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Sword Spirit - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Reward in Hand

Lu Xuan rubbed his nose and couldn't help but look at Xia Ye behind him. Those eyes were so familiar. During the sect assessment, didn't Xia Ye also have those kind of eyes?

It seemed that seeking to prevail over others was the common personality of all geniuses, always wanting to prove themselves better than others. However, Lu Xuan wasn't so bored. Whether you were a genius or not wasn't something that you could say by yourself.

He submissively cupped his hands towards Xing Feng: ’’Lu Xuan meets senior brother Xing Feng. Please take care of me in the future.’’

Seeing that Lu Xuan didn't accept his challenge, and instead gave himself the position of junior brother, Xing Feng was a bit surprised, however, he wasn't the type to slap a person's face, and he also submissively cupped his hands and said: ’’Junior brother Lu Xuan doesn't need to stand on ceremony. Since we're both sword faction disciples, naturally we will gain glory for the sword faction.’’

Seeing the two getting along, the sword faction great elder's Elder Cheng seemed quite pleased, slightly nodding his head. After looking towards at all the swordsmen among new budding inner sect disciples, he loudly said: ’’Since you have all chosen my sword faction, then you must all place the sword faction's honor as first. Work hard and cultivate and become my sword faction's glory in the future. In seven days, there will be the sect entrance exam for all inner sect disciples. Be there on time, do not be late.’’

The crowd of people responded in affirmative. Elder Cheng lightly made a satisfied sound, and then dismissed everyone.

’’Lu Xuan, Xia Ye, this is your three people's rewards from this time's sect assessment.’’ Elder Xu's hands flashed and there were suddenly two more items in his hand.

(TN: It says three. It should probably say two though.)

The martial artists that took the first three places in the entrance assessment not only directly entered the inner sect but also could receive five Muscle Altering pills as a reward. Those things were currently in Elder Xu's hands.

Lu Xuan and Xia Ye were both in the top three and were naturally qualified to receive the reward. As for Lin Xin Yi, since she was automatically entered as an inner sect disciple, she hadn't participated in the assessment, thus, she didn't have any rewards. Of course, with the Lin family's identity, just five Muscle Altering pills couldn't be considered as much.

Seeing the five Muscle Altering pills, Lu Xuan flashed an expression of joy. Muscle Altering Pills were the dan medicines used for the body refining fifth level muscle forging realm. With these five dan medicines, with his accumulation over this period of time, it was entirely possible for him to try and charge into body refining fifth level.

Thanking Elder Xu, Lu Xuan then received the dan medicines, cautiously storing them into the storage ring that Xia Chen Xi had given him.

Elder Xu once again spoke: ’’Lu Xuan, this time you took first place. In addition, there is another reward. You may choose any one of these options: lower grade iron grade weapon, lower Huang grade martial skill or cultivation technique, or a dan medicine of the body refining seventh level or lower.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan thought about it. He already had the Lovesick sword for his weapon so he didn't need another one. For the cultivation technique he had the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, for martial skills he had the Thunder Light Sword Skill and the Blinking Sword Skill, so he wasn't lacking there either. But dan medicines could help him increase his strength more quickly, and also with the sword crystal, he didn't have to worry about the matter of dan poisons.

Thinking of this, he decided: ’’Disciple chooses the dan medicine.’’

Elder Xu nodded. A jade bottle once again appeared, ’’In here is a Pulse Protection pill. It can protect your meridians from being damaged. The best time to use it is when attacking the body refining sixth level pulse condensation realm.’’

Then he exhorted Lu Xuan again: ’’Although the dan medicine is good, but it will produce dan poisons, and also frequently using dan medicines makes it easy to create an unstable foundation. Don't use too many, and use your own discretion.’’

Evidently, since Lu Xuan had won so many dan medicines this time, Elder Xu was a little worried, afraid that Lu Xuan might covet the rapid promotions in strength that the dan medicines brought and continually taking them, and wind up paying for it later.

’’Disciple remembers the teachings.’’ Lu Xuan also didn't say anything extra and simply agreed.

