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Sword Spirit - Chapter 65


Chapter 65: Provocations from the Blade Sect

After Instructor Yang took Xia Chen Xi away, there was another middle-aged martial artist that stepped forward. This martial artist looked very aggressive. He was carrying a executioner blade in hand rather imposingly.

’’The disciples that have chosen to enter my blade faction, stand behind me and follow me towards the blade faction.’’

After the core disciples had been taken away, it was time for the nine great faction divisions to lead people.

After some dawdling, over thirty martial artists went forward and stood behind that person.

There was about three hundred or so martial artists that had come from Lin City. Seeing that about ten percent of the people had come forward, a look of discontent flashed across his face.

’’My blade faction is the Wind Sword Sect's number one faction. By entering my blade faction, every month, the amount of resources you will receive each month is far more than the other great faction divisions. You should all think clearly.’’ This martial artist snorted, then he glanced at Elder Xu and coldly smiled and said: ’’You all probably want to enter the sword faction right? I'll truthfully tell you all, my Wind Sword Sect might be called a sword sect, but in reality, the sword faction earned the very last place in our last great sect competition!’’

’’Elder Zheng, how my sword faction is doing does not need your comments!’’ Elder Xu's face sank as he spoke.

’’Ah, it's the truth. Could it be that people aren't allowed to say it? Or could it be that my words poked at your sword faction's sore spot?’’ That Elder Zheng laughed contemptuously, ’’In the recent years of the great sect competition, my blade faction has continually taken first place. If you ask me, the sect should have changed its name a long time ago. Because of its Wind Sword Sect name, countless young martial artists have been led astray. Before entering the sect they've wasted so much energy and time practicing the sword. After entering the sect they have to restart cultivating, clearly wasting a great amount of time.’’

Seeing that Elder Zheng acting so arrogant, even openly defaming the sword faction, Elder Xu couldn't help but angrily retort: ’’If it weren't for these recent years and your blade faction hoarding the majority of the resources to suppress my sword faction, how could my sword faction become like this?’’

These years, although the sword faction didn't produce any astonishing geniuses, but there were quite a few talented disciples. If they could receive enough resources, even if they could take first, they could still stay within the top three, but because the blade faction used all of its strength to suppress them, trying to suppress the sword faction's resources, causing the sword faction's genius disciples to steadily flow out, making the situation to worsen further.

It was because of this that Elder Xu was so desperate for a genius to appear. He needed a real genius to help the sword faction win first place once and bring back the resources that belonged to the sword faction!

As long as there were enough resources, then the sword faction would be able to once again be revitalized and once again rise. Unquestionably, Lu Xuan was currently Elder Xu's only hope. He believed that in next year's great sect competition, Lu Xuan would definitely be able to bring the sword faction upwards!

Towards Elder Xu's accusations, that Elder Zheng acted like he was deaf and only sneered: ’’The truth is in front of you. There's no meaning in speaking excessively.’’

Then he once again turned his head and began speaking to the martial artists, saying: ’’You all heard it just now. The sword faction's position is far lower than my blade faction. If you want to choose my blade faction there's still time. Once you enter the sword faction, then you will completely waste a half year's time before you can choose again. A martial artist's golden time to cultivate only so long. I believe you all realize what it means to waste half a year.’’

Saying this, that Elder Zheng didn't say any more and only waited for the martial artists to choose. He believed that after his speech, there would definitely people who would make the correct choice.

Indeed, after some dawdling, one after another actually up until about forty people stood forward, walking behind Elder Zheng. Amongst the forty people, over half of them were carrying long swords on their backs. Obviously they had been originally prepared to cultivate the sword.

Seeing this scene, Elder Zheng began to loudly laugh, his face satisfied: ’’Very good, you all will definitely not regret your choice. Entering my blade faction, in half a year, all of your realms will definitely far surpass your peers!’’

