed in dripping blood, and a longsword that he snatched from the men in his hand.
Valin saw Valetta being pinned down by a man and thus his face became darkened in anger and rage.
「You bastards‼」(Valin)
The man who had pinned Valetta down, although afraid at Valin who was rushing towards him whilst yelling, quickly placed his right hand at Valetta's slender neck.
「D-don't move! If you move I'll crush her throat!」(Bandit A)
Valetta, who until now had her neck strangled, using her newly free left hand seized the right wrist of the man who strangling her neck.
Then, while grinding her teeth and putting all her power into her left hand, she grasped the right wrist of the man as hard as possible.
「Ugh!? What the......!?」(Bandit A)
Just as he was distracted by the sudden acute pain that travel from his right wrist, the man eyes were stained in fear.
The man's right wrist had been bent the opposite way by Valetta's left hand
......The wrist, had been broken.
「Gafuuu!」(Bandit A)
Valetta let go of the crushed wrist and threw a full strength punch at the man's face.
Then, there was a sound of bones breaking coming from the man's face, who soon fainted with blood trickling down from his nose and mouth.
「Y-You monsters[3], waaaa!」(Bandit C)
Looking at his friend fall, the last man attacked Valin with a sword whilst yelling.
Valin brushed away the man's attack with a speed the man's eyes couldn't follow. Then with tremendous speed, Valin slashed his blade at his opponent's shoulder using all of his might. The sword cut through him from his shoulder until it stopped midway in his stomach.
With his torso cut into two, the man opened his eyes wide in fright while collapsing forward.
Valin put his feet at the collapsed man's corpse, and extracted his sword while kicking it away with all of his strength.
However, the sword had broken when it cut the man. There was only about 30% of the blade left attached to the hilt.
The bandits who were dumbfoundedly watching the scene from the entrance, fell into panic when Valin turned his glare at them, and soon they were scrambling to run away.
「Valetta, are you alright?」(Valin)
Valin ignored the escaping men and rushed over to Valetta who was sitting absentmindedly while looking at the entrance. He knelled down and put his hand on her shoulders.
When his hand touched her shoulder, Valetta was trembled at the start, but somehow she gave a nod as reply to her father who looked at her in worry.
Valin was relieved after he confirmed that Valetta wasn't wounded and then approached the man who had fainted after receiving Valetta's fist.
Then, he threw away the broken blade, and pulled the blade at the man's waist from its sheathe. Without showing any hesitation, he stabbed the blade at the man's neck.
「Valetta, ring that pot and wake up the whole village. I will pursue those guys.」(Valin)
「Eh!? W-wait! Father‼」(Valetta)
As soon as he finished talking, Valin rushed outside from the residence before Valetta was able to stop him.
Just as he exited the residence, he kicked the writhing man in the entrance, sending him flying, just to make sure he stayed unconsciousness.
「What wrong with that guy!? He killed everyone!」(Bandit D)
「He's a monster...... We has accidentally intrude in a monster's den......」(Bandit E)
Fleeing the residence, the men were running away as fast as they could to their carriage that had been parked in the middle of the forest at the village's outskirt.
After seeing the unreal scene just now, they had fallen into panic.
As they cursed and ranted whilst running, after a while they suddenly heard the ringing sound of a metal being hit from behind.
It was the sound of Valetta hitting the bottom of the pot to wake up the villagers.
「Shit! Let's get outta here before the villagers chase us! We'll be dead if they catch us!」(Bandit D)
While feeling unnerved from the metallic sound they heard from behind, the men ran away frantically and somehow arrived at the carriage where their friends were waiting.
「You guys, did you failed!? What happened to the others!?」(Boss)
Ignoring the angry voice from the boss at the carriage, the men quickly jumped into the carriage and yelled.
「Move quick! We need to escape‼」(Bandit D)
Seeing their unusual behaviors, their friends who had been waiting nearby, quickly jumped into the carriage or began riding the Rata.
「Oi! Tell me what happened with the other guys!!?」(Boss)
「They've been killed! That guy is not human, but a monster!」(Bandit D)
Seeing how his underling answered with frightened attitude, the boss became speechless.
He had sent 10 of his underlings to the residence.
Even so, half of them had been killed, and the rest came fleeing back.
The inhabitant of the attacked residence was perhaps a very skilled person.
Just when the boss was thinking this, the carriage suddenly stopped.
Then at the same time, he could hear his underlings yelling from outside.
