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Sword Spirit - Chapter 89


Chapter 89: Humiliation

After Zheng Gang had made this move, a powerful soul force came forth, bringing a gust of wind already blew on Lu Xuan's face, his hair floated up.

But under the crowd's watch, Lu Xuan still stayed in his original position. If it wasn't for the indifference on his face, the disciples would have thought that Lu Xuan had been scared senseless by Zheng Gang's violent attack.

Right at this critical moment, Lu Xuan finally moved!

The long sword that was slanted down was suddenly raised up, the sword tip instantly targeting Zheng Gang, and strength suddenly burst below his feet!

Blinking Sword Skill!

Deliberate in counsel, prompt in action was the best way to describe Lu Xuan's state. No one had seen clearly how Lu Xuan had moved, but he had moved.

Lu Xuan moved in an instant. The powerful and violent blade stroke that Zheng Gang brought also chopped down. After he chopped down, the ’’Lu Xuan’’ that was chopped disappeared, but it was a pity, the thing he killed was only a after-image. Because Lu Xuan's movement was too fast he had left an after-image in the place where he originally stood.

The single-handed blade blade came down and Zheng Gang landed on the ground, but he didn't dare to move because on his neck there was a ice-cold feeling.

Without needing to look, he also knew what it was. It was a sword. The other end of the sword was held in Lu Xuan's hand. Right now his life and death was entirely in the hands of Lu Xuan. As long as Lu Xuan lightly slid it, everything that he had would all go up in smoke. What glory, what position. Those would all have nothing to do with him anymore.

’’You, you can't kill me. I am the blade faction's Elder Zheng's son. I am the Wind Sword Sect's genius. In the future I will definitely become a core disciple... If you kill me, you will absolutely not have a good future...’’ Zheng Gang tried to maintain an appearance of calm as he spoke, but his trembling voice gave him away.

But before he could finish speaking, he felt the long sword on his neck flick, immediately scaring him into silence.

’’Sorry about that. My soul force isn't enough anymore. I can't really hold it steady. Don't stimulate me, or else I'm afraid if I get nervous, I might mess up.’’ Lu Xuan said with a slightly playful voice.

Hearing Lu Xuan's words, Zheng Gang couldn't help but feel furious inside. What did not having enough soul force and holding a sword steady have to do with each other. With Lu Xuan's body refining fifth level strength, even if he didn't have any soul force, with just his flesh's strength he would still be able to lift over a thousand jin's of force. Only holding a long sword was simply child's play.

However, Zheng Gang naturally didn't dare to say those words aloud. If Lu Xuan's actually flicked his hand... Zheng Gang almost wanted to cry. He had never thought that there would be a day when he would be so close to death.

As the two spoke, the disciples recovered. Just now that scene was truly too quick. Just before they had seen Zheng Gang had been charging at Lu Xuan with an awe-inspiring air, but in the span of a flying spark, they only saw a flash of sword light, Zheng Gang's attack hitting air, and Lu Xuan's sword, during who knows when, was already settled on Zheng Gang's neck.

’’This is... Lu Xuan won?’’

’’Nonsense! Are you blind? Don't you see that Zheng Gang's little life is in Lu Xuan's hand? Speaking of which... Did anyone clearly see Lu Xuan's sword stroke?’’

’’I didn't see it, but I know that sword stroke was too cool! I should have chose the sword faction back then, ah, regrets!’’

’’Lu Xuan's too amazing. I'm satisfied. He said only one sword stroke and really only had one sword stroke. I even thought that he was going to lose.’’


After a brief silence, a large clamor began to come from the disciples. They had properly seen Lu Xuan make his move. Previously, although Lu Xuan's result was impressive, they hadn't actually seen him in a proper fight. Now after this sword stroke, they didn't have any more doubts about Lu Xuan's result.

’’Lu Xuan, hurry up and release Zheng Gang! When disciples exchange notes, killing is not allowed! Otherwise, don't blame me for not being soft when I make a move!’’ His beloved son's life was in danger, Elder Zheng quickly shouted out, without regards to anything.

