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Sword Spirit - Chapter 79


Chapter 79: Shocking the Audience

Li Hu's rage already didn't attract anyone's attention. Right now all of the disciples focus was on what step Lu Xuan could reach rather than whether or not he could beat Li Hu's record.

’’Do you guys think... that Lu Xuan can beat Zheng Gang?’’ A disciple suddenly said.

His voice wasn't loud, but it was clearly heard by everyone else. Everyone quieted down for a while. That's right. Could Lu Xuan surpass Zheng Gang?

They hadn't considered this question before, but now it seemed like it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Zheng Gang's score was also only 3000 points, only killing off all of the body refining sixth martial artists, and now, Lu Xuan and Zheng Gang's distance wasn't that much.

This voice also happened to be heard by Zheng Gang. He immediately turned his head and coldly stared at that disciple, his eyes revealing a hint of killing intent.

Zheng Gang's vision immediately frightened the disciple who had spoken. He had just casually said it, without any intention of provoking Zheng Gang.

Slowly reeling back his vision, Zheng Gang's expression was gloomy as he stared at the names on the ranking monument. Since the beginning, he had always thought himself a genius, assuming that he was naturally the strongest disciple of this term. If he was surpassed by Lu Xuan, then where should he hide his face? Especially since he had said those provocative words to the sword faction previously, at that time it would change into him slapping his own face.

’’Hmph, wanting to surpass me? Maybe next life! Just a body refining fifth level being able to kill all the way to here is already beyond my expectations. Do you think that he'll still be able to kill a body refining seventh level martial artist in the Sword Forest? Ignorant!’’ Zheng Gang snorted.

When Zheng Gang said it like this, the other disciples also recognized this point. In order to surpass Zheng Gang required killing a body refining seventh level martial artist. If it was under normal circumstances, there might have been a chance of that happening, but this was in the Sword Forest. With Zheng Gang's body refining sixth level strength, he still couldn't kill a body refining seventh level martial artist. Although Lu Xuan was powerful, his strength was displayed to see, only body refining fifth level. Was killing an enemy two small realms higher inside the Sword Forest so easy?

Even at the start, Elder Jin hadn't even publicized the score obtained from killing a body refining seventh level martial artist because throughout the years, during the new budding disciples of the Wind Sword Sect examination, there still hadn't appeared a person capable of killing a body refining seventh level.

That's not to say that there weren't any geniuses, but it was because those genius disciples all basically became core disciples and didn't have to participate in this time's exam. The difficulty could be seen in a glance.

But just as everyone was discussing, the score on the ranking monument jumped again. The disciples hearts also jumped. Lu Xuan once again killed an enemy!

This time, Lu Xuan's name finally left Li Hu's behind, successfully sending Li Hu to third place.

Seeing the score change, the disciples that had just quieted down suddenly were in an uproar again.

If it was just that, the disciples still wouldn't have been that excited, after all, Lu Xuan surpassing Li Hu was already basically set in stone in their hearts.

But now, Lu Xuan not only surpassed Li Hu, but just now in that instant, his score actually exploded up 1500 points, not only leaving Li Hu far behind, but in this moment he had tied with Zheng Gang's result, tying for first!

It was very clear to everyone what a score exploding up by 1500 meant.

That meant, that in that moment, Lu Xuan killed three body refining sixth level martial artists in just one move. The body refining sixth martial artists had already been all cleared out by Lu Xuan. Next up he would be facing the body refining seventh levels.

To be able to kill three body refining sixth level martial artists at the same time with one move, it was evident that Lu Xuan had been able to accomplish the task with ease, and it wasn't nearly as hard for them as they had thought.

More importantly, they couldn't have imagined, as they were talking about whether Lu Xuan could surpass Zheng Gang or not, Lu Xuan used his valiant strength to confirm everyone's thoughts. He absolutely could surpass Zheng Gang's strength!

’’Good, good, good!’’ Elder Cheng was worked up to the point of not being able to speak and could only say the word good three times to express his excited feelings.

Elder Cheng almost couldn't remember the last time the sword faction had had such a sight like this. He originally knew that this time the blade faction had Zheng Gang behind it, so Elder Cheng already didn't hold onto too much hope. Body refining sixth strength was entirely able to roll over all the inner sect disciples. His greatest hope was that in this time the sword faction could have a few in the top ten. That way their face could still have some light, but he hadn't thought that Lu Xuan would send him such a great present! A superb gift!

Even if Lu Xuan was unable to progress another step, he was still finished at first place. It would be almost impossible for the remaining disciples to achieve this sort of score, after all, even Zheng Gang had only just reached the step of body refining sixth level.

’’This guy really defies the heavens!’’ Xing Feng couldn't help but gulp and say, ’’I can't believe I actually challenged him earlier. It was simply looking for self-satisfaction. I repent, I fully repent.’’

Thinking back to the scene where he had searched for Lu Xuan to set up the fight, Xing Feng couldn't help but feel his face go a little red. At that time, when he had seen Lu Xuan's indifferent appearance, he had assumed that Lu Xuan's confidence wasn't enough, and didn't dare to receive his challenge. Now looking at it, the other party clearly just didn't have any interest because the two weren't on the same level. When the other party had recognized himself as the junior brother, he had thought it natural for himself to occupy that spot.

Li Hu didn't say a single word. This difference was displayed before his eyes If he continued to stubbornly speak, then it was just him pulling on his own lips.

The person with the gloomiest expression was Zheng Gang himself. He had just spoken his lofty words when Lu Xuan's results directly hit him in the face.

But it was still good. It was only tied with him. He definitely couldn't surpass me, the combined attack of the body refining seventh levels wasn't easy to handle, Zheng Gang told himself.

But he didn't dare to speak these words aloud again because he didn't dare to be sure that Lu Xuan didn't have the strength to handle the body refining seventh level martial artists.

’’Not bad. I wouldn't have thought that in this term's inner sect disciples that another young genius would appear. With body refining fifth level strength, him actually being able to reach this step really isn't something easy to do.’’ Elder Jin slightly smiled as he stroked his beard.

As the Wind Sword Sect's vice sect master, he didn't have any prejudices towards any of the faction divisions. He treated geniuses equally. Right now he deeply believed without a doubt in Elder Cheng's previous words about Lu Xuan about probably perceiving sword intent. After all, with the strength that Lu Xuan had displayed, it was entirely unnecessary to do any tricks and delay time.


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