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Sword Spirit - Chapter 95


Chapter 95: Sword Faction's Number One Person, Lin Tian

Entering the Martial Skill Pavilion, on the first floor's great hall, there were many bookshelves laid out, with countless ancient books and records displayed on top of them. Quite a few disciples were browsing among the bookshelves.

The ancient books and records of the Martial Skill Pavilion weren't limited to only various martial skills and cultivation techniques, there were also notes from experts, cultivation journals, among other things. The value of these things wasn't necessarily lower than those martial skills or cultivation techniques.

Upon suddenly seeing so many ancient books and records, not only Lu Xuan, even those who didn't have lowly identities like Lin Xin Yi and Xia Ye, also couldn't help but be a bit shocked.

’’It is indeed the Wind Sword Sect! This Martial Skill Pavilion actually holds so many martial skills and cultivation techniques. I originally thought that there were a lot of cultivation techniques in the City Lord's Mansion;compared to here, those were basically like a drop in the ocean.’’ Xia Ye couldn't help but exclaim.

Lu Xuan was also in a bit of a trance. With only a lower Huang grade Dragon Seizing Hand, the Long family was able to become Qing Mountain Village's number one leading clan. If these ancient books and records flowed out of the Wind Sword Sect, how many Long families would they be able to create!

However, Lu Xuan then laughed a bit at himself. Using the Long family in comparison to the Wind Sword Sect was rather unsuitable. The Long family could only be rooted in a small place like Qing Mountain Village, and the Wind Sword Sect's sphere of influence covered the three nearby great empires. They were completely incomparable.

Seeing the four of them startled at the doorway, some of the disciples going through the ancient books and records glanced at them then smiled contemptuously. With one look, they could tell that Lu Xuan's group were new disciples that had just entered the Wind Sword Sect and hadn't seen the world. It wasn't a surprise that they were so amazed.

Just as they were feeling privileged with their status as older students, Lu Xuan said: ’’Let's go. The first floor probably doesn't have anything good for us. Let's go to the second floor.’’

When Lu Xuan said these words, immediately some of the older students guffawed. Among them, one jeered: ’’The second floor isn't a place where you can just go up whenever you want to. You don't even have 1000 contribution points yet and still you want to go up to the second floor?’’

Since ancient times, new students and old students were irreconcilable existences. It seemed no matter where, old students bullying new students was a common occurrence. Currently seeing that Lu Xuan and those other new students seemed to not understand anything, a group of older students were naturally feeling happy to be superior.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan simply chuckled, too lazy to bother with them, directly going towards the stairs to the second floor.

’’Xin Yi, give me your identity plate. I'll transfer 1000 contribution points to you.’’ Without waiting for Lin Xin Yi to speak, Lu Xuan proactively spoke.

Lin Xin Yi's contribution points were only 100 points. Naturally, she didn't have the qualifications to enter the second floor, but fortunately for her, Lu Xuan here had 12000. Transferring 1000 to her was easy.

Towards Lu Xuan's gift, Lin Xin Yi did not reject it, instead she smiled sweetly and gave her identity plate to Lu Xuan.

After withdrawing 1000 contribution points to give to Lin Xin Yi. Under the gazes of the old students as they watched for entertainment, Lu Xuan's line of four people went up the enchanted staircase without hindrance, relaxedly entering the second floor.

Seeing this scene, the person who had just been taunting Lu Xuan, his eyes widened so far that they were about to fall out.

’’F*k! What is this?! They really could go up to the second floor? I've been here for a year and haven't gone up that many times!’’

’’These new people are pretty good. I'm guessing their backing isn't small’’


The bookshelves laid out on the second floor were far lower in quantity compared to the first floor. Looking over, there were only ten or so shelves, and also, the books were sparsely scattered among the bookshelves around the floor.

This time Lu Xuan wasn't in a hurry to continue moving upwards, and with Xia Ye and the others, they looked through the things on the second floor.

’’Immortal Water Blade, blade manual, lower Huang grade.’’

