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Takarakuji De 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai Ni Ijuu Suru - Chapter 40


The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:
Mantius Zara
Chapter 40: Tools and Knowledge
Kazura sat at the seat, and at the urging from Nelson, Valin took a seat beside Kazura while Valetta sat beside Valin.
Isaac and Havel stood near the wall while still holding Kazura's luggage.
Kazura, who sat facing Nelson, began to speak the words he practiced last night until he fell asleep in his bed.

「I believed that you already heard about my arrival from Isaac-san and that I want to offer support for your country. This is because I accepted the plea from Isaac-san and Havel-san, who came to Grisea Village, to save Arcadia from the grave situation resulted from the long drought.」(Kazura)
「To be able to receive the assistance from Greysior-sama, the God of Benevolence and Harvest, then our country's recovery is guaranteed to happen. I wish to express our gratitude for your benevolent offer.」(Nelson)
Kazura spoke in a matter-of-fact manner, while Nelson replied with a smile.
Although he gave off a very friendly impression, this was just a business smile.
Suddenly, Isaac who stood behind Kazura, let out a comment in a tone as if criticizing Nelson for something.
However Nelson acted as if he didn't heard Isaac and gave no response.
Kazura didn't know what was happening, however, for now he pushed the conversation forward.
「...... Although I will give my support, nevertheless I practically don't know the situation of this country. Therefore, so that I could decide the specific form of the support, I wish you could explain the current situation of this country. Also, I want you to refer me as Kazura.」(Kazura)
「I understand ...... However, before that Kazura-sama, there is something that I wanted to know.」(Nelson)
「Yes, what is it?」(Kazura)
「Last night, I heard this from Isaac that Kazura-sama has many tools the which of we never saw before. If you don't mind, by all means, may I be able to see them in this place?」(Nelson)
Nelson put out his request while showing the same smile in his face, however his eyes gave off a feeling of an investigator.
However, Kazura already hypothesized what would Nelson do.
「I don't mind. Isaac-san, Havel-san, please bring my belongings here.」(Kazura)
Just like what Kazura ordered, Isaac and Havel put the carry case and the travel bag at the floor near Kazura and then returned back to the wall.
Kazura stood from the chair and took the carry case, then he opened its zipper and began to rummage for the content.
Kazura began making rustling sound, so Zirconia who was waiting behind Nelson's seat, folded her hand on her back while peeking towards Kazura's direction with curiosity.
She didn't really put a wary air, but from the fact that a long sword could be seen on her waist, if Kazura conducted a suspicious movement then she would immediately draw her sword and get into a battle stance.
While Zirconia threw a sidelong glance at him, Kazura chose ten-odd tools to be shown towards Nelson's group, and then lined them up in the table.
「This is......?」(Nelson)
Seeing the tools atop the table, Nelson couldn't help but to comment.
Beside him, Zirconia also was frozen in stare at the tools atop the table.
「Then, which one shall I explain first?」(Kazura)
Among the things in the top of the table, there were a portable LED lantern, minestrone[1] canned food, a lighter and the clothing that Kazura wore from Japan.
The reason why he took out the clothes was because in the legend Greysior was 『A man who wear unusual clothes』, so it made them easy to imagine it if he took out his Japanese clothes.
By the way, the clothes that Kazura wore right now were an elegant robe that Havel had prepared in his mansion.
For the first demonstration, Kazura lifted the portable lantern and then push the power switch at the bottom of the lantern.
At the same time the switch was turned on, the internal LED began to shine, and made Isaac and Havel who was stood at the wall, ’’Whoa!’’, leak their sounds of astonishment.
「This is, a lantern that the spirit of light put their power inside it. As you can see, different from normal lantern, this lantern hardly gives any heat, and even if you carry it upside down, it still continue to shine.」(Kazura)
「How bright...... Is this the spirit of light? Can this tool still be used in the rain?」(Zirconia)
「Zil, that's enough. You can speak normally.」(Nelson)
Zirconia who stared at the lantern with glittering eyes, asked Kazura for an explanation, but before Kazura could answered it, Nelson spoke those words to her.
