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Sword Spirit - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Body Refining Fifth Level, Breakthrough!

Seeing that Lu Xuan had simply agreed to his challenge, a bright light flashed in Xing Feng's eyes.

’’That's good. In seven days let me witness junior disciple's strength.’’ Finished speaking, Xing Feng didn't remain any longer and left straight away.

Seeing Xing Feng leave, Lin Xin Yi wrinkled her nose a little and said in an unconvinced tone: ’’This guy is really thick-skinned. Seventeen years old and body refining fifth level. Whether it's age or realm, they're both higher than yours, and he still has the nerve to issue a challenge.’’

Lu Xuan smiled: ’’The world is originally unfair. At the time when I face against the people from the other faction divisions, they won't care about my age or realm. The final determining factor is all strength and results. Alright, in these seven days I'm preparing for isolation. I'm going to tidy up the goods received from this period of time. You guys should also cultivate more and fight to get a good result during the test in seven days.’’

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi and Xia Ye nodded their heads. The two of them in Lin City could be considered as god's favored ones. Now they were in the Wind Sword Sect, they naturally didn't want to fall behind.

Lu Xuan entered the room that he had chosen. The room's interior was very simple, however, everything was completely new. Obviously it had all been specially prepared.

After randomly scanning through it, Lu Xuan didn't pay attention to it anymore. His needs for living conditions weren't very high. He was only going to be using this place as a quiet location to cultivate.

Sitting cross-legged, Lu Xuan's mental energy went into the storage ring on his hand. Inside was a space about a meter cubed. Appearing before his eyes was the inside of the storage ring. It was a bit empty other than the Lovesick sword, a few dan medicines and a few sets of clothes.

Lu Xuan's mind moved and mental energy dragged over a jade bottle. There was a flash between his hands and the jade bottle appeared in them. It was one of the rewards he had received, the Muscle Altering pills.

Muscle Altering pills were for body refining fifth level, a dan medicine for the muscle forging realm. Right now Lu Xuan's body refining fourth level was still not complete, and using the Muscle Altering pill was a little wasteful. After playing with it for a couple of moments, he sent the it back into the storage ring. Calming down, he then began cultivating.

Seven days later he would enter the sect entrance exam. Lu Xuan wanted to take advantage of this seven day's time and rush to body refining fifth level. Time was very tight.

Tai Yi Soul Return circulated. Lu Xuan immediately became similar to a magnet. The soul force in the air began to quickly gather towards him, and then they entered into his body through his pores, converging in the meridians.

Body refining fourth level was in the bone forging realm. Taking advantage of ten Bone Cleansing dans, Lu Xuan had already discharged all of the impurities in his bones out of his body. What remained was to temper the bones. This permanent matter had no shortcuts and could only continuously use soul force to scour.

Fortunately, Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic's was incomparably powerful, and was far more efficient than other cultivation techniques, which greatly improved Lu Xuan's quenching efficiency.

Circulating one great circulatory cycle after another, soul force continually penetrated bone, making Lu Xuan's bone quenching increasingly solid.

This cultivation session lasted for a full five days.

Within the five days, Lu Xuan didn't leave his house. He got Lin Xin Yi to help him with all of his matters.

Her identity was the Lin family's great young miss, whose fingers had never needed to directly touch spring water. In these few days she was acting like a little wife. Not only did she help Lu Xuan bring over the sword sect disciple apparel and name plate over, she even helped to bring Lu Xuan's daily meals to Lu Xuan's room. Her care was very thoughtful.

(TN: Something along the lines of having been pampered all her life)

This noon, Lin Xin Yi once again helped Lu Xuan bring food. When she arrived at Lu Xuan's door, she happened to bump into Xia Ye as he was coming out. Seeing this figure, he couldn't help but joke: ’’Xin Yi, us three are together. How come every time you bring food you only bring it for Lu Xuan and never any for me.’’

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi rolled her eyes at Xia Ye and said: ’’You aren't in isolation. It's not hard for you to get it yourself. Also, Lu Xuan's shoulders are carrying the great responsibility of the sword faction's revitalization. If you can earn the favor of an elder, I'd also help you bring food.’’

Xia Ye laughed and was just preparing to say something, but right then Lu Xuan's door suddenly opened. Lu Xuan's figure appeared before the two of them.