’’Startling Rainbow Spear, spear manual, middle Huang grade.’’

’’Beast Emperor Claw, claw technique, lower Huang grade.’’


Lu Xuan continuously flipped through many martial skills. Most of them were lower Huang grade, occasionally there were a few middle Huang grade, but there weren't many. It seemed like those middle Huang grade martial skills were probably rather trashier ones. It could be imagined, those ancient books and records on the first floor were probably all barely qualified to be lower Huang grade. The Long family's Dragon Seizing Hand and, after going through the improvements, the Thunder Light Sword Skill might have qualified to be placed on the second floor.

The level of the items on the second floor wasn't enough to attract Lu Xuan's attention. Suddenly, he turned and spoke to the three who were selecting cultivation techniques in high spirits: ’’You guys slowly choose. I'm going to the third for to look around. Oh yeah, there's no need to wait for me. I might cultivate on the third floor for a few days.’’

The three of them nodded in response. Entering the third floor required 10000 contribution points. Even most of the older people probably didn't have such a large sum of contribution points. To be able to enter the third floor after having just entered the Wind Sword Sect, even after all these years, there was probably only Lu Xuan.

After bidding the three farewell, Lu Xuan went straight toward the stairs going up to the third floor. Those stairs were still covered with an enchantment. The lighting was dim and it wasn't possible to see the situation on the third floor clearly, however, the enchantment only blocked the disciples with less than 10000 contribution points. Lu Xuan naturally passed through without any problems.

The number of bookshelves on the third floor was lacking to the point of being pitiful. There were only three bookshelves. With a sweeping glance, Lu Xuan's survey of the entirety of the third floor's ancient books and records, in total seemed to add up to less than a hundred. Of course, that didn't guarantee that some of the ancient books and records had not been taken out by other people to study.

As he entered the third floor, multiple sets of eyes whipped over to look at Lu Xuan's appearance. Immediately there were some that let out a soft sound. Obviously there were some that were surprised to see an unfamiliar face.

The number of disciples that were qualified to enter the third floor was less than a hundred people. Although they might not all be overly familiar with each other, at least they had an impression of each other. Obviously this was their first time seeing Lu Xuan. Immediately there was plenty of interest in looking at this guy that just newly entered the third floor.

While they were looking at Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan was also looking at them. The number of people on the entire third floor, including him, was only nine people. Five of them Lu Xuan had some impression of. It was that person called young master Lin and his group. The other four he had never seen before. They had probably come here earlier.

Lu Xuan deliberately took a long, slow look at that young master Lin. Hearing that middle-aged deacon speak, this young master Lin was in the overall standings top ten. Lu Xuan quietly recalled the overall standings ranking monument that he had seen previously. With so many names, although he hadn't remembered all of them, he at least had some impression of the top ten.

This young master Lin seemed to be called Lin Tian? Right, it seemed like he was a person of the sword faction. Lu Xuan worked hard to recall, finally 70-80% sure that he had correctly remembered young master Lin's information.

Recognizing that the other party was a person of the sword faction, Lu Xuan immediately became interested, after all, they were both in the same faction. Also, in the last term's great sect competition, this Lin Tian was the sword faction's first place. However, it was a pity, coming in tenth place on the overall standings meant that the sword faction was still on the bottom in the end.

Currently, young master Lin was not observing Lu Xuan, his eyes were still staring at the bookshelves. He was too lazy to bother acknowledging someone who he had nothing to do with.

Anyway, seeing as he was a senior brother of the same faction Lu Xuan originally intended to go say hello, but seeing Lin Tian like this, he immediately struck down the idea. Sticking a warm face on a cold butt was not something was still not something he was willing to do.

(TN: Trying to be friendly with someone who doesn't want to be)

No longer paying attention to the looks from the other people, Lu Xuan went straight towards the few bookshelves. His goal for coming was to select a martial skill, not sightseeing.

(TN: There was an author note here that I did not translate.)


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