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Sword Spirit - Chapter 64


Chapter 64: Parting

Receiving Elder Xu's summons, the martial artists went up one by one, handing over the number plates from when they signed up, giving them to the Wind Sword Sect deacons. After verifying it was correct, they boarded onto the enormous sword-shaped flying treasure one by one.

After the martial artists had all boarded, Elder Xu started up the enormous sword, and it slowly began to rise into the air. Soon, it had risen high into the sky, and at the same time, a faint light blue screen came out that wrapped everyone up.

’’This screen can protect you from receiving damage from the hurricanes.Right now, all of the martial artists should sit down cross-legged. Before arriving at the Wind Sword Sec, don't move wildly.’’ Elder Xu's voice once again rang out.

Hearing this, the martial artists hurriedly sat down cross-legged. If they joked around at such a height and they fell off, with their strength, they would definitely have their skeletons broken to pieces.

’’Right now, I will first explain to you about my Wind Sword Sect's set-up. My Wind Sword Sect is split into a total of nine great faction divisions, divided into the sword faction, blade faction...’’

Taking advantage of the interval of going to the Wind Sword Sect, Elder Xu began to explain the Wind Sword Sect's nine great faction divisions to the martial artists, letting these martial artists have a better understanding about the Wind Sword Sect, and also letting them determine which faction division they wanted to enter.

Although he had already heard Elder Xu say it once, Lu Xuan still listened carefully. This was also a form of respect to Elder Xu.

’’Right now, you all need to make your decisions. Once we arrive at the Wind Sword Sect, there will be people to lead you to their respective faction divisions, however, you all do not have to be too worried. If you do not feel like your choice was suitable, then after half a year, there will be one opportunity to switch!’’

Although he was the sword faction elder, Elder Xu did not deliberately promote the sword faction. That was attributed to the pride of a swordsman. Even if the sword faction declined further, he still wouldn't use underhanded means to pull people in, not to mention, he already knew that those that should stay would naturally stay, and those that wanted to leave would still leave.

After Elder Xu finished explaining, the crowd of martial artists on the enormous sword immediately began to whispering to each other. Obviously, they were discussing which of the faction divisions they would choose.

Lu Xuan had long since determined that he would cultivate the sword, naturally there was no need to consider. He closed his eyes and slowly regulated his breathing. After some time, throughout the entire enormous sword, other than the crowd of martial artists that were this whispering and discussing, there was only the sound of wind. It could be imagined that the speed of the enormous sword must have been very fast.

While regulating his breath, after who knows how long, Lu Xuan felt the enormous sword's flying speed began to slow down. He couldn't help open his eyes and look out. He only saw a lush mountainous forest area, and immediately couldn't help but let out a silent cry. It was beautiful scenery.

At this time, the enormous sword also began to slowly descend. Soon it came to a stop on a piece of flat ground. Lu Xuan looked around and discovered that this place actually had quite a few people waiting.

’’All disciples, follow me.’’ Elder Xu once again called out. The martial artists got up and got off the enormous sword with Elder Xu.

’’Haha, Elder Xu, your group was the slowest to return. I've been waiting for a long time now. Eh, how come I don't see Elder Sun?’’ After Elder Xu had brought the people down, a middle-aged long sword-bearing martial artists went up and greeted them.

’’He had some matters and left first. Because of that we were a man down in driving the enormous sword, with only me and Elder Li, thus our speed was dragged down.’’ Elder Xu didn't elaborate and only casually explained with a couple of sentences.

The martial artist didn't inquire further. Going over to Elder Xu, standing in front of the crowd of martial artists, his eyes scanned through the crowd, then with a loud voice he said: ’’Who is Xia Chen Xi? Follow me towards the core disciple cultivating area now.’’

Once he spoke these words, the martial artists' eyes immediately went towards Xia Chen Xi, their eyes filled with envious expressions. From what Elder Xu had said earlier, they already knew that the Wind Sword Sect disciples three large levels. Core disciples were undoubtedly the highest level. The greater majority of them were only outer sect disciples, not even inner sect disciples. Their distance from being a core disciple was super far away.

