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Sword Spirit - Chapter 72


Chapter 72: Defeat

The names and scores on the ranking monument were constantly changing, each trying to outdo each other. Obviously all those disciples in the Sword Forest sparing no effort in their combat.

And Zheng Gang was worthy of being body refining sixth level strength. He was far ahead, occupying first place without any movement. Xing Feng was tightly chasing after Zheng Gang's tail, and was in second place, however, the distance kept getting larger and larger.

Of course, this didn't mean that Xing Feng was second only to Zheng Gang because among the ninety people currently inside participating, not every faction division's geniuses had come up to fight.

Clearly knowing Zheng Gang's strength was far above everyone else's, the great faction divisions were naturally unwilling to send their geniuses out as stepping stones for him. Since it was that way, it was better to take first place in the next few rounds. In the end, not being able to get first place amongst all of the new budding disciples wouldn't make one's face too ugly, thus, those great faction divisions took on a less head-on approach strategy.

Over time, the disciple names on the ranking monument slowly began to stabilize. Just at this time, there was a flash of light in front of the Sword Forest. The first disciple to crush a jade medallion had already come out.

Everyone's eyes immediately were all concentrated on his body, trying to find out which faction's disciple was the first to be eliminated.

Once the disciple's face became clear, Elder Cheng's face sank a little. It was a sword faction person.

This disciple discovered that he was the first person to be eliminated, his face couldn't help but reveal an expression of shame. He had lost a lot of face. Not only did he lose face for himself, he had also lost the sword faction's face.

’’Elder Cheng, this disciple seems to be from your sword faction right? Zeze, this is the first person of the sect entrance exam, haha...’’ A blade faction elder quipped. The first person he was talking about naturally wasn't saying the first in results, but was saying the first person to be eliminated.

The elder who spoke was someone that Lu Xuan had happened to meet before. At the time when they had picked up the Lin City disciples, he had been in charge of the blade faction. If he didn't remember incorrectly, he seemed to have heard Elder Xu call him Elder Zheng. Thinking about it, he should be the father of Zheng Gang.

’’My sword faction's killing speed was originally quick. One sword stroke is enough to take a life. Whether they come out earlier or later isn't necessarily linked to their result.’’

As the two spoke, there was another flash of light. Once again a disciple had crushed the jade medallion and was sent out. People from all of the factions began to appear one after another. The inner sect disciples that had just entered didn't have too much differences in strength, naturally, their results would also be similar. However, it was just that the first disciple was a bit unlucky and was the first to break his jade medallion. If he could hold on for just a few more rests, then he wouldn't have been the first one.

Next up was the blowout period. White light flashed over and over again. A large portion of the disciples had held on to their limit. If they tried to hold on a bit longer, they would get injured.

A light injury was fine, but if they received a permanent severe injury, then it would greatly affect future cultivation. For merely the sake of an exam, it wasn't worth it at all.

When the remaining disciples left in the round became less and less, the crowd began to pay more attention. The focus was undoubtedly Zheng Gang and Xing Feng. The rest of the faction divisions in order to avoid Zheng Gang all didn't send their geniuses up to the match.

At this time, the speed at which their two scores was increasing had already reached a peak. As they went further on, the martial artists that they fought became stronger and the points gained from killing a martial artists also became more.

Finally, when the third place disciple was sent out, in the entire Sword Forest, there were already only two people left. The ninety names on the ranking monument had already all stabilized. Of course, the scores of first and second place were still increasing, but looking at it, there was very little hope of Xing Feng catching up to Zheng Gang.

At this time, Xing Feng's score was already over 700. It seemed like he had already killed a few body refining fifth level martial artists. As for Zheng Gang's score, it had long since broken through 1000 and had reached 1300.

There was no suspense. Zheng Gang already killed a body refining sixth level, otherwise, there was no way that he could have left Xing Feng behind by so much. Each body refining sixth level killed was worth 500 points.

It was at this time, Xing Feng's score suddenly jumped up, exploding upwards by 500 points, directly going from 700 something points and rising up to 1200 something points, almost equalizing with Zheng Gang's score!

Obviously, just then, he also had successfully killed a body refining sixth level martial artist and earned 500 points.

Seeing Xing Feng was actually putting in such effort, Elder Cheng eyebrows leapt up and he praised him in his heart.

But before the sword faction's people could be happy, they saw Zheng Gang's score jump up again, increasing by another 500 points, leaving Xing Feng behind. And soon afterwards Zheng Gang's score continued to rise. There was already a 1000 point gap, but Xing Feng's score didn't have any more movement.

After approximately ten more rests time, Xing Feng's score finally moved, going from 1200 points and jumping up to 1700 points, but at this time, a light flashed in front of the Sword Forest and Xing Feng's figure appeared.

Unlike the other martial artists that came out completely fine, Xing Feng's left arm had a neither long nor short wound, and currently blood was flowing out of it. Obviously he had just been injured.

Just then in the Sword Forest, Xing Feng had risked injury in order to finally once again kill a body refining sixth level martial artist, however, he didn't dare to stay any longer and was sent out. This was also why the crowd his score suddenly move, but then he was also sent out.

When he came out, Xing Feng didn't pay any attention to his injuries, but lifted his head to look at the enormous monument. His and Zheng Gang's names were divided at first place and second place, but Zhang Gang's score was far above his.

In the end he still lost? Xing Feng exhaled a breath. Although he long since knew with his body refining fifth level that he wasn't Zhang Gang's body refining sixth level's opponent, but he still had some hope.

Dragging his injured left arm and walking back over, Xing Feng walked before Elder Cheng and said: ’’Disciple has failed his mission. I have disappointed elder's expectations...’’

Elder Cheng waved his hand to interrupt Xing Feng's words, saying: ’’No matter. That you were able to do this much is already pretty good. First wash your injuries. Someone come, quickly help Xin Feng bandage it.’’

In order to get a good result, Xing Feng had already received an injury. Elder Cheng naturally wouldn't put any blame, and also, that Xing Feng could take this round's second place was also not bad. After all, without just saying the sword faction, even if it was the rest of the great faction divisions, there wouldn't necessarily be anyone who dared to say they could beat Zheng Gang.

Xing Feng's injury wasn't serious, and was only some outer injuries. He didn't need to go rest, and only needed to bandage his injured left arm. Then he walked in front of Lu Xuan.

’’Aren't you curious why I only killed two body refining sixth level martial artists?’’ Xing Feng looked at Lu Xuan's eyes and said.


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