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Sword Spirit - Chapter 82


Chapter 82: Sword Intent Small Success

’’Elder Cheng, how about we proactively ask for the suspension of the exam? Lu Xuan already achieved this result and is definitely first place. If he continues, it would only be adding luster to something already beautiful. I'm worried that Lu Xuan might be unable to hold on...’’ Lin Xin Yi proposed in concern. Compared to Lu Xuan's results, she was undoubtedly more concerned with Lu Xuan's safety.

’’I believe in him. Lu Xuan isn't a reckless person. Since he himself has not chosen to give up it means that he has a reason. I feel like we should support his decision.’’ Xia Ye interrupted Lin Xin Yi and spoke. Compared to Lin Xin Yi, he understood Lu Xuan's thought process better.

Hearing the two of them talk, Elder Cheng wrinkled his eyebrows and muttered:: ’’I'll wait another half stick of incense. If he still hasn't come out, I will apply for a halt. No matter what, nothing can happen to Lu Xuan!’’

Xia Ye didn't have any objections towards Elder Cheng's words. A half stick of incense's time should be about when Lu Xuan's soul force would probably be depleted. If he still didn't come out then, something bad would happen.

Time ticked on second by second. Lu Xuan's name was still hanging there at first place, still very bright, representing that he was at least currently unharmed.

The eyes of the people were all focused on the ranking monument, their eyes unblinking, waiting for the final results.

And currently in the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan's situation was become worse and worse. The three body refining seventh level martial artists combined attacks were more powerful than he had imagined. Although he had resisted up until now, he was almost out of energy. Other than risking injury, there was no way of breaking through this situation.

Previously, Xing Feng had been able to risk injury to create a reversal, but Lu Xuan couldn't do that.

Xing Feng had only been facing against body refining sixth level martial artists. Their realms had only been one higher than his, but now Lu Xuan was body refining fifth level trying to resist against body refining seventh level attacks. If one was bad, then he would receive a severe injury which could affect his cultivation. In any case, he didn't dare to gamble on it.

But even though it was this way, Lu Xuan still grit his teeth and didn't have an intention of giving up. Although he didn't have a movement skill, he still had his most powerful advantage, that was sword intent!

His sword intent right now had only just entered the door and didn't truly count as comprehending sword intent. If he could truly comprehend sword intent, then once the sword intent came out, combined with the upper Huang grade Blinking Sword Skill, the three body refining seventh level martial artists in front of him wouldn't survive!

The sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest was constantly honing Lu Xuan's will.

Externally there were powerful enemies trying to kill him, internally there was sword intent invading, almost pushing Lu Xuan to his limit!

Under this kind of situation, Lu Xuan's understanding towards sword intent seemed to reach the speed of a thousand miles in a day. A bit of understanding was constantly emerging and consolidating in his heart.

Either explode out from the silence or die in silence. Without a doubt, Lu Xuan belonged to the former.

Water filled then spilled, quantitative changes caused qualitative changes. Just as Lu Xuan's entire being had been pushed to its limit, his mind suddenly had sudden clarity. In a moment, everything couldn't be clearer. In this moment, he suddenly understood.

’’So this is sword intent!’’ A soft whisper came from Lu Xuan's mouth.

’’The heart comprehends the sword, the sword condenses the heart. In the sword is the heart, in the heart is the sword. Sword intent doesn't extinguish, the sword heart doesn't die. This is the sword intent small success!’’

In this moment, the door to sword intent that Lu Xuan had half-opened before was finally completely opened!

Towards the perception of sword intent, he had never been so deep, so clear!

Lu Xuan's current sword intent was already no longer just the entrance level but had reached small success. It could be said that he had truly comprehended sword intent! The incomparably most important thing for a swordsman was sword intent!

Three body refining seventh level martial artists once again charged forward. Lu Xuan's eyes gave off a flash. Since it's this way, I'll use you as test subjects for my sword intent small success!

