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Sword Spirit - Chapter 85


Chapter 85: Approximately One Year

Core disciple!

That was the highest disciple level position in the Wind Sword Sect and also the goal that countless inner sect disciples strived for. Once they entered the core, they immediately would be on the same footing as inner sect elders and have access to an endless variety of resources.

If they entered a secular place inside of one of the three empires under the Wind Sword Sect's jurisdiction, then even the emperor would have to treat that person with respect. It could be said that it brought honor and endless wealth.

And now, Elder Jin had actually publicly announced that as long as Lu Xuan properly cultivated, in a year, he would guarantee that Lu Xuan would become a core disciple, what a glory this was. It could be said that Lu Xuan had now already earned the qualifications to become a core disciple ahead of time. Becoming a core disciples a given now.

How could the other disciples not feel envious of this sort of treatment.

However, there was no envy because Lu Xuan had used his own strength to earn it. His performance not only won over Elder Jin, it had also won over many of the disciples.

Feeling the disciples' fiery gazes, Elder Jin smiled, scanning across the crowd and said: ’’The exam has not ended yet. If you can still achieve a result similar to Lu Xuan's, this old man will also not withhold the rewards and also guarantee you entering the core.’’

In this regard, the disciples could only shake their heads and bitterly smile. Each were very clear about their own abilities and worth.

Lu Xuan was naturally a little surprised towards Elder Jin's promise. He had promised to Xia Chen Xi that he would go looking for her within a year. Although he had said that, Lu Xuan's had been confident that with his strength, he would definitely be able to stand out and enter the core, but Elder Jin had guarantee undoubtedly added to the security.

Thanking Elder Jin again, Lu Xuan walked back to the sword faction's group.

Seeing Lu Xuan walk over, the disciples of the sword faction were all a bit excited. As people of the sword faction, Lu Xuan's glory was not only his glory but was also the sword faction's glory. As fellow sword faction disciples, they were also proud.

’’Great elder, disciple has fortunately not failed his mission!’’ Lu Xuan walked up to Elder Cheng and greeted him.

Before the fight, Lu Xuan had taken an oath before Elder Cheng that he would definitely take first place. Now he had not only successfully obtained first, he had even shocked the whole audience, placing the sword faction in the limelight. It could be said that he had gone above and beyond his duties.

’’Haha, good job. You previously said that you would take first, I still thought that you meant you would take that round's first place. I hadn't thought that you actually wanted to take the term's first place. Truly it is too surprising!’’ Elder Cheng laughed aloud, ’’Last time Elder Xu said you were a peerless genius. I originally didn't believe it too much. Now it looks like I was wrong back then. The words peerless genius are words that are well deserved by you, Lu Xuan!’’

Elder Cheng didn't keep it a secret and admitted he had misjudged earlier. Although Elder Xu said that Lu Xuan's talent was extraordinary, the way he had seen it, Lu Xuan was only a body refining fourth level. Even if he was more of a genius, there was still a limit., thus he had placed most of his attention on Xing Feng. Even when facing Zheng Gang earlier, he had first chosen to to send Xing Feng out to fight.

But now look at it, he had simply been way too far from the truth.

Elder Cheng's proactiveness to admitting his own wrongs made Lu Xuan feel surprised. Speaking honestly, the attitude that Elder Cheng had towards him was indeed a bit upsetting because geniuses were all proud people, however, Lu Xuan's pride was a bit more restrained.

But now Elder Cheng hadn't been hung up on recognizing his mistake, the unhappiness in Lu Xuan's heart disappeared. This couldn't be entirely blamed on Elder Cheng. Who told him to hide so deeply? It should be known that before he went out to fight, no one was optimistic about him beating Li Hu.

’’Lu Xuan, the vice sect master said just now that after a year, you are guaranteed to enter the core. After becoming a core disciple, you will automatically leave the nine great faction divisions, thus during your duration in my sword faction will only be a year. I hope that after a year you can lead the sword faction and once again take back the glory of first place. This is also my only request, I don't know if you can agree to it?’’ Elder Cheng stared at Lu Xuan, his eyes completely sincere. This wasn't a requirement but was a request.

Right now the only one who could lead the sword faction to renewal was Lu Xuan. Originally he was prepared to properly nurture Lu Xuan, hoping that Lu Xuan could help the sword faction take first place within three years, but it was a pity, Lu Xuan's brilliance was too eye-catching and was directly looked upon by the vice sect master.

If Lu Xuan agreed, then the time left to him was only one year.

Lu Xuan's opponents weren't the new students here in the field but were the old students that had been cultivating in the Wind Sword Sect for multiple years. For example, the current overall standings first place, blade faction's Xu Wen Yang, overall standings second place, spear faction's Mo Xiao Chen...

If he wanted to lead the sword faction to take first place, then Lu Xuan needed to catch up to these people within a year. Time was tight.

Elder Cheng slowly took a breath and said: ’’I also know this might be beyond your capabilities. If you were given time, I believe you definitely would be able to beat them, but time waits for no one! If we lose you, then I don't know when my sword faction will be able to rise again.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan only smiled. A year's time? It was enough!

Since he had promised Xia Chen Xi that he would go find her in a year, thus he had long since prepared to only stay a year in the inner sect.

’’Great elder is too somber. As a person of the sword faction, I should contribute to the sword faction, not to mention, Elder Xu has shown me great kindness, both in public and in private. I don't have any reason to refuse. In the great sect competition in a year, I will definitely lead the sword faction to fame!’’

Lu Xuan's words were resolute and decisive, simply extraordinary, causing people to have to believe that he really could do it.

’’Good! The sword faction's glory will be placed upon you then. After this year, I will fulfill all of your needs and provide the best possible protection for your cultivation.’’ Elder Cheng said with some excitement.

Lu Xuan saluted and walked back, returning to Lin Xin Yi and Xia Ye's sides.

Xing Feng was also there. Seeing Lu Xuan return, his eyes were full of complex emotions. At the time when Lu Xuan had defeated Li Hu, he had already admitted defeat, but at that time he had never imagined that Lu Xuan could actually reach this kind of degree of peerlessness.

’’You win. I am convinced of my loss!’’ Xing Feng looked at Lu Xuan and said, ’’I hope you can lead the sword faction and return its glory.’’

Lu Xuan laughed a little and shook his head: ’’Words shouldn't be spoken like this. The sword faction isn't just my sword faction. Only if everyone works hard together can we truly let the sword faction return to glory.’’

Lu Xuan's words made Xing Feng's eyes once again brighten up. That's right. The sword faction isn't just a single person's sword faction!

Originally he had thought that since the sword faction had a genius like Lu Xuan, it already had nothing much to do with him, but now Lu Xuan's words had woken him up.

Only if everyone in the sword faction was powerful could it truly be powerful, otherwise, even if Lu Xuan took first place, if the remaining disciples results were unsatisfactory, then after Lu Xuan left, the sword faction would still return to its original spot. Lu Xuan's presence could only be used as the leadership role.

’’Lu Xuan has spoken well. Xing Feng, your strength is also not bad. As long as we work hard and cultivate, we won't necessarily be unable to stand out. Let's all work together to push the sword faction towards the peak!’’ Xia Ye said, reaching out a hand towards Lu Xuan and Xing Feng.

The three of them smiled. Lu Xuan and Xing Feng also reached out a hand each. Three hands tightly gripped each other without saying a word. This was a man's friendship.

(TN: And I guess Lin Xin Yi just kinda gets kicked out of the circle. Cool.)


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