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Sword Spirit - Chapter 99


Chapter 99: Equipment Pavilion

The Equipment Pavilion was also a very important location within the Wind Sword Sect. All of the weapons were all produced there, from lower grade iron grade up to upper grade iron grade, it had them all. On the condition that you have enough contribution points, you could even exchange for treasure grade weapons, however, the required contribution points were a hundred thousand, even hundreds of thousands. Most likely even the disciples in the overall standings top ten, if they wanted to trade for a treasure grade weapon would also find it difficult. It was so rare that even the weapons that the inner sect elders used were only lower grade treasure grade.

Thus, to be able to obtain an upper grade treasure grade equipment was already very good. For inner sect disciples, in order to obtain a treasure grade level weapon, basically they could only get a good placing in the great sect competition and earn the rewards from there.

Using his identity plate to find the location of the Equipment Pavilion, Lu Xuan went ahead by himself.

He traveled quickly without problems. A building that was far more grand than the Martial Skill Pavilion could be seen in the distance. This was the Equipment Pavilion. The Equipment Pavilion contained various weapons, whether it was commonly used weapons or strange weapons, this place had it all, thus the area it occupied was very large.

Standing in front of the Equipment Pavilion, Lu Xuan looked up. The entire Equipment Pavilion was divided into five floors, in a tower form. Each floor had a smaller area than the one below it, but the higher it went, the more luxurious the decorations were. If compared with the Wind Sword Sect's Equipment Pavilion, the Treasure Pavilion in Lin City that Ninth Uncle ran seemed like it was just a small shop.

Currently it was early morning, so there weren't too many people at the Equipment Pavilion. There were a few scattered disciples entering and exiting. Lu Xuan didn't delay and directly entered the Equipment Pavilion.

After entering, soon a young martial artist dressed as a deacon welcomed him.

’’What type of weapon is this younger brother looking for?’’ The deacon asked with a smile.

The deacons of the Wind Sword Sect were basically all disciples of previous terms. After staying in the Wind Sword Sect for a full five years, if they didn't have a way of entering the core, then they would have to leave the identity as a disciple behind, either choosing to go home, or they could choose to become a deacon. So when he called Lu Xuan a younger brother it wasn't incorrect.

After becoming a deacon, you could still earn contribution points and the the Wind Sword Sect's resources to cultivate, and over time, if your connections were big enough, or your strength was strong enough, then slowly one could upgrade to a steward or even become an inner sect elder.

Lu Xuan looked at this deacon. His strength was only body refining fourth level, even lower than his. It was probably an outer sect disciple that became a deacon. If it was an inner sect disciple, after cultivating for five years, there was no way anyone would still only be body refining fourth level.

’’Um, I would like to choose a suitable weapon. I don't know if senior brother deacon can explain some things for me?’’ Lu Xuan didn't look down on him for his identity and still was formal and courteous.

Seeing that Lu Xuan was quite courteous, the smile on the deacon's face became more favorable. No one wanted to be looked down on.

’’Hehe, this one's surnamed Zhou, junior brother can just call me senior brother Zhou. Listening to junior brother, it seems like this is your first time here at the Equipment Pavilion. I'm guessing you're a new budding disciple?’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan nodded his head and smiled, ’’This one is Lu Xuan. Indeed I just entered the sect.’’

Seeing Lu Xuan nod, the surnamed Zhou deacon's eyes flashed a look of surprise and couldn't help but ask: ’’Could it be that you are this sect entrance exam's first place, in your first exam killing to the overall standings top three hundred, peerless genius, sword faction's Lu Xuan?’’

The surnamed Zhou deacon said this, Lu Xuan immediately was a bit embarrassed. Had news traveled so quickly? The sect entrance exam had been just two days ago, and now even the Equipment Pavilion's deacon knew about it.

’’Senior brother has falsely praised this one. How could I be a peerless genius, however, this one is indeed the sword faction's Lu Xuan.’’

