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Sword Spirit - Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Disqualification?

The light quickly disappeared. Xia Ye's figure appeared.

’’Xia Ye was eliminated. Li Hu is still in there. It seems like this round's first place should be Li Hu's.’’

’’It's hard to say. Currently their scores are the same, unless Li Hu can still kill another martial artist.’’


Xia Ye's final score was 600 points, having killed a total of four body refining fifth level martial artists, and was in fifth place. While in the sword tower, Xia Ye's result was killing three body refining fifth level martial artists. Now, under the suppression of sword intent, he was able to kill four. It looked like he hadn't wasted the previous seven day's time.

And Li Hu's current result was the same as Xia Ye's, however, currently Xia Ye had already come out, but he was still inside. As long as he killed one more martial artist then he would be able to surpass Xia Ye.

’’What's going on with Lu Xuan? He only has 1 point and is in last place?’’ Seeing Lu Xuan's result, Xia Ye was shocked as he asked. He was already very satisfied with his own score. It was his true strength, but he hadn't thought that Lu Xuan would actually only have 1 point.

’’Lu Xuan might be in the Sword Forest tempering sword intent, and hasn't been trying.’’ Lin Xin Yi said.

Hearing this, an expression of understanding flashed across Xia Ye's face. So it was like that. That made sense. During the assessment at Lin City, Lu Xuan had perceived a bit of sword intent. Currently during the exam, taking advantage of the the Sword Forest's tempering sword intent wasn't something that sounded too unusual for Lu Xuan.

Seeing that Xia Ye and Lin Xin Yi both seemed like they were assuming that Lu Xuan was perceiving sword intent without the slightest doubt, Xing Feng felt a bit of doubt swell within himself. Could it be that this Lu Xuan actually could perceive sword intent?

As those few people's minds were moving, a name on the ranking monument suddenly moved. Li Hu once again earned 100 points, his name instantly going past Xia Ye's.

Seeing that Xia Ye had been left behind by Li Hu, Elder Cheng's face darkened. In reality, he should have long since been prepared for it, after all, Li Hu was the number one new budding disciple of the fist faction. Although Xia Ye was pretty good, he hadn't reached the degree of being the number one person.

’’Xia Ye, you've been surpassed by him. We've lost this round again.’’ Xing Feng tightened his fists, his voice low and deep as he spoke.

’’Who said we lost?’’ Xia Ye said: ’’I'm very clear about my own strength. Being beaten by that Li Hu was within expectations, however, his opponent isn't me.’’

Xing Feng was startled, then he recovered and said: ’’You're saying that Lu Xuan can still overtake him?’’

’’Not can, but will!’’ Lin Xin Yi added a sentence.

Xing Feng shook his head: ’’Difficult. Even if it is as you've said. Lu Xuan is perceiving sword intent, but he has stayed in the Sword Forest for so long. His soul force expenditure should be enormous. How can he still cope with the intense combat?’’

Hearing this, Xia Ye's pair were suddenly speechless. Xing Fing's words were very accurate. Soul force consumption was indeed a problem. For a time, the two also couldn't help but begin to worry for Lu Xuan.

Li Hu still hadn't come out. He was the fist faction's disciple, different from the sword faction. The sword faction's killing an enemy usually was one stroke could take a life, its speed very fast, but the fist faction walked a more slower path.

Just at this moment, Li Hu's score once again jumped up on the ranking monument, directly rising by 500 points! He had already begun to kill body refining sixth level martial artists!

Xing Feng's face became solemn. His result was just killing two body refining sixth level martial artists, and had even received an injury in order to do so. If Li Hu could kill another martial artist, then they would be tied, and if he killed two, then that would be enough to pass him!

The field quieted down. Each one of them were only staring at the names on the ranking monument.

Within most people's expectations, after ten rests, Li Hu's score once again rose by 500 points, reaching 1700 points. Currently he was tied with Xing Feng for second place. More importantly, Li Hu still hadn't come out. From an outsider's perspective, Li Hu's strength already surpassed Xing Feng's.

