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Sword Spirit - Chapter 94


Chapter 94: Awe

This feeling absolutely would not be wrong.

In the Sword Forest, Xing Feng had felt the sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest. Although he had no way of successfully comprehending it, it didn't prevent him from remembering the feeling.

When facing Zheng Gang, Lu Xuan hadn't revealed sword intent. Now facing this middle-aged deacon, he finally used it.

The middle-aged deacon's strength had reached body refining seventh level. Even if Lu Xuan didn't use sword intent, defeating him wasn't an impossible matter, however, right now Lu Xuan didn't want to defeat him but to awe him.

He didn't have the fame of of being as strong as the overall standings top ten. In order to awe this middle-aged deacon, he could only use a powerful enough strength, thus, Lu Xuan didn't hesitate to use his recently comprehended sword intent.

Lu Xuan's sword tip slowly rose. A sharp killing intent tightly locked onto the middle-aged deacon's forehead.

Facing this sudden turn of events, the middle-aged deacon's back began drip with cold sweat. He only felt as if an extremely sharp needle was fiercely piercing his forehead. After that it could deeply poke into there. The single-handed blade in his right hand didn't dare to move, for fear that if he did something wrong, the new guy in front of him would fling caution to the mind and make a move on him.

That's right. Currently, in the middle-aged deacon's eyes, Lu Xuan had only been a new self-proclaimed new person. If he was really a new person, how could he be so powerful. Without making a move, just by the virtue of his power, he already didn't dare to move, and also, his intuition told him that his aura was very possibly the one-in-ten thousand sword intent.

He was a person of the blade faction and had been in at the Martial Skill Pavilion for multiple years. Each disciple that entered the Martial Skill Pavilion all had to pay him a determined ’’passage fee.’’ This was already common knowledge among the Wind Sword Sect's disciples. Although there were some who were unconvinced, they had also caused trouble, but each time it died down without problems, and in the end they still had to obediently pay up.

Because he wasn't accepting the ’’passage fee’’ for himself but most of the collection was handed to the blade faction, it could be said that he was only the blade faction's spokesperson here. Because of that, despite him only being a deacon he dared to blatantly provoke all of the disciples. If something happened, naturally there was the blade faction to help him cover. Over time, this became entering the Martial Skill Pavilion's second rule.

The blade faction's tyranny was evident. With their fierce strength, various plump jobs were dominated by the blade faction, and the grabbed contribution points were used to nurture the blade faction's people. This was one of the reasons why the blade faction became stronger and stronger while the sword faction became weaker and weaker.

Of course, this plump job dominating deacon wasn't without any discernment. Their targets for lining their pockets were mostly new people and older students that didn't have much strength. For example, young master Lin and his people that had gone in before belonged in the category of people to not offend.

But who would have known he would finally mess up. Today he had been blind in the eyes and bumped into Lu Xuan.

’’Hand, move it.’’ Lu Xuan's invisible aura, his sword intent didn't disappear, spoke indifferently.

Hearing this, the middle-aged deacon hurriedly pulled his left hand away from the card swiping machine. He wasn't a fool. A person his age long since didn't have any ambitions. What people he could offend and what people he couldn't offend, he knew very clearly.

Whether or not Lu Xuan was really a new person, to be at body refining fifth level and able to stop him with power, his future fame wasn't going to be a suspenseful matter. Perhaps other people wouldn't have any way against the blade faction, but with him as the blade faction's spokesperson,it definitely wouldn't end well, so he decisively chose to back down.

(TN: I'm sorry guys. This was a mess. Frankly, I had no idea what the author was trying to say in parts of the second half.)

’’If I had known about your strength, I wouldn't have dared to say anything to offend. I hope that the young master can be a big man with a big heart and won't fuss over this subordinate. Your party may enter.’’ This middle-aged deacon squeezed out a smile as he spoke with Lu Xuan, the weapon in his hands had long since already been stored away.

Towards this guy who flipped faces faster than a book flips pages, Lu Xuan was somewhat stunned. He hadn't thought that the hardened person before would now, just after revealing a hand, immediately lower his voice.

’’Didn't you want me to drink a forfeit?’’ Lu Xuan joked.

’’Subordinate doesn't think that. However, this is subordinate's work. If not done well, this plump job will be taken by someone else. I hope that young master spare and forgive me.’’

As the saying goes, don't reach out and hit a smiling person. This guy had backed down, and Lu Xuan didn't really care about him. As for him continuing to collect the ’’passage fee’’ from the new people, Lu Xuan didn't want to care, and he guessed that him not caring was a reasonable response. Since this this second rule could exist for so long, it probably wasn't that simple. With his current strength, to be able to ensure that his people didn't lose out was already pretty good.

Withdrawing his sword intent and putting away the long sword, Lu Xuan once again returned it to Lin Xin Yi. Without the threat of sword intent, the middle-aged deacon couldn't help but sigh.

Lu Xuan's sword intent, although it wasn't as majestic as the Sword Forest's, it was sharper and more concentrated. For threatening, it was far better than the Sword Forest.

The four people one by one swiped their identity plates on the card slot. This time the middle-aged deacon naturally didn't dare to block them. Now in his heart, the position of Lu Xuan's four people had already been elevated to the same level as the young master Lin from before.

’’This is my first time coming to the Martial Skill Pavilion. If there are any more rules, tell me about them.’’ Lu Xuan asked. Since he successfully awed this guy then it would be a waste to not use this free guide.

Hearing this, the middle-aged deacon's whispered to himself, It's his first time coming, it looks like he really is a new person. A new person is so powerful, then what will the future be like!

Although he had these thoughts in his head, he didn't dare to neglect his mouth, ’’This Martial Skill Pavilion is divided into three floors. The first floor only needs me to make sure those that enter have at least 100 contribution points. The disciples that want to go to the second and third floor will have to go through the enchanted stairs. If your identity plate's contribution points have not reached the requirement, then it is impossible to go up.’’

’’Also, to guarantee martial skills and cultivation techniques aren't leaked outside, the martial skill and cultivation techniques in the Martial Skill Pavilion aren't allowed to be brought out and can only be examined in the Martial Skill Pavilion. Each floor has quite a few quiet rooms which for disciples to use. The first floor's quiet rooms can be used for 5 contribution points for each day, the second floor 50 points, the third floor 500 points...

The middle-aged deacon didn't hold back and came clean with all of the information pertaining to the Martial Skill Pavilion. However, this Martial Skill Pavilion's consumption of contribution points let Lu Xuan couldn't help but be speechless. The third floor required a full 500 contribution points to remain there for a day. Currently, if he added up all of his contribution points together, he would still only be able to stay for about twenty days.

Finished listening to the middle-aged deacon's explanations, Lu Xuan slightly nodded his head, and didn't linger any longer, leading the other three straight into the Martial Skill Pavilion. He wanted to see what sort of good things the Wind Sword Sect's Martial Skill pavilion had.

’’Young master, slow down. May I dare to ask young master's name. The next time you come, subordinate will be able to address you.’’ The middle-aged deacon made an accommodating smile.

Lu Xuan's feet didn't stop. Just before he entered the Martial Skill Pavilion, he spat out two words: ’’Lu Xuan.’’


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