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Sword Spirit - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Moving to the Wind Sword Sect

Ninth Uncle laughed and said: ’’Saying it is a little embarrassing, but after cultivating over half a lifetime, I only just recently achieved spirit refining fourth level, barely entering the spirit refining middle stage.’’

Hearing this, Elder Xu on the side laughed and said: ’’You should be satisfied. This old man has already been stuck at spirit refining third level for many years, and hasn't been able to cross over the threshold into the spirit refining middle stage. I'm guessing that in this lifetime, it'll just be like this.’’

Talking up to here, the two both had some regrets. A martial artist cultivated the quickest when they were young. As their age became older and older, trying to break through also became more difficult. At Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu's age, other than some fortuitous circumstance, there wasn't much hope in trying to continue to successfully take another step forward.

At this time, Lin Xin Yi on the side interrupted and asked: ’’Ninth Uncle, you just now that the spirit word of spirit refining has two meaning. Soul spirit force is one. Then what's the other one?’’

’’Let this old man talk about that.’’ Elder Xu slightly smiled,stroking his beard as he said: ’’After body refining, during spirit refining, this spirit also points to mind!’’

(TN: The 神 in 精神)

’’As the saying goes, martial path martial path. In fact this martial path includes two kinds. One is cultivating, and the other is enlightenment! Cultivating is for the body, enlightenment is for the mind. Thus for spirit refining realm, other than refining soul spirit force, it is more important to exercise your mental force.’’

’’However, mental force is a very mysterious thing. Unlike soul spirit force which we can feel, refine it, and use, mental force, although everyone has it, not many know how to cultivate it, and can only use some means of aide to exercise it, such as enchanting or alchemy. In these processes, the mental strength can obtain a certain amount of improvement.’’

’’So, for most martial artists, although spirit refining has two layers of meanings, for the majority of martial artists, knowing one layer is enough, which is cultivating soul spirit force.’’

Finished listening to Elder Xu's words, Lu Xuan nodded thoughtfully. Simply speaking, entering the spirit refining realm required cultivating soul spirit force to become his life's soul force, and also needed to begin to temper his mental force.

However, towards Elder Xu's words about only requiring to take care of just cultivating soul spirit force, Lu Xuan didn't agree. He believed that since spirit refining had two types of meanings, then it must be that reasons for those meanings. If he could cultivate both sides, then there would definitely be different results. It was just that right now he hadn't even reached the spirit refining realm. It was too far away to talk about these things. Naturally he wouldn't retort on anything.

Hearing Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu's words, Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi also benefited. At least they knew about the path ahead.

As they talked, Lu Yu and Lu Qiong had already gathered up their luggage. The Lu family's servants were all originally from Qing Mountain Village. Lu Yu gave them some money and then dismissed them.

After waiting another while, Yao Lei brought over his parents. Yao Lei looked exactly the same as his father, with the same small round face, however, he was still a bit skinnier than his father.

Once Father Yao arrived, he hurriedly put on a smiling face and greeted Ninth Uncle, Xia Chen Xi, Lin Xin Yi, and the others. Obviously, he already knew about Xia Chen Xi and the others identities from Yao Lei. To him, prior to this, he would never have even thought about meeting such an important person. With the current hard to get opportunity to meet such important people, naturally he would try to improve relations.

The Yao family also didn't bring too much, just their family's liquidated assets. As long as they had money, Lin City would have everything else.

The number of people headed towards Lin City was a bit much, so then Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu did not ride with Lu Xuan and those guys. With their strength, the speed at which they could fly from Qing Mountain Village to Lin City was quite a bit faster than the carriage.

A line of people got on the City Lord Mansion's carriage and quickly headed back towards Lin City.

After returning to Lin City, with the help of Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi, the Lu family and the Yao family settled down peacefully and quickly. In this period of time, Lu Xuan and the others also went with Xia Chen Xi to pay respects to her father, who was also Lin City's City Lord, Xia Tao.

It was their first time meeting such an important person so Lu Yu and Father Yao and the others were all a little shy, but Lu Xuan appeared very calm. After he had gotten the sword crystal, Lu Xuan's self confidence had greatly increased. If it had been before, facing the dignified Lin City City Lord, it was possible that he would also be nervous.

As Lin City's City Lord, facing Lu Xuan and the others, Xia Tao didn't put on any airs. He only had a single daughter. Towards his daughter's friends he was naturally genial, especially with Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu accompanying them. He also greatly appreciated Lu Xuan.

To be able to sit in his current position, Xia Tao naturally have a keen insight into a person's character. Since Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu looked favorably on Lu Xuan, then he must have some superior qualities, and also Lu Xuan had been able to not reveal any timidity while in front of him. Just that mental strength alone was already enough for him to look favorably upon.

As for Lin Xin Yi, with her identity as the Lin family's favorite little girl, if she wanted to help the Lu family and Yao family settle down, then it was very simple. The Lin family's business spanned across many cities. They quickly helped the two families assign some business. As long as they carefully managed it, it would be better than staying in Qing Mountain Village by over ten thousand times.

Within these few days, Lu Xuan also paused cultivating. He stayed at home to accompany his father and older sister. After three days, he was going to head for the Wind Sword Sect. Unless it was necessary, it would take a very long time before he would be able to make the trip home.

Three days times was over in a flash. After bidding his father and older sister farewell, Lu Xuan went with Xia Chen Xi and the others and began to head towards the Sword Testing Hall. Today was the official day for going to the Wind Sword Sect!

When Lu Xuan and the other three arrived at the Sword Testing Hall, there were already many martial artists present. These were all martial artists that had passed this time's assessment.

Each of the martial artists had smiling expressions plastered on their faces. They all dreamed of the legendary Wind Sword Sect. Now that they could become the Wind Sword Sect's outer sect disciples, they were all a bit impatient.

Seeing that the time was almost noon, Elder Xu and the other elder reappeared. This time, Ninth Uncle didn't come and, due to the Qing Mountain Village matter, Elder Sun's current location was unknown and he naturally didn't come.

’’All of the martial artists that passed the assessment, follow me!’’ Elder Xu loudly shouted. Finished speaking, he turned his body to leave and began moving towards the empty area around the Sword Tower. Lu Xuan and the others followed him.

Arriving in front of the Sword Tower, Elder Xu tossed out a small sword from his storage ring. The strange thing was, after this small sword appeared, as soon as it felt the breeze it began to grown, and it quickly became enormous. There wasn't a single person in the crowd of martial artists that wasn't amazed. Even Lu Xuan and the others couldn't help but drop their jaws. It was too miraculous. They had never seen such a large sword.

Seeing the look of amazement on the martial artists face, Elder Xu explained: ’’This is my Wind Sword Sect's flying treasure. This time, you all will go with me, sitting on the sword and go to the Wind Sword Sect. Right now, all martial artists should give their number plate to the deacons and come up one after another.’’


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