Lu Xuan turned a deaf ear towards Elder Zheng's words. The Lovesick sword on Zheng Gang's neck slightly trembled: ’’Are you satisfied or not? Are you satisfied now?’’

’’Satisfied, satisfied!’’ Zheng Gang gulped and hurriedly spoke.

’’Didn't you say before that the sword faction doesn't have people? Then I'll ask you now, does the sword faction not have people?’’

’’Has people, has people!’’ Towards Lu Xuan's words, Zheng Gang didn't dare to argue at all. If Lu Xuan really wanted to kill him, then even if his father came to save him, it would be too late.

Seeing that Zheng Gang was so obedient, Lu Xuan's voice became louder, enough to let everyone in the field hear.

’’Then speak, is my sword faction more powerful or your blade faction more powerful?’’

Facing Lu Xuan's question, Zheng Gang was a little hesitant, but with the long sword on his neck becoming tighter and tighter, Zheng Gang didn't dare to hesitate anymore and continued to say: ’’Naturally it's the sword faction that's more powerful.’’

’’Louder. I couldn't hear. Careful or my hand might shake.’’ Lu Xuan lazily said.

Zheng Gang felt his heart die. He closed his eyes and loudly shouted, ’’Naturally it's the sword faction that's more powerful!’’

Seeing Zheng Gang's appearance, the disciples from the other faction divisions all shook their heads. This time, it could be said that the blade faction's honor had been swept under the carpet, however, this couldn't be blamed on other people. It could only be blamed on Zheng Gang himself being too arrogant. Who told him to proactively provoke Lu Xuan?

Currently, the blade sec's people's faces were filled with anger. That Elder Zheng's face was filled with black lines. Right now he had figured out that Lu Xuan didn't have any intent to kill Zheng Gang and was purely using Zheng Gang's mouth to humiliate the blade faction.

Compared to the blade faction's humiliation, the sword faction's own Elder Cheng and others were all laughing heartily.

Lu Xuan's actions could be said to have greatly improved the sword faction's face. As for offending the blade faction, Elder Cheng wasn't worried at all. If he told Lu Xuan to not act this way, would the blade faction stop edging out the sword faction? Even more so, with Lu Xuan now, he was entirely confident that he could fight equally with the blade faction!

Hearing the laughter from the sword faction, Zheng Gang's face became flushed. His face was filled with humiliation, but for his little life, he endured it. He continuously consoled himself that a gentleman's revenge, even ten years later wouldn't be too late. First he had to protect his little life and then he could talk later.

’’Alright, Lu Xuan, release Zheng Gang. You have won this fight. I imagine there isn't anyone else who is dissatisfied.’’ Waiting only until Lu Xuan's actions had died down did Elder Jin slowly speak about helping Zheng Gang out. This match, after all, was under his facilitation. Naturally he couldn't let Lu Xuan actually kill Zheng Gang.

Moreover, he also could see that Lu Xuan didn't have any intentions to kill Zheng Gang, otherwise, he wouldn't have just rested the sword on Zheng Gang's neck and would have directly pierced the throat.

The words were spoken by Elder Jin, naturally Lu Xuan had to give face. Slowly be retracted the Lovesick sword and said towards Zheng Gang with a smile: ’’Just now was just a joke with senior brother Zheng. I hope that senior brother Zheng won't mind too much.

Hearing Lu Xuan's words, Zheng Gang's face twitched. Eking out a tightlipped expression he said: ’’Hehe, hehe. I don't mind, of course I don't mind...’’

Lu Xuan revealed a relieved expression: ’’As long as you don't mind it's good. However, senior brother Zheng, your 1000 contribution point reward is mine now. Thank you very much, thank you very much.

Finished speaking, Lu Xuan's headed towards the sword faction without looking back. This time, he had thoroughly offended the blade faction, however, so what? He would offend them sooner or later anyway.


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