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Sword Spirit - Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Sect Entrance Exam

Once Lu Xuan had completely absorbed all of the perceptions that he had gotten throughout this time, there was no suspense as he broke through to body refining fifth level, it was achieved without effort!

Only this kind of breakthrough was a perfect breakthrough, without leaving any sort of defects.

The soul force flowing in the meridians opened up like a floodgate and flowed out, immediately flushing through the muscles and bones throughout Lu Xuan's entire body, continuously scouring and quenching.

After successfully breaking through, Lu Xuan didn't stop cultivating. The remaining two Muscle Altering pills were swallowed by him in one gulp, the medicinal strength once again flowed out.

Fierce medicinal strength combined with the steady stream of soul force improved the muscle and bone quenching step by step, making the realm become completely stable.

After an unknown amount of time, Lu Xuan felt he had already quenched to the limit. Only then did he slowly stop the circulation of the cultivation technique. His eyes slowly opened, and exhaled a breath of turbid qi. He had already completely stabilized in body refining fifth level.

Haste made waste in cultivation. If there was no perception, even if forcefully cultivation, it would be useless effort, otherwise many martial artists wouldn't have to do anything else other than specifically isolating themselves and sitting down.

Standing up and moving his body a bit, he felt the abundant power in his body. Lu Xuan told himself, I wonder if my current power has broken through 4000 jin yet. During the sect assessment, he had reached 3000 jin power. Right now his practice had improved a step. Even if he hadn't reached 4000 jin, he probably wasn't too far from it.

Opening the door, Lu Xuan saw Xia Ye sitting in front of his door.

Seeing this figure, Lu Xuan couldn't help but feel a surge of warmness in his heart. Previously Xia Ye had told Lu Xuan he could break through in peace and he would stand guard. He hadn't thought that he actually had been sitting here the entire time.

Hearing there was movement behind him, Xia Ye slowly stopped his regulation of breathing and turned to see Lu Xuan. He immediately let out a breath.

’’You finally came out. This is already the seventh day. If you still didn't come out, then you would have missed the sect entrance exam.’’

Lu Xuan knew that he had spent quite a bit of time to break through, but he hadn't thought that he had used a full two days. It was mainly because he had spent too much time at the end stabilizing his realm. Fortunately, he still finished in a timely fashion.

Lin Xin Yi also walked out from next door: ’’Lu Xuan, I've help you get some food, but it's already cold. Do you want me to warm it up for you really quickly?’’

In these two day, because she didn't know when Lu Xuan would exit, Lin Xin Yi still helped Lu Xuan bring food, it was just that he hadn't come out to eat.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan smiled: ’’No need for that. I just happened to be hungry. I've troubled you guys for these past two days.’’

’’Haha, it can't be called troubled. If you can bring back first place this time, then it'll count as repaying us. You should know, great young miss Xin Yi has been acting like your servant in these past few days.’’ Xia Ye laughed loudly.

’’First place must belong to the sword faction!’’ A self-confident light flashed in Lu Xuan's eyes as he spoke. If it could be said that he didn't dare to boast before, then right now after successfully breaking through to body refining fifth level, his confidence had multiplied by a hundred times. After going through this period of cultivation, conveniently there was this exam to test out what step his strength had reached.

Lin Xin Yi smiled cheerfully: ’’Quickly eat then. Once you finish eating we'll go to the Sword Pavilion. It's almost time.’’

Lu Xuan wasn't too abnormal. After two days without a single grain of rice, he really had become hungry. He was devouring like a wolf, cleaning up the plate of food. Lin Xin Yi just watched by the side, every now and then revealing a smiling expression, advising him to eat slower.


At the Sword Pavilion, currently the three greats elders of the sword faction as well as many of the new budding inner sect disciples were all already there. After Lu Xuan and the other two finished eating they also rushed over, and managed to not be late.