’’En, that's good. In seven days it will be the sect entrance exam for all inner sect disciples. At that time, among the nine great faction divisions, all the new budding inner sect disciples will all participate. If everything is within expectations, the blade faction's people will try to arrogantly provoke you. This time, my sword faction's honor will all be depending on you. Do not let this old man down.’’ Elder Xu said in a deep voice.

In previous years of tests and great competitions, they were the sword faction's most trying times. Almost every time they would receive the taunts and provocations of the other factions, however, their skills were worse than others. The sword faction could only endure these unbearable things in silence.

However, this time there was Lu Xuan participating. There was finally reason for Elder Xu to have some confidence and hope. Whether or not the sword faction could be proud again depended on Lu Xuan.

’’Disciple will definitely not fail elder's trust. You can allow me, Lu Xuan, to protect the sword faction's honor!’’ Lu Xuan said resolutely. Elder Xu had helped him too much. The best way to repay it would be to lead the sword faction towards glory. This time's sect entrance exam would be the first step!

’’Very good. This old man enjoys your self-confidence the most. Properly cultivate in these seven days and adjust your condition. Alright, you all can go and rest. After exiting, a deacon will naturally lead you to your residence.’’ Elder Xu waved his hand.

The three bid Elder Xu farewell and exited the Sword Pavilion. There was a deacon that welcomed them and proactively brought Lu Xuan and them towards the inner sect disciple residence area.

Finally receiving their freedom, Lin Xin Yi and Xia Ye were both pretty excited, after all, this was their first time coming to the Wind Sword Sect. They couldn't help but look everywhere. Lu Xuan was also curious, after all, he was still a youth and his heart's curiosity was at its biggest.

’’Lu Xuan, do you have any guarantees for the sect entrance exam in seven days?’’ Lin Xin Yi asked Lu Xuan with large and bright eyes.

Lu Xuan slightly smiled and said: ’’We'll naturally see in time.’’

Xia Ye couldn't help but ask: ’’Lu Xuan, you don't plan on taking first place right? This time you're going to be facing all of the young geniuses from the three great empires. This isn't just ordinarily difficult!’’

’’Even if it's more difficult, you still have to try.’’ Lu Xuan casually said.

’’That's right. Lu Xuan, I believe you can definitely do it!’’ Lin Xin Yi expressed unconditional support for Lu Xuan. Her favorite thing was seeing Lu Xuan's indifferent smile that contained his self-confidence. Looking at him, Lu Xuan didn't seem to be as confident as Xing Feng, but the people who were familiar with Lu Xuan would know that his self-confidence was never displayed on his face but was concealed inside.

The three of them joked around and soon arrived at the residence area. Because this year's number of disciples that entered the sword faction was far less than normal years, there were many empty rooms. The three quickly picked three rooms that were next to each other.

However, at this time, there was suddenly someone that blocked the three's path. It was Xing Feng.

Lin Xin Yi and Xia Ye both revealed slightly unhappy expressions.

’’Lu Xuan, among this time's new budding sword faction disciples, you and I had the best results. However, a faction only needs one leader. I think we need to determine who will be the leader.’’ Xing Feng spoke straight to the point. He was another person with a straightforward personality.

’’Then what would senior brother Xing Feng like to suggest?’’ Lu Xuan asked.

’’In seven days it will be the sect entrance exam. We can just use the results from there to use as the standard. Whoever has the better result will be the person who acts as leader.’’

’’You are body refining fifth level and Lu Xuan is only body refining fourth level. Isn't that a bit too unfair?’’ Lin Xin Yi couldn't help but argue for Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan waved his hand to stop Lin Xin Yi's speaking, he said: ’’Anyway, since senior brother Xing Feng has this interest, then we can just follow senior brother's words.’’

Lu Xuan didn't like to expose his cards too much, but that didn't mean he was afraid of challenges. Lu Xuan had his own arrogance. Since he had agreed to bring back the glory of the sword faction for Elder Xu, then sooner or later he would face off with Xing Feng. It was better to just take this time to resolve it.


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