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Sword Spirit - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 Martial Skill

The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic cultivation skill was purely a memory stored in Lu Xuan's mind, so not only did he not have to worry about forgetting it, his understanding of it only required half the effort.

After going through it again, the circulation path through the twenty-six meridians was completely memorized by Lu Xuan.

However he did not immediately begin to cultivate. He had only obtained a portion of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic just now. Having first obtained such an excellent cultivation technique, Lu Xuan began looking forward to getting the remaining memories.

After quickly going through the memories one more time, Lu Xuan was not disappointed. Very quickly sorted out a sword skill.

For martial artists, combat strengths classifications were divided into three big parts. The first was naturally your own body's strength level. That was definitely the most basic and was also the most important. For common martial artists, winning against levels above your own was something only in legends.

The second was the cultivation skill you cultivated in. The stronger the cultivation technique, the greater your recovery and sustainability was. And the third was the most important in fights. That is martial techniques.

Whether or not one knew a martial skill was a large determiner how strong a martial artist would be in a fight. If two martial artists of the same level fought, whoever had the stronger martial skill would be the one to have the definite advantage.

Martial skills, like cultivation techniques, were divided into Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang levels, upper, middle, and lower class.

Similarly, martial skills were also priceless. The sword skill was a type of martial skill. Lu Xuan got the name of the sword skill from the memory. It was called Blinking Sword Skill.

As the name suggested, this sword technique's most prominent feature was its speed! The sword would come out in the blink of an eye.

For all martial skills, there was no firmness that couldn't be broken, but speed could never be broken!

Concerning sword techniques, this was even truer. The sword was a lightweight type equipment, which was different from heavy weapons openings and closings. Even if the enemy's attack was stronger, as long as you could get in your own attack before his, even a stronger attack would have no use.

The Blinking Sword Skill's grade, according to Lu Xuan's memories, was an upper Huang class sword skill!

Compared to the Large Foundation Fist skill that he had yesterday, which martial artist would not come to Lu Xuan and tell him that an upper Huang class sword was anything short of a heavenly existence!

Why could the Long family be the number one clan in Qing Mountain Village? They relied on the Long family patriarch Long Zhan's martial skill, Dragon Seizing Hand.

Although the name of Dragon Seizing Hand seemed very powerful, in reality, it was only a lower Huang class martial skill.

A trivial lower Huang class martial skill was enough rule over a small village, it could even suppress the other families. It could be seen how precious and powerful martial skills were.

But now, with Lu Xuan's talent and adding on the newly acquired Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and the Blinking Sword Skill, as long as he was given time, the so-called Long family would be just a joke. It even more didn't need to be said that in Lu Xuan's dantian also had a mystery that was the incomparably powerful sword crystal that was waiting for his discovery.

Within a day, Lu Xuan's body had experienced enormous earth-shaking changes. His talent had been somehow elevated to the peak, his cultivation had advanced a thousand li in a day, and he had received a powerful cultivation technique and a upper Huang class martial skill. It could be said there seemed to be a bright future ahead.

After carefully organizing the memories in his mind, other than the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and Blinking Sword Skill, Lu Xuan also discovered some indescribably things, rune circles... magic spells... enchantments... and various other strange symbols.

Lu Xuan did not know much concerning these things. It seemed that on the Sky Sword Continent there was an occupation of becoming an enchanter that could enchant weapons and armor, raising their strength.

But it should be said, becoming an enchanter is not something ordinary people can become. Lu Xuan only vaguely knew why.

Although he had obtained the initial steps for enchantment, right now Lu Xuan completely didn't have any thoughts of studying it. Before even saying whether or not he could actually learn it, even more importantly was right now he didn't have that much time. The most urgent matter right now was to quickly raise his strength.

Even though he knew that he would definitely be able to surpass the Long family in the future, but right now his strength had no way to compete with the Long family's. If he wanted to prevent his elder sister from being forcibly married by Long Tai, there was only one chance, which was to join the Wind Sword Sect and use the Wind Sword Sect's power to deter the Long family.

