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Sword Spirit - Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Long Zhan's Death!

After Lu Xuan said kill, Long Zhan's heart suddenly dropped!

Elder Sun angrily yelled: ’’You dare!’’

’’Whether or not we dare, we'll test and see!’’ Elder Xu flew out of the crowd, suddenly unsheathing his long sword and directly attacked Elder Sun. Only the bright shine of the long sword was visible as it was impressively also a treasure grade weapon.

He was very sympathetic towards Lu Xuan and he also saw Lu Xuan as the hope of the sword faction rising. He would naturally try to protect such a great genius, thus, when Lu Xuan said to kill, he didn't hesitate and immediately made his move.

Facing Elder Xu's attack, Elder Sun didn't dare to ignore it. With a large shout, his entire body's soul force burst out, condensing into an enormous fist that punched towards Elder Xu.

Elder Xu waved his sword. Swipe, swipe, swipe. A few sword lights flashed by colliding with Elder Sun's fist and both disappeared. The two of them quickly began to battle.

As both were Wind Sword Sect inner sect elders, Elder Xu and Elder Sun's cultivations' were around the same. In a short period of time, neither would be able to prevail over the other. As the two sides battled, sword qi and punches scattered out in all directions, creating a large gust of wind. Those that were close couldn't get within a ten meter radius of the fight.

With Elder Xu acting to receive Elder Sun's attacks, Ninth Uncle finally no longer had any scruples. The Shadow Claws flipped, and his body suddenly exploded with strength, directly charging towards Long Zhan. Capture the ringleader first in order to capture all his followers. With Long Zhan's body refining seventh level strength, there was no reason to place him in his eyes.

’’Go up! All of you block for me!’’ Long Zhan roared over and over again, urging his servants to go forward.

This time, he truly felt the threat of death. He had previously seen Ninth Uncle's power. His body refining seventh level strength might be something prestigious in Qing Mountain Village, but in front of Ninth Uncle, it was no different than an ordinary person's.

Receiving Long Zhan's command, some of the servants became resolute and each growled before charging forward. They knew that it would be difficult to run from death. If they fought desperately, maybe there would be a chance at life.

’’Hmph, overconfidence!’’ Facing the swarm of servants, Ninth Uncle coldly snorted. The Shadow Claw waved and a powerful soul force shot out. One move for one person, they would definitely die!

With the servants to buy him some time, Long Zhan turned around and planned to escape, but soon he tossed out that idea. Ninth Uncle's strength far surpassed his. Even if he ran, where could he run to?

His eyes swept over the crowd by Lu Xuan's side. Long Zhan developed a plan.

Although he didn't know why the two Wind Sword Sect elders had looked favorably on Lu Xuan, but it gave him an possible opportunity. Right now, his path to survival was to capture Lu Xuan and use Lu Xuan as a hostage as a bargaining chip for his life!

Thinking this through, Long Zhan didn't hesitate any longer. Body refining seventh strength instantly exploded out in an unreserved manner. His speed instantly increased to an extreme, his entire person was like a blur as he quickly rushed towards Lu Xuan.

Seeing that Long Zhan was actually charging towards Lu Xuan to attack, Lu Yu was very surprised. Then without hesitation he placed himself in front of Lu Xuan and loudly yelled: ’’Xuan'er, move back!’’

Facing his father's loving and protective heart, Lu Xuan didn't appreciate the kindness, moving his hand forward and dragged Lu Yu behind him and once again stood at the forefront, saying in a deep voice: ’’Father, turn this place over to me and protect older sister!’’

Although Lu Yu had body refining fifth level strength, and his realm seemed to be one higher than Lu Xuan's, his actual combat strength was not necessarily better than Lu Xuan's.

Long Zhan's attack came quickly. In the blink of an eye he had already rushed up to Lu Xuan's body, his right hand reached out, fingers slightly bent, using the Dragon Seizing Hand of the Dragon Seizing skill, directly grabbing towards Lu Xuan's neck, intending to capture Lu Xuan's life.

With the same Dragon Seizing Hand, the result of Long Zhan's far surpassed Long Tai's. Although it was only a lower Huang grade martial skill, it was still a martial skill that Long Zhan had immersed himself in for half his life. Its power was very good. When his distance was still two meters away, Lu Xuan could feel a gust of wind.

Just as Lu Xuan was preparing to make his move, a pleasant breeze floated by, and a figure suddenly sprang out from behind him, making its move one step earlier.

