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Sword Spirit - Chapter 9


Chapter 9 Meeting Long Yang Again

Inside the room, Lu Xuan, as if he had entered a trance, continuously drew, and continuously failed, and continuously recovered soul force.

At this time outside the window, it had long since turned from day into night and the back from night to day.

Although he hadn't slept for a day and a night, Lu Xuan still as lively as ever. For him, the cultivation time spent recovering soul force was the same as resting.

As for the results of the day and night, they were very significant. At this time, when he emitted the soul force to draw, Lu Xuan already could complete seventy or eight percent. If he was just given a bit more time, he would definitely succeed!

Recovering his soul force once more, Lu Xuan once again began drawing, his focus was instantly directed towards his fingertip, and a sliver of soul force quietly appeared.

The fingertip move flexibly, flowing like water, and was very beautiful to watch. After practicing for so long, Lu Xuan had long since had the Wild Explosion rune's rune fluently memorized.

During the process, a sliver of soul force quietly flowed out, leaving a crystalline line. There wasn't even half a percentage of leakage!

Lu Xuan's fingertip's movement became quicker and quicker. An incredibly complicated rune gradually condensed in the air. Following Lu Xuan's final stroke, the entire run suddenly flashed, and exploded out with light!


’’Hahahaha! I finally succeeded!’’ Seeing the complete rune appear, Lu Xuan suddenly couldn't help but laugh out loud.

A day and night's effort finally welcomed a rewarding moment!

In the following moment, there was a knock at the door. Yao Lei's voice called out: ’’Older Brother Xuan, what's wrong? There's no problem right?’’

Yesterday Lu Xuan had suddenly left, and then he had locked himself in his room. Yao Lei was truly worried for a moment, but Lu Xuan had firmly told him to not bother him. Yao Lei didn't dare to trespass, but hearing Lu Xuan's noisiness, he couldn't help but knock on the door.

The rune in the air, since it had lose its supporting soul force, then began to dissipate, disappearing from view.

Hearing Yao Lei's concern in his voice, Lu Xuan went over and opened the door.

’’Relax, I'm fine!’’ Lu Xuan's face was still smiling. He patted Yao Lei's shoulder and said: ’’Let's go. Accompany me this time to go to Spirit Materials Street. I want to buy some things.’’

Although he didn't know what Lu Xuan wanted to buy in Spirit Materials Street, but seeing his healthy appearance, it didn't appear there was any problem, so Yao Lei naturally didn't say anything. The two made their way to Spirit Materials Street.

Since he could already successfully draw the Wild Explosion Rune, Lu Xuan naturally wanted to create the enchantment scroll. The deadline from the Wind Sword Sect assessment was only three days away. Within three days, Lu Xuan not only needed to create the enchantment scroll, he also had sell it in order to get enough money to buy the pills and breakthrough to body refining fourth level!

The two easily made their way to Spirit Materials Street, and went directly to the shop they went to yesterday.

The store was called Treasure Pavilion, and was considered to be one of the top stores, and their collection of items was pretty complete. They came here because the store ought to have the materials that Lu Xuan needed.

Seeing the two enter, the old man sitting behind the counter glanced at them and shifted his attention away.

He remembered that those two had come just yesterday. Seeing their appearances, they didn't seem like the type to have money. It seemed like they were here to just look, and open their eyes to the world a little.

Since the Treasure Pavilion was a large shop, it naturally gave off a large shop's manner. The people who came, whether or not they had money, were considered to be customers. Even if they didn't buy anything, they could still look around.

But this time, Lu Xuan went directly to the old shopkeeper.

’’Old shopkeeper, does this place sell any enchantment material?’’ Lu Xuan straightforwardly asked.

Hearing Lu Xuan's words, this old shopkeeper was suddenly slightly startled. Could he have seen incorrectly? Was this kid in front of him actually an enchanter?

Although he was surprised inwardly, his face didn't express it at all. He smiled and said: ’’Of course. This store's name is Treasure Pavilion. Anything that can be found in Lin City can all be found in this shop.’’

’’Lu Xuan's face flashed an expression of joy. It seemed like he wouldn't need to search elsewhere, ’’What are the prices of a blank scroll and the blood of a savage wolf respectively?’’

The blank scroll was naturally used for containing the rune, and the savage wolf's blood was the potion that was used to draw the Wild Explosion Rune.

’’Blank scrolls are divided into three tiers, the low grade blank scroll is one tael of gold each, the intermediate grade blank scrolls are five taels of gold each, and the high grades one are ten taels of gold each. What type would the prince like?’’

Hearing the prices reported by the old shopkeeper, Lu Xuan's mouth dropped. This price was too excessive right?!

With his net worth, he couldn't even buy a middle grade blank scroll. If even the blank scrolls were so expensive, than how expensive would the savage wolf blood be since it was the main material?

Holding on to the hope for some luck, Lu Xuan cautiously asked: ’’How much is a bottle of savage wolf blood?’’

’’Um, savage wolf blood is a low grade enchantment material and can't be considered as expensive. 100 pieces of gold for a bottle. A bottle should be able to be used between eight to ten times.