「Ara, you're right...... Kazura-sama, I ask you for your forgiveness for my actions to test you. I hope you will pardon my rudeness.」(Zirconia)
After she was pointed out by Nelson, Zirconia bowed down her head and apologized while still showing a delighted expression.
However, Kazura didn't know the reason for that apology.
「Actions to test me?」(Kazura)
Kazura repeated the word and asked Zirconia who had raised her head, while smiling, she nodded yes.
「Because there was a doubt that Kazura-sama was an imposter who refer himself as Greysior-sama, we had been talking in several languages from the regions that had faith in Greysior-sama, however it was completely a needles fear. Just now, even when Nelson had been talking in the language of southern island country while I was talking in a extremely peculiar dialect of my hometown, Kazura-sama's expression didn't change a bit.」(Zirconia)
「(What... the heck...)」(Kazura)
Maybe because she believed that Kazura is Greysior, Zirconia told him the truth while smiling delightfully.
However, contrary to Zirconia, Kazura was in such a state of confusion that a surprised expression emerged in his face.
Zirconia said that they had been talking in several languages with Kazura.
However, Kazura completely didn't recognize that he had been talked to with such languages.
Even when the time Nelson and Zirconia were talking just now, in Kazura's ear he heard it completely as Japanese language.
Whether speaking in another country's language or peculiar dialect, he didn't hear it at all.
Kazura was thinking that maybe he was just being joked at and so he turned towards Valin who sat beside him.
However, Valin was only looked at Kazura with tremendous satisfaction and nodded.
Beside Valin, Valetta looked at Kazura with bewilderment expression.
「(What on Earth is happening, is that what she wanted to say?)」(Kazura)
Judging from the expression of the two people sat beside him, it seemed that what Zirconia said wasn't a lie.
However, all the languages were practically is Japanese in Kazura's ear.
「......Anyway, since there were no precedents for this situation, the story of Greysior-sama appearing is something that's not believable. Nonetheless, it was still a very impolite conducts towards Kazura-sama. We are truly ask for your forgiveness.」(Nelson)
While Kazura and Valetta stared at each other, as a follow up to Zirconia, Nelson stated his apology.
The two were bowing their heads deeply.
「Ah, no, I don't mind」(Kazura)
Kazura answered while his head still high in chaos, and then he moved his sight from Valetta towards Nelson.
Although there was an unthinkable phenomenon occurring, as the result, he had obtained Nelson's group's trust without difficulty.
He wanted to investigate in detail what happened, however there was another thing that was the current priority.
After seeing that both of them raised their head, he returned to tools explanation.
「About the previous question, you can use this lantern in the middle of the rain. However, if it sink underwater, or there are a lot of water entering the lantern then the light spirit power will be rapidly weakened and couldn't be used.」(Kazura)
「I see...... However, this is bright but it didn't emit any heat nor smoke, really a wonderful tool. Furthermore, it can turn bright in an instant without using any fire......」(Zirconia)
After Kazura resumed his explanation, Zirconia put both of her hands in the table and stared fixedly at the lantern.
Although her delightful expression was good, it was as if she wanted to nibble at it.
Compared to her, maybe because Nelson was thinking about something, he showed a troubled expression while listening at Kazura's explanation.
「Umu...... I never seen an illumination tool like this before until now. May I touch it?」(Nelson)
「Yes, please. By pressing this button it is possible to adjust the brightness.」(Kazura)
Receiving Kazura's permission, Nelson took the lantern, after he pressed the switch numerous times and the light had been turned off, he examined the lantern from the side or upside down.
「Kazura-sama, what is this transparent thing that covered the light emitting section?」(Nelson)
After a while, Nelson placed the lantern on its side and pointed at the transparent plastic that covered the LED as he asked Kazura for an explanation.
「This is called, plastic...... Umm, how should I said it. To put it simpler, it's a transparent board. Not only it relatively strong, it is also transparent, so it is used as protection section for illumination tools like this.」(Kazura)
Although he couldn't think this as an amazingly proper explanation, they wouldn't understand if he explained it as a substance derived from the processing of petroleum. Also Kazura couldn't answer if they asked for the detailed process.
