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Sword Spirit - Chapter 83


Chapter 83: Overall Standings, Top Three Hundred

Currently, Lu Xuan's feelings were calm like water. He had long since tossed the new budding disciples' sect entrance exam into the back of his mind. Right now, his fight wasn't for some exam result but what for what was more important than the results, which was his own strength.

He was in combat to hone himself. Combat was the fastest method of improving strength, like just now. If Lu Xuan hadn't been pushed to his limit, he simply would never have been able to achieve sword intent small success so quickly.

After the three body refining seventh level martial artists were exterminated, the Sword Forest once again returned to silence, but Lu Xuan didn't stop moving, and once again raised his foot to move forward. He wanted to see what step he could actually reach.

Continuing to move forward a few steps, the sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest became stronger and stronger. If it was the previous Lu Xuan, he probably would have already felt totally exhausted, but right now he had already reached the sword intent small success. Facing this bit of scattered sword intent, he simply didn't feel much suppression.

There was the sound of ’’sou sou sou,’’ and a new round of enemies once again appeared. Lu Xuan scanned them with a glance. This time the number of enemies was indeed quite a bit more than last time, a full seven people.

Their strength was still body refining seventh level, but the power reached by the combined attack of seven people was for more than the previous four people. Not to mention, they were similarly body refining seventh level, but the martial artists' strengths were not the same. How could an initial body refining seventh level compare to a late stage or peak body refining seventh level?

Facing this realm and number of enemies that far surpassed his own, Lu Xuan wasn't scared at all, and instead had the mentality of as long as there's a sword in my hand, there is nothing I fear under heaven.

After seven enemies appeared, there was no pause before they uniformly charged towards Lu Xuan. Instantly, seven streams of soul force directly went forth, their power enough to frighten. Lu Xuan was right in the center of these seven soul force attacks, like a leaf fluttering in a stormy gale, seeming so fragile that he looked like he was in danger of overturned.

Just at this moment, Lu Xuan made his move. Sword light flashed and a familiar sound of thunder rang out again. The Thunder Light Sword Skill appeared again!

The same Thunder Light Sword Skill was once again used by Lu Xuan but its power was increased by at least 50% because he had incorporated some sword intent!

Shua shua shua!

Lu Xuan's speed of sending out the moves was very fast. In a moment sending out three sword strokes, which wound up at Thunder Light Sword Skill's third move.

Facing the combined attack of seven people, although Lu Xuan wasn't afraid, he still couldn't be careless. Although the power of the Thunder Light Sword Skill was extraordinary, in the end it was only a lower Huang grade martial skill. He told himself, there was no way a single move of the Thunder Light Sword Skill would be able to block the attack of seven people.

Three moves of the sword skill, one move after another, were sent out, each carrying an attack, each move stronger than the previous.

Indeed it was within Lu Xuan's expectations. Under the combined attack of seven people, the first move was instantly vaporized, the second move successfully became a small problem for the seven people, and only on the third move did it actually block the combined attack of the seven people, but there was still a portion of strong qi that landed on Lu Xuan's body. With his body refining fifth level body, Lu Xuan endured it without being largely hindered.

After the three moves had passed, Lu Xuan didn't stop there. His long sword twisted and the ownerless sword intent in the Sword Forest was directly mobilized, adding itself to the fourth and fifth move of the Thunder Light Sword Skill. Two even more powerful attacks blasted forth!

The first combined attack had failed. These seven martial artists moved forward again and all sent out another, more powerful, attack.

The combined attack and Lu Xuan's attacks collide into each other and instantly created a powerful soul force storm that exploded out with strong qi shooting into the four directions. There was only a couple of ’’ka ka’’ sounds as the few pieces of the sword bamboo between the two were cut in half.

These sword bamboos had been enveloped in the sword intent for who knows how long, and had long since changed to become extremely hard. For the the soul force storm explosion to have created so much power that it could could cut iron like mud, its power could be easily seen!

Seeing that the seven people were actually this strong, Lu Xuan's face couldn't help but flash an unusual expression, but the fighting intent in his eyes became more abundant. The more he fought, the braver he became!

’’Good stuff! Eat another two of my moves!’’ With a loud shot, Thunder Light Sword Skill's sixth and seventh moves quickly flew out from Lu Xuan's long sword with a dazzling burst, almost even wrapping Lu Xuan with it.

As the two moves came out, Lu Xuan didn't even pay attention to the result. Without pausing, crazily circulating the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, he forcefully charged soul force into his sword, and swept horizontally with the long sword. The Thunder Light Sword Skill's eighth move exploded out!

Under Lu Xuan's crazy attacks, these seven body refining seventh level martial artists finally could no longer be indifferent.

The sixth move directly dissipated their attacks. The seventh move completely destroyed their defense. Just as they were wide open, an incomparably powerful eighth move arrived!

After the eighth move arrived, the sword intent accumulated by Lu Xuan finally exploded out. A sharp sword intent instantly targeted the seven people and they had no way of getting rid of it.

Just as the seven people were going to retaliate and try to protect themselves, the sword intent enveloping the seven people suddenly gathered up, their target was only one person, and it instantly shot towards him!

Lu Xuan knew that although his sword intent was strong, but because his realm was still low, wanting to beat and kill seven people at once was impossible. If the attacks had been scattered, perhaps they all would have been blocked. Since it was that way, it would be better to use all his strength to guarantee killing one person and then talk.

The targeted martial artist didn't have time to react, and was directly pierced between the eyebrows. A line of blood shot out and then vanished.

The first dead enemy had already appeared.

Lu Xuan's score shot up by 1000 again!

His name on the overall standings ranking monument once again went up over ten places, jumping from three hundred eightieth place to three hundred fiftieth place!

The combat continued.

After a set of the Thunder Light Sword Skill, although it had only killed one enemy, it still managed to break the combined attack of the seven people. Right now was Lu Xuan's best time to attack.

It was a pity though, after fighting for so long, Lu Xuan's soul force was finally in a state of emergency. Even if because of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic his soul force was more vigorous than others and his recovery speed was much faster than ordinary martial artists, his realm was still body refining fifth level. The realm was the martial artist's fundamental.

He had to fight and end things quickly.

Taking advantage that the combined attack of seven people had been broken, and the six people hadn't recovered yet, Lu Xuan once again made his move!

Soul force circulated, his entire body's soul force was all sent into the long sword without reserve. This was the last sword!

Upper Huang grade martial skill, Blinking Sword Skill, explode out!

Small success stage sword intent, explode out!

In this moment, Lu Xuan's figure rose to the limit. The long sword became a blur. No one could clearly see its trajectory. Even if a martial artist was using a movement martial skill, they would still have trouble escaping this attack!

Shua shua shua shua shua shua! Six sword strokes went out together! Six different people were attacked!

Back in Lin City's martial arena, Lu Xuan could use one sword stroke to block over ten poisoned steel needles, let alone for the current him, for him, attacking six times in a moment was simply a breeze.

The first sword stroke's power was the greatest, directly sliding across the neck of an enemy, instantly slicing open his neck, death!

Lu Xuan's score went up by 1000 again. Overall standings three hundred thirty-second place!

The second sword stroke was still powerful and another enemy died!

Overall standings three hundred fifteenth place!

The third sword strokes power was a bit weaker, but was still unblockable. Another enemy fell.

Overall standings... two hundred ninety-eighth place!

Lu Xuan successfully killed his way into the overall standings top three hundred!

This result was enough to shock the whole audience. This was definitely the most powerful performance in the Wind Sword Sect's sect entrance exam. Unprecedented!


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