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Sword Spirit - Chapter 91


Chapter 91: Going to the Martial Skill Pavilion

Before the exam, Elder Jin had spoken that if one could enter the top one hundred, all of the rewards, no matter how high or low, the first one hundred would get 100 contribution points. First place then got 2000 contribution points, a difference of twenty times over.

Hearing Elder Jin's words, Zheng Gang subconsciously took a step forwad. He was this time's second place with a full 1000 contribution points. It wasn't a small amount. But then he suddenly stopped.

It seemed like right before the duel with Lu Xuan, his reward was already used as the losing betting stake for Lu Xuan. Thinking of this, his face couldn't help but scrunch up, he looked towards Lu Xuan filled with hate.

Unexpectedly, Lu Xuan was also looking at him with a face full of mirth. Towards a guy that would freely give him 1000 contribution points, Lu Xuan still had ’’good will’’.

Four eyes facing each other, seeing Lu Xuan's happy expression, Zheng Gang snorted ’’What are you satisfied about. It's just 1000 contribution points. I'll give it to you.’’

Lu Xuan lazily acknowledged him. He walked towards Elder Jin. For these contribution points, although he had never used them before, but listening to others, they seemed to be pretty useful, he would naturally be interested.

There were a total of one hundred people that received rewards. All of them headed towards Elder Jin. Naturally it was a bit crowded, but once they saw Lu Xuan come over, the disciples all stopped moving, consciously making a path for Lu Xuan to go ahead first.

None of them were idiots. Lu Xuan's spotlight was so bright. He would definitely be extraordinary in the future. It was too late to suck up, and naturally they didn't dare to offend him easily. Although even if they made way for Lu Xuan right now, Lu Xuan wouldn't necessarily remember them, but at the very least they wouldn't offend him. They didn't hope to distinguish themselves, but only wished to not make mistakes, and that was enough.

The few sword faction disciples behind followed Lu Xuan like foxes pretending to be tigers and were among the first to come before Elder Jin.

This time other than the rewards Lu Xuan got. Xing Feng, Xia Ye, and twelve other disciples were all in the top hundred. It could be said that this time the sword faction's results were really not bad.

Among the nine great faction divisions, they had taken up fifteen of the spots among the top hundred. More importantly, they had taken three spots in the top ten. Lu Xuan was first, Xing Feng was fifth, and Xia Ye managed to get tenth place. It could be said that over the years, it was a hard to achieve result for the sword faction.

’’Greetings vice sect master.’’ Lu Xuan greeted him. The disciples closely followed, allowing Lu Xuan to take the lead.

Elder Jin nodded his head: ’’Lu Xuan, I have already clearly expressed my intent. I will continually monitor you. In this year, do not slack off. After a year, let me see what sort of level you can reach. Absolutely do not let me down.’’

Finished speaking, he didn't care about Lu Xuan's reaction. He reached out his hand and said: ’’Take out your identity plate. All of your contribution points will all be stored in there.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan hurriedly pulled out his identity plate and offered it up.

Receiving the plate, Elder Jin pulled out a plate that looked almost exactly the same except its color and swiped it over Lu Xuan's plate.

Elder Jin's identity plate was gold. From the identity plate's color, one could easily distinguish his identity.

(TN: The character for Jin is the character for gold)

The color of Lu Xuan's identity plate was black, indicating his identity as a disciple. Blue identity plates indicated deacons, silver identity plates were for elders, gold was for the vice sect master, and as for the sect master, his identity plate was colored purple gold, still higher than the vice sect master by one level.

’’The use and exchange of contribution points is very simple. It's just like using a storage ring. Have your thoughts enter the identity plate and you will be able to know your contribution points. If you stick identity plates together you can transfer your contribution points to other people, however, your own identity plate can only controlled by you.’’ As he gave Lu Xuan his contribution points, Elder Jin also explained.

’’You have taken first place among the new disciples this time and are rewarded with 2000 contribution points. Killing your way into the overall standings top five hundred and top three hundred, rewarding 2000 and 5000 respectively, and adding on the 1000 contribution points Zheng Gang lost to you, it comes to a total of 10000. This isn't a small number. Use it wisely.’’ Finished speaking, Elder Jin returned the identity plate back to Lu Xuan. Lu Xuan naturally used both hands to respectfully receive it back.

