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Sword Spirit - Chapter 86


Chapter 86: Unconvinced

As everyone from the sword faction was happy about the grand results that Lu Xuan had brought back and were desiring to begin working together to renew the sword faction, Zheng Gang's eyes were filled with jealousy.

He was almost jealous to the point of going crazy. His two hands were tightly clenched into fists. Inside he was desperately screaming, ’’Glory, rewards, they're all mine! All of this all should have been mine! Only I am the real genius! This Lu Xuan is just a bit lucky with a couple of small tricks. How else could he have gotten such good results in the Sword Forest. In regards of realm, his is far less than mine. His strength definitely is not as good as mine!’’

Lu Xuan's brilliance was too eye-catching. Zheng Gang had been completely overshadowed. Even if someone brought up this time's exam, other people would only remember there was a Lu Xuan and wouldn't remember him, Zheng Gang. Or wait, maybe there would be people that remember, but they would remember that there was a guy who didn't know his own strength and vainly attempted to provoke Lu Xuan and wound up slapping himself in the face. In front of Lu Xuan, Zheng Gang was just a foil.

How could such a proud and arrogant self-recognized genius like him just accept this? In his eyes, it was Lu Xuan who had used tricks to take away would have been his.

He wasn't willing! He didn't believe that Lu Xuan with just his body refining fifth level strength could be so powerful.

In order to take back what was his, Zheng Gang suppressed his feelings of jealousy inside, took a step forward, and once again spoke: ’’Vice sect master, we didn't get to see what occurred in the Sword Forest. I don't believe that Lu Xuan, with his body refining fifth level strength, could reach such a step. Perhaps he used some sort of underhanded. Only if he beats me will I be convinced.’’

’’Right! We also don't believe. Only if Lu Xuan is able to beat senior brother Zheng, otherwise, we'll be unconvinced!’’

’’That's right, just a body refining fifth level martial artist can actually kill so many body refining seventh level martial artists. How is that possible!’’


With Zheng Gang taking the lead, the blade faction disciples were immediately stirred up, strongly demanding that Lu Xuan and Zheng Gang fight.

’’En? Are you all questioning me?!’’ A look of anger flashed on Elder Jin's face. He had just shown that he looked favorably on Lu Xuan, and then Zheng Gang and the others were jumping out to doubt the exam results. How could this not make him angry?

As the Wind Sword Sect's vice sect master, although Elder Jin's temper wasn't bad, it didn't mean he didn't have a temper. Just a few new budding disciples actually all dared to act wildly in front of them. It was like opposing heaven!

Seeing that Elder Jin was angry, the blade faction disciples that had just been making a fuss were immediately frightened, instantly going silent. Their eyes shifted around, not daring to directly look at Elder Jin's intense gaze.

However, his mind was only focused on taking back the glory that belonged to him. Even when facing Elder Jin's anger, Zheng Gang's courage still bloated up, he braced himself and said: ’’Disciple naturally doesn't dare to doubt the vice sect master, but I'm just worried that you have been blinded by a villain. If Lu Xuan is really so powerful, then he should come down and compare notes with me for a round and see the outcome. If I lose, disciple will have lost and been convinced.’’

Hearing this, Elder Jin coldly snorted: ’’No need. The Sword Forest's assessment hasn't had any problems for so many years. Lu Xuan's result will continue to have no problems. Do not suppose that just because your results are worse than others that the other person must have used tricks. Only working hard to improve your own strength is the correct path.’’

How could such an old man like Elder Jin not see what Zheng Gang was trying to do. He immediately directly pointed it out. Right now Elder Jin felt a bit of disgust towards Zheng Gang. Before he had even felt that Zheng Gang's talent was not bad and was worth training. He hadn't thought that his personality would be so narrow-minded, and was now unsure how he had passed the sect entrance mental strength trial.

Having been mercilessly criticized by Elder Jin, Zheng Gang's face had a bit of red and a bit of pale. He couldn't continue speaking, but he was unwilling to back down.

’’Great elder, this blade faction's people are too arrogant. If I don't go out to fight, it would weaken the sword faction's name. Disciple wants to teach him a bit. May I?’’ Lu Xuan walked to Elder Cheng's side and asked.

Hearing this, Elder Cheng laughed: ’’Blade faction's people? Of course you can! Step on them however you want! No need to give me face, they have already been arrogant for so many years. Things have come full circle. This time we'll let them experience my sword faction's might. Go!’’

After saying this, Elder Cheng felt a feeling of fulfillment. This kind of feeling felt really good!

Earning Elder Cheng's permission, Lu Xuan immediately went forward and said to Elder Jin: ’’Many thanks for vice sect master's care, however, since there are people who are unconvinced, then disciple is willing to fight with this Zheng Gang and let the facts speak for themselves.’’

When Lu Xuan said these words, the hesitating Zheng Gang became very happy. He had been troubled over having no way of fighting with Lu Xuan. He hadn't thought that Lu Xuan would actually send himself up!

Facing Lu Xuan, Elder Jin's expression slightly eased up. He slowly said: ’’Challenges between disciples are a common occurrence. Since you are willing to accept this fight, then this old man will naturally stop it. En, you just came out of the Sword Forest. Fighting right now would be unfair for you. How about this, you can first recover your soul force, and after you are ready, you can then take the challenge.’’

He had helped Lu Xuan block the challenge in order to care for Lu Xuan, however, since Lu Xuan himself agreed to the challenge, then he naturally didn't have a reason to stop it. Moreover, Elder Jin also wanted to see what abilities Lu Xuan actually had in order to be able to enter the overall standings top three hundred with just body refining fifh level strength.

But to his surprise, Lu Xuan once again declined his good intentions.

’’Elder's good intentions, Lu Xuan understands. However, I have already recovered 10% of my soul force. It may not be enough to charge into the Sword Forest, however if it's just to handle senior brother Zheng, it's more than enough!’’

When Lu Xuan said this, the crowd was amazed!

Crazy! Simply too crazy!

They recognized that Lu Xuan was really strong, but right now Lu Xuan actually wanted to use just 10% of his soul force to accept Zheng Gang's challenge. This was a bit too arrogant right?

Elder Jin also couldn't help but feel a bit of surprise. Lu Xuan's realm was originally lower than Zheng Gang's, and now he actually also dared to accept the challenge with just 10% of his soul force, and it seemed like he was fully confident. What gave him such self-confidence?

Lu Xuan's words reached Zheng Gang's ears. Zheng Gang's entire body began to tremble.


This was simply undisguised humiliation! When had he, Zheng Gang, received such humiliation. This act entirely didn't put him into the other's eyes!

And just at this time, a familiar voice settled in Zheng Gang's ears: ’’Cool down! The more arrogant this Lu Xuan is, the bigger your opportunity to win will be. In a while when you start, don't show any mercy!’’

Zheng Gang suddenly turned his head and saw his father, Elder Zheng, was currently looking at him. The voice just now was sent by him.

Having gotten Elder Zheng's prompting, Zheng Gang immediately cooled down. Indeed, the more arrogant Lu Xuan was, the more opportunities he would have to take victory. Thinking of this, Zheng Gang's face revealed a ruthless smile.

Even if your strength really is stronger than mine, you want to win with just 10% of your soul force? Dream on! This is you courting death so you can't blame me.


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