「Oi, what happened!?」(Boss)
The boss quickly jumped out from the carriage and could see that in the middle of dark forest, at a spot just ten meter away from the carriage, a single man was standing there with a sword in his hand.
The five underlings that got off from the carriage with the boss let out a tiny shriek when they saw the man.
「......Lay down your weapon and surrender or else you will be killed.」(Valin)
The man - Valin - let out those warnings and for a moment the boss felt that as if the temperature suddenly become chilly.
Valin had just emitted a tremendous bloodlust[4], that made a living creature's self preservation instinct go into red alert.
’’This guy, is bad news.’’
「F-f*k you! You guys, surround him‼」(Boss)
The subordinates who were unconsciously faltering by Valin's bloodlust, after hearing the bsoss' order regained back their courage. Even the men on the Rata dismounted and began dispersing to encircle Valin and put him under the glares of swords and short spears.
Valin just stood still without minding this as if he was waiting until the men had completed their encirclement.
Just a few more seconds and the encirclement would complete, the boss start ridiculing Valin with a bit smug expression.
「Are you stupid? Do you think one man could win when encircled by many men like this?」(Boss)
Hearing the man's words, Valin replied with an expressionless face.
「Encirclement you say? Who do you think are the encircled one?」(Valin)
「......Ha? Who the f*k are you referring to? There's no one else but you. Does the fear made your head bright?[5]」(Boss)
The boss said this in disgust. ’’No matter’’ he said, as if he had regained back his composure. Then, he showed a ghastly smile towards Valin.
「I won't let you die easily. You guys, get h-......」(Boss)
「Wait a moment」(Valin)
Ignoring the boss' words to instigate his underling to attack, Valin looked around him.
「...... It will be fine if only this guy survive.」(Valin)
Just as Valin said this, the man who was standing beside the boss, had his head chopped off.
The headless subordinate body, collapsed while gushing out blood.
The boss watched as it happen beside him.
Several villagers suddenly came out from the night's cover. With short sword or spear in their hand, they swooped in and disposed the subordinates with a lightning speed.
They attack from behind, furthermore with such aberrant swiftness, that the underlings could react when they were stabbed at their vital spot and fell on the spot.
In an instant, The surroundings started to reek of the scent of blood.
「Hi....Hiiiiii!」(Lucky Bandit)
One underling that had the good fortune to be left out of the one sided slaughter, lost his strength to stand at the sight of the hell that suddenly appeared before him. He fell onto his back while pissing himself.
Valin walked towards the boss who was stood still in shock, and then once again muttered.
「Lay down your weapon.」[6](Valin)
「Who's there? Come out!」(Soldier)
Seeing a person's silhouette approaching under the darkness, the escort soldier, who was on the lookout outside the tent, called out.[7]
Hearing the guard outside yelling, other soldiers from inside the tent quickly came out with weapons in their hand.
「I am Valin, Chief of Grisea Village.」(Valin)
Hearing the approaching person's words, the soldiers exchanged looks with each other.
Even so, the lookout soldier quickly lit up a torch at the campfire near the tent, and approached the person.
「Valin-dono, what happened......? Why is there so much blood?」(Soldier)
「Don't worry, this is not my blood. Not long ago, bandits attacked the village, this is only their blood that was spilled from repulsing them.」
When the bodyguard soldier looked at the visage of the bloodied Valin under the torch's light, he became surprised so Valin hurriedly gave an explanation.
「Bandits you say!? Are the villagers alright!?」(Soldier)
「Yes, not a single one is hurt. Furthermore, we are able to capture 3 of the bandits. Well, one of them might be already dead...... I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you return to the village tomorrow morning and take the bandits with you?」(Valin)
After hearing Valin's explanation, the bodyguard soldier showed a surprised expression, but he quickly fixed it and then turned to his companions.
「No, we will go right now. Everyone, make haste.」(Soldier)
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Valin kick ass in this chapter. Don't mess with angry fathers.
Also, don't mess with a village of supermen... They got divine Protection of Greysior the God of Benevolence and Plenty you know...
By the way... This chapter is the first ’’Satou's Moment’’ of this series... Don't know what a Satou's moment is? Read Desumachi.

[1] I don't know if this referencing Night of the Long Knifes
[2] Just like in this picture:
[3] Bakemono. Can also means Abomination.
[4] For One Piece Fan: HAKI!
[5] The boss was ridiculing if the fear makes Valin think he is smart.
[6] Too late...
[7] This is the bodyguard escort who guard Valin's carriage, just read the previous chapters.


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