Furthermore the word petroleum[2] itself wasn't something that was in use in this world, so it was meaningless to give the explanation like he used when he explained to Isaac at Grisea Village.
「Strong and transparent...... If we could make sword or helmet from this plastic, then it would become splendid weapon and armor. It would be hard for the enemy to defend against a transparent blade, and a transparent helmet would make battle easier since it didn't obscure field of vision.」(Zirconia)
「Ah, no, it doesn't that strong to such extent...... Hm? That reminds me, Riot Shield is...... Ah, no, it's nothing.」(Kazura)
Zirconia responded to the word ’’strong’’, so Kazura denied that view while making a wry smile.
While he was denying this, he was reminded of the existence of transparent shield, that is riot shield that is used in his home world and unconsciously spoke the name out, however after he saw that Zirconia eyes were shining with curiosity, he immediately steered the topic away.
Kazura shifted his sight from Zirconia who had an expression as if she still had a lot of things to ask, and then he picked up the canned minestrone in front of him.
「Then, the next tool, is this Food can.」(Kazura)
Hearing the word ’’food can’’, Isaac who was looking at the lantern in Nelson's hand until now, switched his attention to the canned food in Kazura's hand.
Maybe he was reminded by the conversation they had back in Grisea Village.
While receiving the end of Isaac's gaze, Kazura pulled the can's pull tab with his finger to pull open the can, and then the bright red vegetable soup that was contained inside could be seen.
The soup contained beans, carrots and a lot of other vegetables, so it could be said that one could eat heartily and fillingly.
「This tool called food can make it possible to store food for a long time period. It depend on the content but in general the food could be stored for several years without becoming spoiled.」(Kazura)
Kazura tilted the can a bit, and so that Nelson and Zirconia could see the minestrone inside the can. Both of their expressions were visibly changed.
Nelson who was fiddling with the lantern until now, stopped his hand, and stared fixedly at the canned food that Kazura held.
Zirconia was also the same, the delighted expression in her face when she examined the lantern until now had gone, and just like Nelson she shifted her attention towards the canned food in Kazura's hand.
「...... Umm, do you want to eat this? Minestrone is a vegetable soup however it is quite delicious.」(Kazura)
While feeling uncomfortable receiving the gaze from both of them, Kazura took out plastic spoon from the travel bag and presented the canned food to Nelson.
「Ah, no...... That's right......」(Nelson)
Nelson alternated his view from can to Kazura and back to the can again, although his reply was weak, he received the canned food.
「Nelson, let me try it first......」(Zirconia)
「......Ah, you didn't need to work yourself to eat it. After all it is a food that had been in the can for a long time, in that case everyone would obviously felt uneasy for it.」(Kazura)
It was obvious that Nelson hesitated to eat the canned food.
Zirconia who was unable to just watch Nelson like this, proposed to let she be the one who eat it first. Kazura who understood the mental state of these two people, threw a lifeboat.[3]
Maybe Nelson thought that the canned food might contain a poison.
Although that in the surface he had recognize that Kazura is Greysior, it still a food that was handed out by someone that he had just acquainted several minutes ago, so he of course would be careful in eating it since it could be dangerous.
「Y-Yes, that's right...... Isaac, how about you? Do you want to try to eat it?」(Nelson)
「I will eat itItadakimasu.」(Isaac)
Nelson straightforwardly selected Isaac as human sacrifice, however the person himself actually replied delightedly and then gallantly walked near Nelson and receive the canned food.
Isaac picked up the canned food and after bowing lightly towards Kazura, he put the spoon in use and eat the minestrone.
「......How is it?」(Nelson)
While looking at Isaac chewing the minestrone, Nelson asked the question.
Isaac swallowed the minestrone inside his mouth, the flavor produced a wide satisfied smile in his face.