Once Lu Xuan was finished receiving, next up were Xing Feng, Xia Ye, and the other sword faction disciples to go up, however, for the other disciples, Elder Jin didn't show as much patience as he had for Lu Xuan and didn't waste any words, only gave each of them the rewards they deserved before sending them off.

The sword faction disciples that had received rewards, then returned to Elder Cheng's side. Those disciples that didn't earn rewards, hearing Elder Jin's emphasis on the importance of contribution points, naturally had faces of envy when they saw the returning people.

’’Your guys' performance in this exam was not bad. This old man said before that as long as you can put the sword faction's name out there, you all will definitely receive rewards. This time, my sword faction could be said to have greatly been in the spotlight. Lu Xuan's performance was particularly prominent. All of the disciples will all get rewards!’’ Elder Cheng made a grand wave as he spoke.

This time the sword faction had obtained such a great result, how could he be stingy. The number of sword faction disciples was less than usual anyway so there wasn't a lack of resources.

’’My sword faction also follows the rules about rewards laid down by the vice sect master. First place 2000 contribution points, the top three 1000 contribution points, the top ten 500, and for everyone else, you will all get 100.’’

When Elder Cheng said this, those disciples that hadn't gotten any contribution points immediately became happy. Xia Ye and Xing Feng were also both very happy. Other than Lu Xuan, they were among the sword faction's top three. Over by Elder Jin, they had only gotten a reward of 500 contribution points. They hadn't thought that when they returned to Elder Cheng, they would actually receive another 1000.

This time, Lu Xuan had gotten another 2000 point reward, his total contribution points rose to 12000. Even some of the disciples that had been in the Wind Sword Sect for a few years had far less than him.

However, this time, Lin Xin Yi didn't receive many contribution points. Although she was body refining fourth level, she wasn't good at fighting, thus she couldn't enter the sword faction's top ten, only getting 100 contribution points, which was still better than nothing.

After finishing giving the disciples their rewards, Elder Cheng once again spoke: ’’Now we're finished participating in the sect entrance exam, you are now official Wind Sword Sect inner sect disciples. As long as you have enough contribution points in hand, dan medicines, martial skills, cultivation techniques, martial skills...You can choose any you want.’’

(TN: Yes, author wrote martial skills twice. Accident? Emphasis? I dunno)

’’There's no need to rush cultivating. First you should properly acquaint yourselves with the sect, the sect's map is depicted in your identity plates. Have your thoughts enter into it and you will be able to see it. The Spirit Dan Hall is a place to exchange for dan medicines. The Martial Skill Pavilion has cultivation techniques and martial skills. The Five Elements Caves are a cultivation location. If you want to earn enough contribution points, you can the Missions Tower. There they give various tasks. After completing them, you can earn the corresponding contribution points. There are also a few other random things. You all can slowly get to know it yourselves.’’

Elder Cheng gave Lu Xuan and the others a simple introduction to the Wind Sword Sect's things. He also knew that if he left them to their own devices, the disciples would definitely go check out whatever they were interested in.

’’Lu Xuan, where should we go first?’’ Xia Ye asked somewhat excitedly. He wanted to visit all of the places that Elder Cheng had just spoken of.

’’Whichever. We'll just visit them all.’’ Lu Xuan shrugged. There wasn't a hurry to cultivate. First looking around at what things the Wind Sword Sect had wouldn't make him late.

’’Then let's first got to the Martial Skill Pavilion. I wonder what powerful martial skills and cultivation techniques that Wind Sword Sect has.’’ A sect's core strength was undoubtedly cultivation techniques and martial skills. Most of the disciples that entered the Wind Sword Sect had almost all come for these things.

Finished speaking, Lu Xuan, Xia Ye, and Lin Xin Yi prepared to first take a trip to the Martial Skill Pavilion.

’’I'll go with you guys.’’ Xing Feng also inserted himself in.


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