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Sword Spirit - Chapter 71


Chapter 71: Xing Feng Goes to Fight

Seeing the disciples riled up by the generous rewards, Elder Jin's face revealed a smiling expression.

’’The rules and rewards have already all been explained to you. Next up is starting the assessment. Last time the one who took first place was the blade faction. This time, the blade faction will be the first to enter the Sword Forest!’’

’’Elder, disciple has something to say!’’ That Zheng Gang once again spoke, ’’One faction examining one after another is too boring. Wouldn't it be better if a few factions entered together. This way everyone's fighting spirit can be raised and compare who's better.’’

When Zheng Gang said this, the inner sect disciples began discussing among themselves. Xia Ye couldn't help but say: ’’Isn't this guy just relying on his strength being better to make suggestions.’’

With Zheng Gang's body refining sixth level strength, indeed he could be arrogant among the inner sect disciples. Currently he had suggested that the various factions enter the exam together was undoubtedly because he wanted to step on the other factions geniuses.

Hearing Zheng Gang's words, Elder Jin stroked his beard and nodded his head: ’’This is a pretty good idea, however, the size of the Sword Forest is limited. The most that can enter at once is only a hundred people.’’

’’That's simple. Just split it up. Every faction can send ten people to participate. That way the nine great faction divisions can simultaneously enter and can also directly witness each faction's strengths.’’ Zheng Gang continued to speak. Obviously he had made up his mind to implement this idea for the exam.

’’Since it's that way, it's also not bad. Then we'll do this, each round of exam, each faction will send up ten of their disciples to participate.’’ Elder Jin nodded and agreed.

And just at this time, Elder Cheng's voice sounded by the sword faction disciples ears: ’’This Zheng Gang is the blade faction's Elder Zheng's son. Since he's causing so much trouble now, he must have received instructions from his father. This time, all of the sword faction disciples must go all out, and absolutely can not lose face!’’

Receiving Elder Jin's agreement, Zheng Gang was delighted. His face revealed a proud expression. Turning his head towards the sword faction, he said: ’’I hear that the sword faction has had an addition of a few geniuses. Disciple is untalented, and enjoys competing with various geniuses the most. I don't know if the sword faction's brother disciples can satisfy my desire?’’

When Zheng Gang said this, the other factions immediately understood. Evidently, Zheng Gang's actions were directed towards the sword faction. As for them, they just happened to be there.

’’What geniuses does the sword faction have. Even if they do have a so-called genius, they still can't bring it up in front of senior brother Zheng. Who doesn't know that senior brother Zheng achieved body refining sixth level at seventeen years old and is only a step away from becoming a core disciple.’’

’’That's right. The way I see it, those that can be regarded as geniuses can only feel ashamed in front of senior brother Zheng.’’


A crowd of blade faction disciples began praising Zheng Gang and insulted the sword faction. Zheng Gang was not only talented, but was even the eldest son of a blade faction elder. Naturally he became the focus of the crowd's flattery.

Although it was obvious what Zheng Gang was trying to do, the other factions martial artists didn't have anything they could do, after all, Zheng Gang's strength was there, and no one dared to boast that they could beat him.

However, currently Elder Jin had already agreed to Zheng Gang's request. Even if the others didn't want to fight they didn't have a choice.

The blade faction's ten people were quickly selected. Zheng Gang was among them.

’’Xing Feng, you go. I'm not requesting you to defeat Zheng Gang, but you absolutely cannot be below by too much. The sword faction's honor is in your hands.’’ Elder Cheng said in a deep voice.

This time, the sword faction had two genius disciples. One was Lu Xuan and the other was Xing Feng. However, when they had seen Lu Xuan seven days ago, Lu Xuan was still only body refining fourth level. In terms of strength, Elder Cheng undoubtedly believed more in the body refining fifth level Xing Feng.

However, the difference between body refining fifth level and body refining sixth level was still very large. He didn't want to make things difficult for Xing Feng and make him defeat Zheng Gang and only asked that he could obtain a good result.

Receiving Elder Cheng's personal call to action, Xing Feng naturally couldn't refuse. Gritting his teeth he said: ’’Disciple understands and will exhaust all his power in this fight in order to maintain the sword faction's honor!’’

Soon, under Elder Cheng's instructions, the sword faction's ten disciples were selected. Under Xing Feng's lead, they walked over to the very front, standing next to the disciples from the other factions who also had come out to fight.

Seeing Xing Feng walk over, Zheng Gang glanced at him and said with some disdain: ’’Does the sword faction not have any more people? You want to challenge me with just your strength?’’

Although he knew his strength wasn't as good as Zheng Gang's, Xing Feng still was unwilling to be made fun of, and he retorted: ’’How could my sword faction need the other geniuses in order to take care of you.’’

Zheng Gang coldly smiled, ’’Is that so? You will pay for your boasting. I will let you recognize the difference between me and you is much further than you can imagine.

Seeing the nine faction's participating disciples had all arrived, Elder Jin once again spoke: ’’Deacons, issue the jade medallions! Disciples, listen. This Sword Forest is covered by a killing array. In order to achieve the greatest tempering results, any attacks you receive inside will be real. The jade medallions in your hands is your life insurance. If you cannot hold on any longer, immediately crush the jade medallion and the attacks against you will stop, but at the same time, you will also be disqualified from the exam. Now, enter the Sword Forest!’’

After taking their jade medallions, these ninety disciples from the nine great faction divisions immediately began entering the Sword Forest.

The strange thing was, once they entered the Sword Forest, their figure disappeared. The people outside looked over, and the Sword Forest was still the same. They simply couldn't see a single figure in there.

The Sword Forest was actually also covered in an illusion array so that you couldn't see clearly the situation inside. For the time being, the crowd could only guess what was going on inside. At the same time they could follow the monument and view everyone's results.

Quickly, dozens of names appeared on the blank monument. They were numbered from first place to ninetieth place. Their results were constantly being transmitted through their nameplates up to the ranking monument.

In first place was Zheng Gang without any suspense. Currently he had actually already gotten 26 points. This mean that in this short period of time, Zheng Gang had at least killed a body refining first level, three body refining second levels, and a body refining third level martial artist.

Following closely behind was Xing Feng. Currently Xing Feng had 16 points, ten points less than Zheng Gang, having killed one body refining third level martial artist less. This mean that Xing Feng's killing speed was slower than Zheng Gang's.

And the martial artists behind them, they weren't too far behind. They were basically around the same aptitude.

Outside of the Sword Forest, the crowd calmed down, their eyes staring at the ranking monument without blinking. They had currently just gone in and were facing low level martial artists. There wasn't much to see. The real games were still to come.


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