「It was a taste that I never ate before until now, it is really delicious.[4] To be able to store a food like this for many years without spoiling, that is......」(Isaac)
「......Let's bring out the plates.」(Zirconia)
「Zirconia-sama, let me the one who bring out the plates.」(Havel)
Hearing Isaac's impressions, maybe because she wanted to eat it herself, Zirconia tried to leave the room to bring the plates.
Havel that had been observing everyone from the wall side until now, then proposed this to Zirconia and exited the room.
「If we could made this canned in large number, then whatever famine that could breakout then no citizen would die from hunger. Furthermore...... Kazura-sama I humbly ask you, please teach us how to produce this tool called food can.」(Nelson)
「How to produce it, right?......」(Kazura)
Nelson was going to say something in the beginning, but then he changed his mind and requested the method to produce canned food.
Because of this, Kazura do a little bit of thinking.
「Whether it possible or not to teach it, I believe I could judge after this. Although I sympathize to your situation, however it doesn't mean that I could give you anything or any knowledge. The tools that I show to you today, is for to convince you that I am Greysior, but it doesn't means that I will offer the goods limitlessly.」(Kazura)
「Is...Is that so.....」(Nelson)
Kazura spoke in a dignified manner, so Nelson and especially Zirconia, had this disappointed expression on their face.
However, Kazura couldn't inconsiderately accept any requests from Nelson's side.
Different from the technology already introduced in Grisea Village such as waterwheel or farming techniques, in the case for new technology that he had never brought to this world before, Kazura couldn't just thoughtlessly agreed to it.
Kazura needed to take the new technology's future impact or how to introduce it into consideration, so he must make a careful decision.
「Then, until Havel-san comes back with the plates, let me explain the rest of the tools.」(Kazura)
Kazura said so and then took a lighter from the table.
「(Is he really Greysior..... No, in this case, if he really a god, it doesn't matter anymore...)」(Nelson)
This was what Nelson thought when he saw Kazura explaining the tools that could make a fire instantly appear in front of his eyes.
The tools that this man, Kazura, possessed were truly incredible things that he had never seen before.
Especially, the tool called ’’food can’’ that he had seen just now.
If he could obtain a large amount of it, then not only he could stop worrying about the food in famine situation like this, but it also would be extremely useful as military provision.
To be able to store a precooked food like this for a long period of time is a wonderful thing and if they could have the container that could be sealed that firm, then there wouldn't be a problem if it shakes while marching.
「(There's also various things that he possess, but if we could made him supply the knowledge or tools as much as possible. Then, how should we do it......)」
How to make the most benefit out from Kazura's support?
While Kazura continue his explanation, Nelson began to think how to interact with him from now on.
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Isn't the answer is clear Nelson-san?
Just throw Lieze (with the maid as an omake) at Kazura! :D

[1] Minestrone is a thick soup of Italian origin made with vegetables, often with the addition of pasta or rice. It's delicious (the rice version)!
[2] In case you modern people forget, in most languages petroleum was called ’’Earth/Stone/Soil Oil’’ in local equivalent like ’’石油’’ (Japanese/Chinese: Stone Oil), ’’minyak bumi’’ (Indonesia/Malay: Earth Oil), ’’Erdol’’ (German: Earth oil), even Petroleum means ’’Stone Oil’’ in Latin. So Kazura means, although the constituent word itself exist (stone and oil). The composite word ’’stone oil’’ was not particularly used, or refer, to petroleum.
[3] In case you didn't know, ’’threw a lifeboat’’ means ’’giving a hint, giving a much needed help’’
[4] Yup... Since canned food use a lot of salt and MSG, which was expensive or unavailable in large number in pre-Industrial Age, of course the taste, was something out of the world... After all food with MSG is delicious, and in case you wondering ’’Chinese Food Syndrome’’ is not because of MSG (this is false claim) but because of the high fat and salt content of most Chinese Food in USA had (just like many other junk food). High level of lipid and cholesterol or hypertension from salt might cause headache. That's why, if you are 30 or older and have frequent headache after eating fatty or salty food, check your blood pressure, TG, HDL, LDL and TC at the local laboratory/doctor.


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