Just as he turned his head ready to enjoy Elder Xu's exasperation, but instead he discovered that Elder Xu's expression was far more calm than he had expected.

’’What's this old guy up to? Normally, he long would have blown his beard and widened his eyes.’’ Elder Zheng couldn't help but feel suspicion, not knowing why Elder Xu had such a change in temperament.

However, he couldn't force Elder Xu to fly off the handle. Being unable to see the ’’beautiful scene’’ that he had imagined, he could only coldly snort once and toss out a flying item and led the crowd of martial artists that had chosen the blade faction away.

’’The remaining seven factions can all come up to lead. Those that want to change your factions, you can still change your selection.’’ Elder Xu faintly said, without any intent of trying to make people stay in the sword faction.

After Elder Xu's words, the other seven faction division's people walked forward, however they did not show off as much as the blade faction, and only reported their faction division names, letting the martial artists who wanted to enter join.

’’Old Xu, how come you're a bit unlike your usual self? Actually accepting that grandkid's crap?’’ A spear-wielding martial artist went forwards, walking up to Elder Xu's side and asked in surprise.

That person's name was Du Lin and was the elder of the spear faction. The spear faction had the best relations with the sword faction because the swordsmen and spearmen had more or less the same points. The martial artists that used these two kinds of weapons all had a type of straightforward and unbending temperament. Because it was that way, the people from those two factions were friendly with each, it was just that the current spear faction's position was far greater than the sword faction's. In the last great competition, they had taken third place.

Hearing this, Elder Xu contentedly smiled: ’’His strength is his strength. Let the gentle breeze brush across the mountain ride. If he crosses let him cross, the moon still shines on the river. Rather than fight with our mouths and tongues, it is better to use strength in the future to give him a good slap on the face.’’

When Elder Xu said it like this, how could Du Lin not understand. His face flashed an expression of surprise: ’’You found it?’’

’’This time's expedition had some gains. You'll see in seven days during the sect entrance exam. By then, my sword faction will be astounding!’’ Elder Xu stroked his beard, slightly smiling as he spoke.

Du Lin began laughing, ’’Then I'll be the first to congratulate you. At that time I must go and see what sort of gem in the rough could let you be so confident.’’

After that he didn't say anymore. Taking large steps forward he loudly said: ’’I am the spear faction's Elder Du. Those that choose to enter my spear faction line up behind me.’’

This time those that exited was only less than twenty people. Du Lin didn't fuss. As the saying went, a month for the staff, a year for the blade, a lifetime for the spear. The spear was the most difficult to practice. It tested the martial artist's patience. To become a powerful spearman required a lot of bitter cultivation. Because of that, the number of martial artists that chose to learn the spear wasn't too high.

After each faction division brought people, there were less than thirty people left. Among them, the large portion were martial artists that were preparing to enter the sword faction had been scared away by Elder Zheng's words. It could be said that this was one of the most miserable periods of time for the sword faction in a long time.

’’After enduring Elder Zheng's words, you still chose to the sword faction. Very good! This prove that you have in your heart already have your own sword dao. My sword faction desires exactly the talents like you. As for those sitting on the fence, they can't cultivate the sword and are not suited for the sword. As for the question of resources, you do not have to worry. I allowed Elder Zheng to take away those that were sitting on the fence so that I wouldn't need to waste resources on those sitting on the fence. Right now they have left so you will all be able to acquire double the original amount of resources! Even if it's less than the other faction divisions, it won't be too much different.’’

Elder Xu's words let the remaining martial artists cheer up. They hearts were indeed leaning towards the sword dao, it was just that the question of resources made them worried. Now that Elder Xu had said this, their worries decreased by more than half.

’’Right now I will lead you toward the location of the sword faction. There will be someone at that time who will explain the specifics in detail there.’’

Finished speaking, Elder Xu led Lu Xuan and the other disciples onto the enormous sword and once again set out. This time's destination was the sword faction's location.’’


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