Hearing this, Xia Chen Xi immediately moved out of the crowd, greeting the middle-aged martial artist and said: ’’Elder, disciple is here.’’

Seeing Xia Chen Xi, this middle-aged martial artist couldn't help but feel slightly surprised towards Xia Chen Xi's stunning appearance, but after that he nodded his head and said: ’’I'm not some sort of elder. There are no elders for core disciples. I am a core disciple instructor. You can call me Instructor Yang. If there aren't any problems, then right now you can follow me. I will tell you the specifics as we go.’’

’’Instructor, please wait a few moments, disciple wants to say farewell to her friends. Will you permit it?’’ Xia Chen Xi apologetically said.

’’En, don't delay for too long.’’ Towards Xia Chen Xi's request, this Instructor Yang didn't say too much. The identity of a core disciples was very high in the Wind Sword Sect. Naturally he couldn't be as strict as he was towards ordinary disciples.

Receiving approval, Xia Chen Xi went to Lu Xuan and the others and first shook Lin Xin Yi's hand, slightly smiling as she said: ’’Xin Yi, your personality is lively, but the Wind Sword Sect isn't Lin City. From now on, don't be too overbearing. Previously, I couldn't stop worrying about you, but with Lu Xuan here, I can relax a little. From now, listen to Lu Xuan often.’’

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi's eyes were a bit red. She and Xia Chen Xi had been close friends since childhood and had almost never been separated. Right now they were suddenly parting, she was naturally very sad.

’’Relax Chen Xi, with Lu Xuan here, there won't be anyone who bullies me. In the future I will definitely properly cultivate, and strive to one day be able to go forward to the core disciple area to look for you.’’

Xia Chen Xi nodded. She stretched out a hand to help dry the tears in the corner of Lin Xin Yi's eyes, then she looked towards Xia Ye.

’’Cousin, although you're older than me by two years, however, Chen Xi would still like two exhort you on two things. Your personality is too proud, and you view yourself too highly, however, there is always someone better. The Wind Sword Sect's geniuses will appear one after another and isn't something that Lin City can compare to. In the future, please don't be too proud lest you provoke some sort of calamity.’’

Hearing this, Xia Ye laughed: ’’Before I was indeed like that, but after I saw Lu Xuan, I understood that calling myself Lin City's number two genius was just a joke. From now on I'll be careful. Right now, Lu Xuan is my goal!’’

After exhorting those two, Xia Chen Xi then looked towards Lu Xuan. In her eyes there was a trace of melancholy. She also didn't know why in this short period of less than half a month, without knowing when, Lu Xuan had unknowingly entered into her heart and opened the door to her heart.

Biting her lip, Xia Chen Xi only said a short sentence: ’’I will wait for you at the core disciple's location.’’

His eyes looking deep into Xia Chen Xi's, Lu Xuan saw the trace of tenderness hidden in her eyes. In his mind, he involuntarily remembered the scene on Treasure Pavilion's second floor when he had taught Xia Chen Xi the ancient enchantment technique.

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan couldn't help but smile and say: ’’You won't way for long. Within a year, I will move forward and find you! If you don't have anything to do, you can practice the enchantment technique more.’’

How could Xia Chen Xi not understand what Lu Xuan meant. Thinking of that time when she had been hugged, Xia Chen Xi couldn't help but feel her ears go warm. She suddenly stopped paying attention to the people around her and gave Lu Xuan an angry look.

’’Since it's that way, then I'll take the first step. If there's an opportunity, I will visit you all.’’ After Xia Chen Xi finished speaking, she turned to leave.

Seeing that she was finished talking, that Instructor Yang didn't say anything more. He waved his hand and a clump of soul force immediately wrapped up him and Xia Chen Xi, and they shot off into the air.


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