Sword faction great elder, Elder Cheng's dignified vision swept over the crowd of people, then slowly said: ’’Today is the day of my Wind Sword Sect's sect entrance exam. All of the new budding inner sect disciples will all participate in the exam. Each disciple's result will all be announced publicly, and your results will represent not only your own faces, but it also involves my sword faction's honor!’’

’’As sword faction disciples, maintaining the sword faction's honor is your duty. This time, if you have any ability, do not keep cards hidden. If you have much ability, then display 120% of it for me! If anyone can make my sword faction famous, the rewards for you definitely will not be few!’’

’’Those that want rewards, then take a good place for me. I won't waste any more words. The rules for the exam, I will tell you in time. Right now, follow me as we go!’’

Finished speaking, the three great elders took the lead and left the Sword Pavilion. The disciples followed along. Just now, Elder Cheng's words had fired up the disciples fighting intent. Who didn't want to be famous? Who didn't want rewards? As long as they could get a good place, that would all be there!

Xing Feng glanced at Lu Xuan, his eyes were also full of fighting intent, as if he wanted to go up right now and have a bout.

Lu Xuan only smiled a little and didn't saying anything, bringing Lin Xin Yi and Xia Ye to quickly catch up.

Boarding the enormous sword-shaped flying equipment, people quickly arrived at an empty spot. Currently there were already quite a few martial artists there. They were presumably all new budding inner sect disciples that had entered the Wind Sword Sect this time and had come to participate in the exam.

Lu Xuan made a quick count. Other than the sword faction's side, there were eight other groups, which were probably the other eight great faction divisions.

No longer observing the disciples, Lu Xuan looked up and over. In front of the nine great faction division disciples, there was impressively a very lush bamboo forest. With a quick glance, it seemed like what was growing in the bamboo forest wasn't bamboo, but were countless swords inserted into the forest ground. An incomparably powerful sharp sword qi was condensed above the bamboo forest, and seemed like it was cutting into people's eyes.

And just at this time, Elder Cheng's voice sounded out: ’’This forest is called the Sword Forest. The bamboo growing in the forest is called sword bamboo. Because it has been surrounded with a killing array, over time, it bred a very powerful sword intent which is incomparably sharp. And this place is the location of this time's exam.’’

Hearing Elder Cheng's words, the sword faction disciples couldn't help but feel a bit of apprehension. This Sword Forest was obviously incredibly dangerous. If they entered into it, just the sharp sword intent was enough to make them drink a pot.

(TN: Drink a pot: suffer)

’’Hmph, the sword faction's strength is not good, but their stance is pretty big. Out of the nine great faction divisions, we've only been waiting for you.’’ A snort sounded over. Peopled looked over and discovered that it was an elder of the blade faction.

’’My sword faction didn't arrive late. Whether we come earlier or later, that is naturally my sword faction's matter.’’ Elder Cheng retorted, neither too strongly nor weakly.

The exam hadn't started yet, but there were already sparks flying between the sword faction and the blade faction. The other great faction divisions naturally looked on as if it they were looking at entertainment. This blade faction of recent years had strongly risen. Each time in the assessment and great competition, first place was always taken by the blade faction, and the sword faction was put into an awkward position.

’’Alright, stop arguing. Since we're all already here, then let's get ready to start!’’ A commanding voice sounded out, attracting the everyone's attention over. The blade faction elder also had to close his mouth and listen to that person's words.

The speaking person was dressed in a pale blue robe, his hair and beard white. A person standing in front of the nine great faction divisions, obviously he had an extraordinary status.

’’This old man is the Wind Sword Sect's vice sect master. You may call me Elder Jin. This time's new budding inner sect disciples entrance exam will be overseen by me!’’

Saying this, the disciples were suddenly understood. It was actually the vice sect master. This person in the Wind Sword Sect was only second to the sect master.

This Elder Jin once again spoke: ’’Next up, I will first explain the rules of the exam to you and how results will be graded!’’

Hearing this, everyone became quiet, focusing on listening to his words, fearing to miss anything.


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