After not being seen for five days, Lu Xuan's body had become taller by a bit again. This was due to the five days of effort. This age had always been the time for the body to grow, and adding on the bone cleansing realm was a period of reshaping. Continually using soul force to quench the bones would naturally cause the bones to grow longer.

’’Lu Xuan, what's up? No longer in isolation?’’ Lin Xin Yi approached him and asked while handing him the meal.

Accepting the meal, Lu Xuan looked at Lin Xin Yi and said: ’’Thank you very much for these few days. I was preparing to contact you. For these last two days, I'm preparing to charge into body refining fifth level. Because of that, these two days you won't need to send me food.’’

With Lu Xuan's current strength, although it was far from being able to reach the Pigu realm, but not eating food for two days also couldn't be considered as a problem.

(TN: I didn't know what to call 辟谷 but it essentially means abstaining from food)

’’You've completed the fourth level so quickly?’’ Xia Ye said with surprise.

Lu Xuan didn't hide it, nodding his head and admitting it.

Seeing Lu Xuan nod his head, Xia Ye immediately couldn't help but stick up his thumb, ’’Your cultivation speed is too heaven defying. Forget it, I'm not looking to fight. You can calmly break through. For these two days, I'll protect you and won't let anyone bother you.’’

After contacting those two, Lu Xuan once again entered his room. Continuously cultivating for five days straight, he had already quenched all of the bones in his body to their extremes and they couldn't be improved at all anymore. He had totally reached the peak of body refining fourth level. Whether or not he could charge into body refining fifth level would have to be seen in these two days.

For breakthroughs, simply relying on cultivation made it difficult to break through. You also needed perception. Many martial artists were stuck their entire lives in one realm and had no way of improving again because of their lack of perception.

Last time when breaking through to body refining fourth level, Lu Xuan had taken advantage of the insights from his fight with Long Yang, and had been a very natural breakthrough.

But this time, Lu Xuan's amount of perception was still quite a bit.

During the sect entrance assessment, Lu Xuan not only touched the threshold of sword intent, he had even rushed to the sixth floor of the Sword Tower, and in the end he had also had a life and death duel with Long Tai. In addition, when he went to Qing Mountain Village, together with Xia Chen Xi they had fought with body refining eighth level Long Zhan.

These fights had brought perceptions and were all valuable. If he could completely digest all of these things, breaking through would be a very natural thing.

Returning to his room, Lu Xuan once again took out the five Muscle Altering pills . Using a Muscle Altering pill to charge into the muscle forging realm would make things much easier.

A dan medicine was swallowed. Lu Xuan immediately felt a burst of warm qi rise from his chest. The Muscle Altering pill's potency was already beginning to work.

Muscles, referring to the human body's ligaments, tendons, and skeletal muscles etc. There's an old saying that muscles are the flesh's source of strength. The meaning of these words were that even if the flesh's power was even stronger, it still had to go through the muscles in order to be released.

Achieving peak body refining fourth level, Lu Xuan's flesh and bones had already solidified very much. As the saying goes, muscles and bones, muscles and bones. Broken bones were connected to muscles. After the bone cleansing, muscle was required. Only by tempering the muscles to become incomparably tough could the body exert the greatest amount of power.

After the Muscle Altering pill's medicinal strength was released, small strands of the medicinal strength began to quickly attach to the muscles throughout Lu Xuan's whole body, continuously strengthening them.

Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic continued to circulated. Lu Xuan tossed aside all of the other thoughts in his mind. Perceiving the gains from this period of time, his entire person was like his soul had traveled out of his body.

After who knows how long, the potency of the first Muscle Altering pill had already been completely released and was finished. Lu Xuan didn't think twice and swallowed the second Muscle Altering pill.

Under the medicinal strength's draw, the soul force flowing in the meridians no longer limited to just flesh and bone. It began to slowly penetrate towards the ends of the bones.

Up until the third Muscle Altering pill's complete digestion, Lu Xuan suddenly felt his mind suddenly have a moment of clarity. All of his understanding in this moment became very clear!

An extremely comfortable feeling passed through, as if his whole body from top to bottom had its pores all opened, greedily sucking in the air's soul force!

Body Refining Fifth Level, Breakthrough!


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