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Sword Spirit - Chapter 90


Chapter 90: End of the Exam

Looking at Lu Xuan's departing back, Zheng Gang let out a long breath, the danger was finally past, his little life had been protected.

However after that, a look of resentment flashed in his eyes. He would remember today's shame in his heart!

Lu Xuan left, leaving only Zheng Gang in front of the Sword Forest. Receiving the looks of all the disciples on his body, he immediately felt a wave of shame. Now when he looked at anyone's eyes, they were all expressing disdain towards him. If it had been possible, he would have killed everyone there in the field in order to cover up the his ugly behavior just now.

’’Alright, Zheng Gang, you should also go back. Lu Xuan has already fought with you as you desired. I imagine that you're also satisfied. You should know that the world is large and there are people beyond people. From now on, refrain yourself from being too prideful, properly cultivate.’’ Elder Jin said in a deep voice.

In this regard, Zheng Gang could only unwillingly salute and obediently go back.

His eyes only rested on Zheng Gang for a second, Elder Jin's line of sight then once again returned to Lu Xuan. Looking at Lu Xuan's back, his eyes flashed a feeling of doubt.

This Lu Xuan, did he or did he not comprehend sword intent?

Just now in the fight with Zheng Gang, Lu Xuan's performance was indeed very powerful and convinced everyone of his Sword Forest results, however, the duel ended too quickly. Other than Lu Xuan displaying a posture, there was only one sword stroke for people to reference.

All of the elders in the field all could see a bit of sword intent from his posture, but it was a pity that the sword stroke that followed, Lu Xuan didn't use the power of sword intent and only used a martial skill and his body's power to suppress Zheng Gang.

Admittedly, although they didn't what martial skill Lu Xuan used in that sword stroke, but it was undoubtedly a powerful sword stroke. For the crowd, especially for Elder Jin, there was undoubtedly some regret because he wanted to determine whether or no Lu Xuan had really comprehended sword intent.

From the bottom of his heart, Elder Jin still believe that Lu Xuan had already comprehended sword intent. In addition, there was no other way of explaining how he could reach so far in the Sword Forest with just body refining fifth level strength.

There was a flash of light in Elder Jin's eyes. If it was really this way... that would mean, facing Zheng Gang, Lu Xuan didn't even need to take out his most powerful strength. This kid, was hiding very deeply and was not a simply guy.

Thinking of this, Elder Jin slightly smiled. His interest in Lu Xuan increased. He wanted to ascertain Lu Xuan's strength. In the coming days there would be plenty of time and there was no need to get to the bottom instantly. Looking away, he once again looked at the disciples of the nine great faction divisions.

’’The second round of the exam is already over. The disciples' results were very good.I hope you all can keep up the good work. Now, begin the third round!’’

Hearing Elder Jin's words, the disciples that still hadn't participated in the exam all bitterly smiled. With Lu Xuan's impossible results in front of them, how could they possibly keep up the good work?

However, they still had to enter the exam. Soon, each of the great faction divisions sent people forward.

This time the ten sword faction disciples sent out each had their chests puffed out and their heads held high. Their high morale was much different from the previous dejected attitude.

This was the usefulness of a leader. With Lu Xuan's amazing results displayed in front of them, they naturally didn't want to weaken the sword faction's name. Each one of them were itching for action. They didn't expect to surpass Lu Xuan, but they didn't want to lag behind everyone else either.

The third round of the exam progressed very quickly. After all of the disciples finished the exam, this round's results were also displayed on the ranking monument.

Outside of the present people's expectations, the sword faction disciples that participated in this round of the exam actually all managed to be in the top thirty of this round. It could be said to have been an unprecedentedly good result.

Elder Cheng was smiling widely. There was a feeling of the clouds having opened and being able to see the moon. A feeling of vigor swept throughout the disciples that still hadn't gone through the exam. They each was bursting with energy, and each wanted to get good results.

This was the change that their mentality brought. It should be known, these disciples had all just entered the Wind Sword Sect and still hadn't experienced the Wind Sword Sect's nurturing. It could be said that when standing at the same starting point, the sword faction's disciple's strength wasn't less than the other factions at all.

The sword faction disciples previously each only wanted to stall for time and didn't want to become the first to be eliminated so that they wouldn't lose face. This sort of negative attitude had an extreme impact on their performance, thus resulting in poor results.

But the disciples that just participated in the exam were all thinking about moving forward with all their energy, only thinking about killing a few enemies, and win a better ranking. This kind of momentum made them completely release their strength.

The exam progressed round after round. The sword faction disciples receiving stimulation from their peers indeed didn't lose face for the sword faction. Although due to the reason of strength, not every round had as good results as the third round, but each completely released their potential to its limits, and none of them had regrets.

In the exam, each of the great faction divisions had a genius disciple this term, and each stuck out. Basically, every faction division all had one or two people with superior strength, although they were far from Zheng Gang and 108000 miles away from Lu Xuan, they were at least comparable to Xing Feng and Xia Ye. Among the spear faction there was a disciple who tied with Li Hu for third place.

The spear faction's number of people wasn't the most, but their strength wasn't weak. In the last Wind Sword Sect's great competition, the top three faction divisions were the blade faction, fist faction, and spear faction.

Because no other irregularities appeared in the rest of the exam, the speed of its progression was very fast. In less than an hour, all of the disciples had already all completed the exam.

Seeing each of the disciples' results posted, Elder Jin's face had a slight smile, nodding from time to time. This term's disciples overall standard was better than the last term's by a lot. The number of genius disciples was also more than the previous few terms, but it was a pity, with Lu Xuan's like a bright moon in the front, the light of these fireflies had no way of getting him to put them in his eyes.

’’Very good. The new budding disciples sect entrance exam is now over!’’ Elder Jin's voice was charged with majesty as he slowly said, ’’From now on, you all are worthy of being called my Wind Sword Sect's inner sect disciple and will enjoy the inner sect disciple treatment. Each month, the sect will on a set date give out a set amount of dan medicines and contribution points, and also time for a few specialized cultivation locations. These will all be your cultivation resources.

Of course, these cultivation resources aren't just given to you for free. If you want to enjoy cultivation resources, then you must pay a sufficient amount of contribution points. For example, this Sword Forest, surely you all also felt that it is a little unusual. It not only can judge your score, it can also facilitate your cultivation. What I want to tell you is, other than this time, from now every time you enter the Sword Forest, it will require you to pay 100 contribution points! Other than that, Martial Skill Pavilion, the Spirit Dan Temple, the Five Elements Caves, and other locations. As long as you have enough contribution points, you can exchange to use any of them.

Alright, now all of the disciples that partook in the sect entrance exam, come forth and claim your rewards!’’


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