After another fifteen rests, Li Hu's score once again jumped!

2300 points, directly leaving Xing Feng behind, making Xing Feng third place.

Xing Feng's heart sank. He had already been passed by Li Hu!

Fortunately, after another few rests, there was a flash of light. Li Hu's body appeared before the Sword Forest, his score finished at 2300 points.

But even so, he was currently second place on the overall standings, beating Xing Feng, only second to Zheng Gang.

Looking at the ranking monument and seeing that he was in the second place position, Li Hu couldn't help but have a big smile: ’’I said it before, I'm not as good as Senior brother Zheng, but your sword faction's so-called geniuses are only so! Hm? How come I don't see Lu Xuan's name?’’

Speaking those last words, Li Hu was trying to find Lu Xuan's name. Because he was looking through the top twenty names, he actually completely couldn't find Lu Xuan's name, causing him to be a bit puzzled.

’’Haha, junior brother Li, you don't need to search. Lu Xuan's in the last place. He was just a small person who spoke with tongue in cheek.’’ Zheng Gang was loudly laughing, ’’The sword faction really does just get worse and worse every year. Even this sort of person rolled in.’’

Listening to Zheng Gang's words, Li Hu's eyes went down, and indeed he found Lu Xuan's name in last place with only 1 point.

However he had some doubts in his heart. It couldn't be right. When Elder Sun had been talking with him, he had said that Lu Xuan was very strong. When he was body refining fourth level he had barged into the sword tower's sixth floor. How could he only have 1 point?

While he was doubting, that Zheng Gang greeted Elder Jin and said: ’’Elder Jin, I see that Lu Xuan has come to cause trouble for the sect entrance exam, intentionally killing one enemy and then not moving anymore in order to stall for time. This kind of behavior is too abominable! I think that this person's exam qualifications should be discarded and even expelling him out of the sect wouldn't be too much.’’

’’This guy is too much!’’ Lin Xin Yi's face was filled with rage.

’’Let's see what this Elder Jin says. Lu Xuan won't really be disqualified right?’’ Xia Ye's face was worried as he spoke. Then he couldn't help but complain: ’’Lu Xuan really is something. He doesn't even look at the time when he cultivates. If Elder Jin really acts as Zheng Gang says, then if Lu Xuan is expelled from the Wind Sword Sect, then that would be a big matter.’’

Listening to Zheng Gang's words, Elder Jin pondered then turned his head towards the sword faction side and said: ’’Elder Cheng, what is going on with your sword faction disciple? If he really is purposely disrupting the exam, then don't blame this old man for being heartless.’’

Hearing this, Elder Cheng made a greeting, then said in a neither haughty nor humble tone: ’’To answer vice-sect master, I assume that the vice-sect leader also knows that this Sword Forest contains sword intent that is very useful for my sword faction's people. My faction's Lu Xuan has very high talent. It could be he is perceiving sword intent in the Sword Forest. Wait until after he has finished perceiving, his strength will definitely improve!’’

Elder Cheng's words had just come out when a snort could be heard. That blade faction's Elder Zheng was also Zheng Gang's father. His face was full of disdain.

’’Are Elder Cheng's words meant to persuade a three-year old child? Whether or not they have high talent isn't something you can just say and it is. Just a mere body refining fifth level brat can dare to talk nonsense about perceiving sword intent? I think that he clearly received your sword faction's direction and purposely is disrupting the exam!’’

Seeing that Elder Zheng actually directly slandering the sword faction, Elder Cheng's eyebrows rose, and a furious expression appeared on his face, loudly yelling: ’’Elder Zheng, my sword faction's dignity isn't something that you can just insult! If you make another false accusation against my sword faction, then today in front of the Sword Forest, you and I can fight a match!’’

(TN: Seriously, Lu Xuan needs to learn about timing. It's not as if he can't come back again later to learn sword intent >.>)


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