There was a flash of sword light without hesitation that chopped down towards Long Zhan, carrying a strong amount of power. It wasn't inferior at all to Long Zhan's attack.

Long Zhan's expression changed. He currently didn't have a weapon in hand and didn't dare to directly receive this move. He abruptly stopped the claw attack towards Lu Xuan, suddenly stopping his body, and then dodged the sword.

At this time, Lu Xuan also finally saw clearly who the person who had struck was. It was impressively Xia Chen Xi.

Currently Xia Chen Xi's white clothes were fluttering, carrying a long sword at a slant, her face appearing different as she stood by Lu Xuan's side. Even if she seemed like a pretty face, she was still body refining sixth level. Although she wasn't as strong as Long Zhan, the distance wasn't too much.

Seeing Xia Chen Xi make a move, Long Zhan's eyes flashed a trace of severity, ’’Do you think that just because you are of the City Lord's Mansion that I won't dare to touch you? Today, even if I die, I will still drag someone down with me!’’

A pair of iron claws suddenly appeared on Long Zhan's hands. Impressively they were upper grade iron grade. This time, he had already stopped preparing to hold back. As he had just said, even if he died, he would still take someone down with him.

With weapon on hand, Long Zhan's strength sharply increased!

A body refining seventh level's full power exploded out holding nothing back. He had already been stuck in body refining seventh level for a long time and was only a step away from entering into body refining eighth level. Although it seemed like Xia Chen Xi and Long Zhan were only one small realm's difference, but the difference in strength was very apparent.

’’Chen Xi, be careful! Let's work together!’’ Lu Xuan said in a deep voice.

Facing the almost body refining eighth level strength Long Zhan, Lu Xuan felt an enormous pressure. The pressure was even greater than the one experienced in the Sword Tower's trial. Inside the Sword Tower, the greatest enemies he faced were body refining sixth level, not to mention, the real enemy now was not inattentive and knew that he could lose his life at any time!

Long Zhan vigorously swiped with his pair of claws creating wind. Countless amounts of soul force condensed to become claw images that headed towards Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi with frightening power.

Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi simultaneously made their moves, blocking all of the attacks Long Zhan sent out. There was only the loud sound of soul force attacks colliding. The hearts Lu Yu and Lu Qiong who were looking on were pounding.

Although both sides seemed evenly matched, Lu Yu's eyebrows were tightly wrinkled, his entire face worried: ’’Xuan'er and young miss Chen Xi are in danger. They can only parry with no energy to spare. If mister Yan Jiu does not hurry over here...’’

Although he was worried, Lu Yu didn't have any methods. He could tell, whether it was Lu Xuan or Xia Chen Xi, their combat strength was better than his. Even if he added himself to the fight, not only would he be unable to help, he would even cause trouble.

’’I'll block him, Lu Xuan, you use that sword!’’ Xia Chen Xi resolutely said, her sentence curt. He naturally knew that her and Lu Xuan were already in a passive situation and had to take the initiative.

’’Okay!’’ Lu Xuan resolutely replied.

As soon as the words were spoken, Xia Chen Xi's body rushed forward, her whole body's soul force flowed out into the long sword without reservation. Fiercely slashing out, her clothes fluttering, the long sword danced, and it seemed like a girl from heaven had descended.

Xia Chen Xi's sudden explosion was a bit out of Long Zhan's expectations, but facing Xia Chen Xi's strongest sword stroke, he didn't dare to look down on it. The pair of claws came together in a cross formation preparing to block the attack. At the same time he grinned and said: ’’Desperately fighting to the death. Have you already run out of tricks?’’

There was only a bang sound as Xia Chen Xi's long sword fiercely slashed at Long Zhan's pair of claws. Soul force collided and a large, powerful explosion came out.

It was right at that moment!

Lu Xuan's eyes flashed a light, and his whole body's soul force began to move. His speed suddenly reached its limit as the Lovesick sword came out!

Sword light flashed and it was impossible to see his sword's trajectory. In the blink of an eye, the battle situation had changed!

When the crowd looked again at the battlefield's situation, the Lovesick sword's hilt was in Lu Xuan's hand, and the sword tip was deeply buried in Long Zhan's heart, directly penetrating out through the back.

Slowly looking down, and seeing the sword that was going through his body, Long Zhan's eyes were filled with disbelief, ’’How, how could this be...’’

Lu Xuan suddenly pulled out the sword. Without any support, Long Zhan's corpse crashed to the ground, his eyes opened wide. He could never have imagined that he would actually die to these two juniors hands. Especially that last sword stroke. How could it be so fast...


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