He frowned as he looked at the corpse of that Second Brother. Lu Xuan felt like this place was a little unsafe. If he stood up and continued deeper into the mountains, then even if Long Tai and Long Yang sent more people to bother him, finding a person in such a large forest was not an easy task.

That guy could be considered as unlucky. Before with that fist, no matter where he struck towards Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan would have been wounded, but he had chosen to throw a deadly strike at Lu Xuan's dantian.

But because of the sword crystal was stored there, in the fragile dantian, it had changed to what was now Lu Xuan's strongest point. Not only did he fail to cause trouble for Lu Xuan, he had instead provoked a protective sword qi, which in a moment killed off that Second Brother.

This proved that Lu Xuan had not used up all of his luck yet.

Only after traveling a long way away from the original point did Lu Xuan stop. He didn't dare to go too deep. Who knew what sort of strong creatures were in the depths of the mountain. He then sat down again, took in a deep breath, removed the numerous distractions from his mind, and once again began to cultivate.

The white jade crystal treasure-like sword crystal continued to slowly rotate inside the dantian, as if it had not changed at all compared to before. The mysterious patterns on the sword's body exuded a mysterious aura.

Lu Xuan didn't bother with it either. At least looking at the its current performance, the sword crystal had only brought benefits and not a shred of harm. Maybe when his strength was higher, there would be a day when he could unravel the mysteries in it.

After sitting cross-legged, this time Lu Xuan didn't circulate the Guiding Qi Tactic but had instead changed to the recently learned Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic's circulation method was already firmly cemented into Lu Xuan's head. The path through the twenty-six meridians, he had clearly remembered, but on his first time circulating it, Lu Xuan didn't dare to take any chances.

Using the circulation method, in a moment, the soul force in the air sucked into his body. This absorption speed was many times faster than Guiding Qi Tactic.

The soul force that entered Lu Xuan began moving. He carefully controlled the soul force through the first meridian, not daring to have even the slightest distraction. Following the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic's method, he slowly circulated along the path. Very soon, the first meridian was full of soul force, at the same time there was some soul force that infiltrated the flesh and bones of his body, transforming his body.

After finishing the circulation through the first meridian, the soul force then went into the second meridian, then the third, the fourth...

Previously when Lu Xuan used Guiding Qi Tactic, he only knew a path of circulation going through one meridian. Circulating one circle of qi went quickly, but now after changing to the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, a full twenty-six meridians all needed circulation. The time needed became quite a bit longer, but the benefits were also enormous.

Circulating Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic once was equivalent to circulating Guiding Qi Tactic a hundred times!

Also, since the meridians that the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic circulated through were throughout the whole body, this way the entire body all was refined, its entire strength was raised.

It was the same for body refining third level. A martial artist that only exercised one meridian had no way to compare with a martial artist that exercised their entire body's meridians. This was the power of a cultivation technique.

Only after spending a full half hour did Lu Xuan finish the first great circulatory cycle. The reason why it was so slow was because, one, there were more meridians that were circulated through. Secondly it was the first time circulating using this cultivation technique and he wasn't familiar with it. With a few more circulations, the speed would slowly increase.

Although it was only the first time, Lu Xuan truly did feel the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic's valiance. He felt that his strength now, compared to before, was stronger by a few percent. This kind of remarkable and terrifying result, if it was told to others, would very possibly shock other martial artists.

Truthfully, this Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, other than Lu Xuan, if others had obtained it, would still not have any way of obtaining this sort of result.

Because its great circulatory cycle needed to circulate through meridians throughout the whole body, the vast majority of martials artists would have blocked meridians, and they simply wouldn't be able to circulate smoothly. Even if they a day and a half's time, most likely they would still not have completed a great circulatory cycle.

However when Lu Xuan had gotten the sword crystal, the sword crystal had cleared out his meridians, and only then was he able to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was in truth a cultivation technique meant only for geniuses!

Having completed the first great circulatory cycle, Lu Xuan became more familiar with the circulation path. Without stopping, he once again absorbed soul force into his body and began the cycle for his second great circulatory cycle.


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