(TN: I'm not sure what the exchange rate is for a piece of gold to a tael of gold. It seems like they're equivalent though.)

Receiving his answer, Lu Xuan lost all hope. He hadn't though a couple of enchantment materials would have been this expensive.

Without any initial capital, even if he had the enchantment skill, it didn't have any use.

Just as Lu Xuan was frowning and thinking, a strong shout broke his thought process.

’’Lu Xuan! You actually dare to come back!’’

This voice drew the attention of Lu Xuan and the other two towards it and saw a mob of people were coming over. The person leading's face was full of anger. Other than Long Yang, who else could it be?

The old shopkeeper frowned slightly, lightly tapped the counter and said, ’’Within this store, all loud noises and fighting are forbidden. If you violate the rules, be prepared for the consequences.’’

Receiving the old shopkeeper's warning, Long Yang was suddenly reminded that Spirit Materials Street strictly prohibited any fighting there, much less inside the Treasure Pavilion which was a large and influential store. He had been too angry because he had seen Lu Xuan, and he had forgotten this rule.

Although Long Yang could be arrogant in the Qing Mountain Village, but they were inside Lin City, and even he had to behave.

He first apologized to the old shopkeeper and then turned towards Lu Xuan and gloomily said: ’’Give it to me straight. Were Old Second and Old Third done in by you?’’

In the beginning, Long Yang had only been prepared to teach Lu Xuan a lesson, but after returning, he had brought it up to Long Tai. Long Tai had lightly said, why not just destroy him?

After Long Yang considered it, with Long Tai's backing, his courage grew, and then he sent people back the second day, preparing to destroy Lu Xuan's dantian.

But when he had sent his house's servants, Old Second and Old Third, to take care of Lu Xuan, he hadn't thought that they wouldn't return after such a long time. After a day, he sent people to go and look and discovered that those two had actually already been killed for a while. The most likely killer was Lu Xuan, along with the fact that Lu Xuan will still alive and in Lin City.

So upon this meeting with Lu Xuan, Long Yang didn't say anything else before questioning Lu Xuan.

It was just, if it had been before Lu Xuan had acquired the sword crystal, Lu Xuan would still be afraid, but he had long since put Long Yang out of his sight;otherwise, he wouldn't have returned to Lin City.

Glancing at Long Yang, Lu Xuan casually said: ’’Old Second and Old Third? Who are those nobodies? Ah, your servants that do your dirty work. Who knows if they had irritated a strong expert and were killed on the spot. There's nothing surprising about that.’’

Lu Xuan's words irritated Long Yang's servants. He called Old Second and Old Third nobodies, which also implied that they were nobodies. Although they were servants, they were servants of the Long family. They felt that they were superiors to others by a grade, and simply looked down on Lu Xuan who was just the young master of a small declining clan.

Not to mentioned that they just beaten Lu Xuan within an inch of his life earlier. Now he dared to show his attitude in front of them, how could they not be angry. If fighting hadn't been forbidden in the Spirit Materials Street, they would have already charged forward.

Seeing Lu Xuan's look of indifference, completely unafraid, Long Yang became even angrier and coldly laughed. He spread out the folding fan in his hand and shook it twice, saying: ’’Very good. It seems like the lesson I gave you last time wasn't enough. Or maybe I just had too much mercy!’’

Truthfully speaking, Long Yang had only looked to cause Lu Xuan some trouble. Old Second and Old Third had died, causing Long Yang to actually care. But he didn't actually think that Lu Xuan was the killer. Old Second was a body refining fourth level martial artist. He didn't actually believe Lu Xuan could win over a body refining fourth level expert.

Also, he had examined Old Second's corpse. He had died to a direct stab to the heart. Lu Xuan didn't even have a sword, how could he have stabbed Old Second?

When he finished, Long Yang's eyes went to the side and saw Yao Lei and said, ’’Yao Lei, if you're hanging out with Lu Xuan, are you also planning on opposing me? Or is that your family doesn't want to stay in Qing Mountain Village anymore?’’

Facing Long Yang's threats, Yao Lei still had some fear;after all, the Long family's hand covered all of the Qing Mountain Village. The large and small clans all needed to accept the Long family's tyranny. If it was just him, Yao Lei would think about fighting, but he didn't want to hurt his parents.’’

’’Long Yang, what ability of yours does it take to threaten Lei. If you have some ability, come at me!’’ Lu Xuan's voice once again sounded out.

Seeing Long Yang threaten Yao Lei, Lu Xuan suddenly proactively spoke out for Yao Lei. He also knew Yao Lei's concerns;after all, the Long family had been in the Qing Mountain Village for a long time and no one dared to proactively provoke them.

The old shopkeeper to the side gently stroked his beard. He felt that Lu Xuan seemed to be quite commendable to be able to help a friend at this time, when he was already under attack. This kid's heart was pretty good. With his years of experience, he had naturally seen through that Lu Xuan and the others had a conflict.

Seeing Lu Xuan actually dared to stick his head out for Yao Lei, Long Yang suddenly coldly smiled: ’’So brave! With just you, you dare to stick out your head for others? Do you really think that I can't kill you!’’


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