How could Lu Xuan have known that the deacons of the Wind Sword Sect were normally idle, and had always been very keen on the Wind Sword Sect's gossip, whether big or small. Now Lu Xuan's fame had long since been passed through the inner sect. If Lu Xuan once again went to the Martial Skill Pavilion, even if he didn't display a bit of strength, that middle-aged martial artist would absolutely not dare to demand bribes from him.

Seeing that the Lu Xuan was indeed that famous Lu Xuan, the surnamed Zhou deacon immediately laughed loudly: ’’I was wondering why my eyelids were jumping so much today. It turns out it was because a significant person has come. Junior brother just entered the sect and has such a cultivation, you will definitely have unlimited potential in the future!’’

The vice sect master personally promising that after a year he would guarantee to send Lu Xuan into the core was a well known matter. Naturally, the surnamed Zhou deacon wasn't an exception. In his eyes, Lu Xuan could be said to be a real significant person. Right now, if he laid down a good relationship, in the future, perhaps he could also be brought up along with him. For his kind of deacon that lacked in both strength and talent, in order to go up the ladder, he could only rely on connections.

Since he knew the person in front of him was Lu Xuan, the surnamed Zhou deacon immediately become more enthusiastic and didn't waste any more words, directly giving Lu Xuan an explanation of the Equipment Pavilion's situation. He knew, if he wanted to create a good relationship between him and Lu Xuan, he would have to curry more favor and perform his duties more beautifully.

’’I'll first explain to junior brother Lu the Equipment Pavilion's overall situation. The Equipment Pavilion is divided into a total of five floors. Each floor represents a level of the weapons and equipment. The weapons placed on the first floor are all ordinary grade or there are some iron grades that failed in refining. We call it quasi-iron grade. It's stronger than ordinary grade, but less than iron grade. It is primarily given for outer sect disciples to use.’’

Lu Xuan slightly nodded his head. The number of outer sect disciples was enormous, and also it was more difficult for them to get contribution points than the inner sect. Most of them could only use ordinary grade weapons.

The surnamed Zhou deacon continued to say: ’’As you go up, the level of the weapons goes up. The second floor contains lower grade iron grade. The third floor is the middle grade iron grade. The fourth floor then is the upper grade iron grade. And the top fifth floor is where the treasure grade level weapons are placed. Us deacons do not have permission to enter. As to what what it's like in there, I'm also unclear.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan couldn't help but be speechless. Speaking like this, there really were treasure grade level weapons in the Equipment Pavilion. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but look at the ceiling, as if he wanted to go through these few floors and directly look at the fifth floor. Who knew at what time would he be able to get a treasure grade level weapon. He imagined it would increase his combat strength by a lot.

As if he had seen through Lu Xuan's thoughts, surnamed Zhou deacon laughed and said: ’’With junior brother Lu's talent, you will definitely be able to earn a treasure grade level reward in the future. What level of weapon would junior brother Lu like right now? I can give you some advice.’’

Lu Xuan thought about it a bit and asked: ’’About how much contribution points will different levels of weapon require?’’

’’Lower grade iron grade needs about between 500-1000 contribution points, middle grade iron grade 1000-10000 contribution points, upper grade iron grade has a larger range, between 10000 to 100000, and as for treasure grade level, the lowest is 100000. Hehe, for all the long time that I've been in the Equipment Pavilion, I still haven't seen anyone exchange for a treasure grade level equipment. The contribution points requirement is just too high.’’

Hearing surnamed Zhou deacon finish speaking, Lu Xuan also couldn't help but secretly nod his head. This contribution points requirement was indeed pretty high. Right now he only had 10000 contribution points left, that was to say, at most he could only exchange for the most garbage upper grade iron grade, but in reality, there was no way Lu Xuan could spend all of his contribution points. After getting the weapon, he still needed to use the Wind Sword Sect's cultivation resources to cultivate the martial skills.


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