Lu Xuan who had been continuously retreating, and forced into a corner, this time, faced the three enemies' attacks, finally no longer moving back.

He wanted to use the small success stage sword intent to kill these three enemies!

The long sword slowly rose up and an invisible power was released from Lu Xuan's body without warning. His entire person was entirely integrated into the long sword. The person was the sword, the sword was the person. In the sword was the heart, in the heart was the sword.

Facing Lu Xuan with this state, the three attacking body refining seventh level martial artists couldn't help but pause their offensive for a moment, because they couldn't determine what stood before them, whether it was Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan's sword, or if there wasn't anything there. It was as if in this moment, Lu Xuan was already no longer there.

And just in this moment, Lu Xuan's attack suddenly came out. His hand grasping the sword, his heart with the sword, the long sword flickered, and his entire person along with the sword were like a flash of lightning charging out!

Blinking Sword Skill!

This was an extremely magnificent sword stroke!

But it was a pity, other than Lu Xuan and the three enemies he was facing, there was no one else to appreciate this sword stroke's elegance.

The sword stroke's time was very short. Sword light flashed and the sword stroke was already over, taking only a moment from start to finish.

One of the enemies among the three already had his throat pierced by the sword tip and directly died, his body immediately dissolved into flying ash and disappeared into nothingness.

The combined attack of three body refining seventh level martial artists had already been broken and there were only two enemies left. Facing Lu Xuan who had already completely comprehended sword intent, it wasn't even worth mentioning!

Another sword stroke was sent out, the Blinking Sword Skill reappeared again and two extremely sharp sword qis shot out so quickly it was almost impossible to tell where the start and finish were, splitting towards the two people, but in these simple-looking sword qis contained Lu Xuan's sword intent, capable of destroying anything, impossible to block.

Two sword qis almost simultaneously landed on the two body refining seventh level martial artists' bodies, instantly passing through their bodies, stabbing right through, not even giving blood a chance to flow out before directly dying, becoming flying ash. Small success stage sword intent was extremely terrifying!

’’There's movement! Lu Xuan's score went up by 1000 points again! Oh no, it's still going up. It's 3000 points!’’

’’It's really 3000 points! Instantly going up by 3000 points, doesn't that mean he killed off another three body refining seventh levels? Is he really only body refining fifth level? This is unbelievable!’’

’’Amazing the world with a single brilliant feat. This Lu Xuan is absolutely an extreme genius! Compared to him, that Zheng Gang doesn't even count for anything!’’


Lu Xuan's suddenly explosion made the disciples start making a fuss. At this time, they weren't afraid of offending Zheng Gang. In front of Lu Xuan's results, Zheng Gang's puny result was simply unable to compete. Thinking how Zheng Gang actually recklessly provoked the sword faction, it was simply a huge joke. The other side's Lu Xuan just didn't want to argue with him, otherwise, the first round if he went up with Zheng Gang to fight, he would be able to directly squash him to death.

Other than the change on the new budding disciple's ranking monument, on the overall standings ranking monument, Lu Xuan's name simultaneously changed, increasing by 3000 points, directly sending Lu Xuan's name up from five hundredth place reaching three hundred and eightieth place!

’’Well done! Even after entering the overall rankings first four hundred places, he still hasn't come out. Could it be he really can still enter the first three hundred place? That's simply unprecedented!’’ In Elder Jin's eyes there flashed a light of excitement.

Although he had previously mentioned that the reward for entering the top five hundred would be 2000 contribution points, the top three hundred reward was 5000 contribution points, but that was just for the sake of encouraging the disciples fighting will, and not him actually thinking that there would be people who achieved it. How could the difficulty of a new budding disciple directly killing their way into the overall standings be average?

But right now, Lu Xuan impressively already rushed to the three hundred and eightieth place. His distance away from the top three hundred was already less than a hundred places. There wasn't zero hope of achieving it. If he could really reach it, this would be an unprecedented case since the establishment of the Wind Sword Sect!


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