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Sword Spirit - Chapter 84


Chapter 84: Guarantee You Becoming A Core Disciple

Lu Xuan instantly killed three people, but his consumption of soul force was similarly huge. Without enough soul force to support it, the power of the sword moves finally reached their end.

The next fourth sword stroke was unable to continue killing the enemies and was blocked by the enemies failing to accomplish the goal. The power of the fifth and sixth sword strokes were depleted even more.

But even though it was this way, Lu Xuan's sudden exploding out was enough to startle the audience.

Lu Xuan's current score had already broken through 10000, reaching 11000. The second place Zheng Gang's score was only 3000 points. The difference between the two sides was like clouds and mud.

Currently, Zheng Gang's face was fully ashen. The hit that Lu Xuan had given him was too large. He had previously shamelessly boasted and provoked all of the sword faction's genius disciples. Now Lu Xuan's results had come out, his face was thrashed swollen.

All those words were powerless in front of the iron truth. If Lu Xuan had only surpassed him by a bit, maybe he could still find an excuse, some reasoning, but it was a pity, Lu Xuan hadn't just surpassed him but had completely left him behind in the dust!

Currently in the Sword Forest, there were already only three enemies that Lu Xuan was facing. On the topic of threatening, it was far from the earlier seven people combined attack, but it was a pity, Lu Xuan was already running low on soul force. Without the support of soul force, then even if it was just three body refining seventh level martial artists, it still wasn't something he could deal with.

Seeing the three people charge again, Lu Xuan decisively crushed the transferring jade medallion, ending this time's exam.

A white light lit up in front of the Sword Forest. There was only Lu Xuan in the Sword Forest so the person that was sent out was naturally Lu Xuan. Seeing this light, the disciples in the field all let out a breath. Was it finally over?

Lu Xuan's performance just now was too eye-catching. They were really worried that Lu Xuan would be able to kill up to body refining eighth level in one go. That would be far too astonishing, but it was good that he currently had finally come out.

The light dissipated and Lu Xuan's figure appeared before everyone's eyes. Seeing that Lu Xuan's clothes were were like new, without any damage, everyone's eyes couldn't help but slightly nod a bit. Achieving such a great result and actually being able to do so unscathed, it was obvious that Lu Xuan's strength was even more than they had imagined.

The reason for giving up was perhaps because he didn't want to receive an injury. If it was in a real fight and Lu Xuan made a move in desperation, it would absolutely be even more terrifying.

Coming out of the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan couldn't help but take a deep breath. This time's exam, he could be said to have made a great harvest. Other than his results, what was more than that, he finally successfully comprehended sword intent. This had much use in increasing his combat strength.

His eyes sweeping across the faces of the people in the crowd, Lu Xuan saw expressions of admiration. His results were too heaven defying, defying heaven to the point where the other disciples could only look from afar and had now way of feeling jealous.

When your results were only a bit better than the others, the other person would be jealous of you, but when your result far surpassed the other person's, the other person wouldn't be jealous and would only feel worshipful.

’’Good! Lu Xuan, right? Indeed you are a peerless genius!’’ A rich voice sounded out. It was the Wind Sword Sect's vice sect master Elder Jin.

Currently his face had a smile plastered on it. He had spoken to Lu Xuan with eyes full of praise. Previously when Lu Xuan was able to kill his way into the overall standings, it was already enough to put him in his eyes. He hadn't thought that in the end he really would reach the top three hundred in one go. This kind of combat talent was entirely describable with the word demonic. Not to mention, Lu Xuan was sixteen years old and had reached body refining fifth level. His cultivation talent was also not bad.

’’I hadn't thought that among this term's disciples there would be a genius of your level. This time, you successfully killed your way into the top three hundred of the overall standings. The reward this old man promised to you will naturally not be taken back. Wait until the exam is over and I will give it to you along with your first place reward among the new budding disciples.’’

In Elder Jin's words, he had already listed Lu Xuan as the new budding disciple's first place. Although currently the test hadn't ended, there wasn't a single person who objected. As if. When it had been just Zheng Gang's score, they had already given up hope. Lu Xuan's score was multiple times greater than Zheng Gang's. Thinking to surpass Lu Xuan was simply idiotic nonsense.

Hearing Elder Jin's words, Lu Xuan only then turned his head to look at the two ranking monuments. Indeed, his name was placed at the very top of the new budding disciple ranking monument. As for the overall standings ranking monument, his name impressively appeared on the two hundred ninety-eighth place.

He hadn't expected to obtain such a good result. Lu Xuan's eyes couldn't help but flash a bit of joy.

Previously when he had been fighting in the Sword Forest, although he knew how many points he had obtained, but he didn't know what ranking he would get. He could only be sure that he had definitely taken first place among the new budding disciples. He hadn't imagined that he actually had charged into the top three hundred of the overall rankings.

The amount of inner sect disciples that the Wind Sword Sect had, just the number of new budding disciples for this term was about six hundred people, combined with the previous people, the number went up to multiple thousands. And now Lu Xuan's strength was among the top three hundred of these thousands!

Also, right now Lu Xuan still hadn't received any of the Wind Sword Sect's resources. The disciples on the overall rankings at the very least had been cultivating in the Wind Sword Sect for a year. The two sides simply weren't at the same starting point.

Just the Wind Sword Sect's Sword Forest was already enough to let Lu Xuan successfully comprehend sword intent. This was the difference between having a sect and not having a sect. If Lu Xuan could enjoy some resources, his strength would definitely improve even more.

More importantly, Lu Xuan remembered that previously Elder Jin had promised if anyone could enter the overall standings top five hundred, they would be rewarded 2000 contribution points. If anyone could enter the top three hundred, there would be another 5000 contribution points.

It should be known that the first place new budding disciple's reward was only 2000 contribution points. Even the reward for entering the top three hundred was more than two times better than being first place among the new budding disciples. The difficulty was plain to see.

Although Lu Xuan still didn't know the value of the contribution points, but since Elder Jin had used these as the reward, its value was definitely not low, otherwise it would be unfair to Lu Xuan's good results.

His mind reeling, Lu Xuan bowed towards Elder Jin, greeting him: ’’Many thanks for the vice sect master's reward. Disciple will definitely work hard in cultivating and learn unceasingly.

Seeing that Lu Xuan was so humble, Elder Jin's smile became even wider. He stroked his beard and nodded his head. They were both geniuses, but Lu Xuan was not only more of a genius than Zheng Gang, his actions were also more respectful and courteous. Zheng Gang's strength wasn't too far from Lu Xuan's but his arrogant and domineering personality went straight up to the sky. Comparing these, Elder Jin naturally liked Lu Xuan more.

’’It's a pity that the sect entrance assessment has already ended, otherwise, with your qualifications, this old man would definitely recommend you to become a core disciple. However, the assessment has already ended. You can only wait as an inner sect disciple for another year. As long as you cultivate diligently, in the next year, this old man will guarantee you becoming a core disciple!’’ Elder Jin seemed to suspect that Lu Xuan didn't stick out enough. Saying these words, the disciples were all in an uproar, the envy in their eyes flowed out without restraint.

(TN: Sect entrance assessment not the same as sect entrance exam.)


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