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Sword Spirit - Chapter 77


Chapter 77: Lu Xuan Moves!

Facing the wrath of Elder Cheng, Elder Zheng swallowed back his words, and didn't dare to be presumptuous for a time. The amount of time he had been a blade faction elder was still short, and his strength was far from being Elder Cheng's opponent. He didn't dare to really clash.

Seeing that Elder Zheng retreated, Elder Cheng snorted. Then he turned his head to Elder Jin and said: ’’Vice sect master, I, Cheng Li, swear on my sword faction's honor that I absolutely did not direct Lu Xuan to do anything. Currently, the exam is not over. Please allow Lu Xuan to safely perceive in the Sword Forest. If in the end Lu Xuan still hasn't come out, then he will be at your mercy.’’

Elder Cheng had already tried his best to buy Lu Xuan time. If Lu Xuan really hadn't come out by the end, then Elder Jin would punish. He didn't have any other methods.

Elder Jin nodded his head. Elder Cheng had sworn on his sword faction's honor. He had to still give that much face, ’’Then we'll do as you said. The exam will continue. Now prepare the third round!’’

As Elder Jin spoke, the disciples that were watching the ranking monument suddenly exclaimed in surprise!

’’Look! Lu Xuan's score moved!’’

’’His score's increasing speed is really fast! It's like they're all one second kills!’’

’’Could it be that this guy really was perceiving sword intent? For a body refining fifth level to be able to perceive sword intent, that's too terrifying!’’


’’Lu Xuan finally made his move. I just know that he definitely has a reason!’’ Xia Ye loudly laughed.

’’Just watch. First place will definitely be Lu Xuan's!’’ Lin Xin Yi clenched her fist, her face flushed with excitement. After waiting for so long, Lu Xuan finally exploded out.

’’Finally you made your move. Lu Xuan, you better not disappoint this old man's hopes!’’ Elder Cheng couldn't help but say to himself.

’’This guy, could it be that he really surprise people with his first success?’’ Xing Feng's eyes flashed a strange expression as he couldn't help but say.

’’Hmph, pretending to be all that. So what if he moved? After consuming so much soul force in the Sword Forest for so long, I just don't believe that you can surpass me!’’ Li Hu coldly smiled.

Outside of the Sword Forest, once Lu Xuan began to move, everyone's expressions were a different. There was joy, expectations, disdain, and even more had the attitude of just watching the excitement. Whatever Lu Xuan's results were didn't have any direct relationship to them.

Currently, in the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan's long sword was dancing, his path was like splitting bamboo. In the blink of an eye in a continuous few dozen steps, he had already begun to kill body refining fourth level martial artists.

At this time, he finally ended his perceiving of sword intent and exited the forget everything realm.

This Sword Forest was indeed marvelous. After going through this bit of perception time, Lu Xuan's sword intent had already improved. If before he had only touched the threshold of sword intent, then now he had already reached out his hand and opened the door halfway. As long as he waited until a suitable opportunity, he would be able to directly open the door and enter the room.

As for soul force, Lu Xuan's soul force was still very abundant because while he was perceiving, Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was automatically slowly circulating, which could entirely recuperate the soul force.

Facing the body refining fourth level martial artists that were swiping and charging up, Lu Xuan didn't dodge at all, directly thrusting his sword out. The strange thing was, the surround Sword Forest's emitted sword intent was actually carried over by Lu Xuan. After his sword tip made a circle, it directly shot towards those martial artists.

The sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest was an ownerless thing. Currently Lu Xuan had already reached the half-step to sword intent realm. Driving a small portion of the sword intent wasn't a problem.

When this sword intent was driven by Lu Xuan towards the enemies, the sword intent that was originally only supposed to suppress martial artists suddenly became a powerful killing move.

With just a wave of the sword, a fierce sword qi then burst forth, accompanying it was a tiny yet lethally powerful sword intent.

In a second!

Four body refining fourth level martial artists were killed in series by Lu Xuan without being able to even make a single sword stroke.

Wielding the sword in one hand, Lu Xuan's face was filled with indifference. Without any fear, he once again move forward a few steps.

After his feet moves, a black figure quickly materialized.

Shua, shua, shua. A series of five figures quickly appeared before Lu Xuan's eyes. There were a full five body refining fifth level martial artists, their realm was exactly the same as Lu Xuan's.

The materialized five martial artists didn't have any hesitation, and uniformly rushed towards Lu Xuan. They didn't have any emotions and only had the goal of killing what was in front of them. Naturally they wouldn't have any feelings of dread. They only fought to the death. This kind of martial artist was the most frightening, and was the one that tested the examinees strength the most.

’’Good arrival!’’ Lu Xuan shouted in a deep voice. Quickly he slashed his sword down. On the sword's body there was a flash of thunder light, at the same time, there was the sound of thunder.

Facing five martial artists of the same realm, Lu Xuan finally began using martial skills. This time when he made his move, he was using the lower Huang grade martial skill, Thunder Light Sword Skill.

After making an effort towards sword intent, Lu Xuan's comprehension of sword skills became deeper. The sword skills he displayed were obviously more powerful. This Thunder Light Sword Skill when used in his hands was already close to perfect.

The first move of the Thunder Light Sword Skill was a horizontal sweep out. A visible sword qi shot out at a curve, directly including all of the five martial artists into the scope of the attack.

The arcing sword intent moved too quickly. In a moment, the attack reached the five martial artists. Although these five tried to resist, but they couldn't stand against the sharp sword qi. Immediately those five people were all injured and pushed back two steps.

One sword stroke forced five people to retreat and receive injuries. Lu Xuan was relentless, and quickly advanced two steps. The Thunder Light Sword Skill's second move once again came out. With the accumulation of the first move, the second move's power was even stronger than before!

When this move came out, the five martial artists were forced to retreat three steps, their bodies etched with a new injury without a chance to counter-attack.

Thunder Light Sword Skill's second move still hadn't completely finished when the third move already made a strong attack!

After Lu Xuan sent out this sword stroke, the surrounding sword qi was once again mobilized by him. Countless small strands of sword intent instantly condensed into a group, uniformly charging towards the five martial artists, their power was very great!

Facing this move that contained sword intent, the five couldn't resist any longer. In a moment four of the martial artists melted into the air. Four down out of five!

And currently outside of the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan's valiant killing speed already astonished all of the disciples. Each exclaimed in surprise after another.

’’Lu Xuan already chased up to Xia Ye! His speed is so fast!’’

’’It looks like that Elder Cheng's words were correct. This Lu Xuan really does have extraordinary talent!’’

’’That's right, ah. It's just unknown whether or not Lu Xuan can beat Li Hu?’’


Facing the last body refining fifth level martial artist, Lu Xuan sent out another sword stroke. This martial artist was also immediately killed, disappearing into the air, vanishing.

Currently, Lu Xuan's score had already successfully surpassed Xia Ye's. Xia Ye's result was only killing four body refining fifth levels, and Lu Xuan had already killed five.

Seeing Lu Xuan's score surpassing his own, Xia Ye wasn't surprised at all. Looking at Xing Feng beside him whose face was filled with shock, Xia Ye indifferently chuckled: ’’I said it long ago, that Li Hu's opponent isn't me. Just watch. The good show is still ahead.’’


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