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Sword Spirit - Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Who Dares to Harm My Father!

At this time, another few people came out of the Lu mansion, which happened to be the Lu family's few servants.

’’Master, the Lu family is in trouble, how can I stand on the side and watch!’’

’’That's right, master normally doesn't treat us like we're servants. How could we live without honor!’’

The few servants that came out were angrily glaring at the Lu family outside. Their strength wasn't much, the strongest person was only body refining third level, and they couldn't help much. Originally Lu Yu had commanded them to separate, but he hadn't thought that at this time, each one of them was unwilling to leave by themselves.

To the side, Lu Qiong's beautiful eyes also flashed a look of determination, ’’Father, I also will not leave. If we die, we'll die together. In the future, once Little Xuan's strength is even stronger, all of the Long family's people will definitely be buried with us!’’

Even though Lu Qiong was a girl, she was still very firm. Facing powerful enemies, she didn't have the slightest bit of fear.

Ninth Uncle laughed loudly at this time: ’’The Lu family's people are indeed righteous. No wonder they could teach such a genius like Lu Xuan. All of you retreat. Today, I, Yan Jiu am here. I want to see who can take even a single step into the Lu mansion!’’

Once he finished talking, Ninth Uncle heroically stepped forward one step, giving off the aura of one man being able to hold out against ten thousand.

Elder Sun sneered: ’’Boasting without shame! Take a move from me first then talk!’’

As he spoke, Elder Sun's body suddenly accelerated. With an angry shout, soul force promptly condensed into a large fist. He directly punched directly towards Ninth Uncle, exerting a great amount of power!

The punching skill that Elder Sun was using was a middle Huang grade martial skill called Mountain Breaking Fist and was famously vicious. If an average martial artist suffered a hit from this punch, he would immediately be smashed into a meat pancake.

The Shadow Claw quickly appeared on Ninth Uncle's hands and also made a claw attack. The soul force suddenly created a claw image in the air. The claw image flashed a fiery light and directly went and collided with Elder Sun's punch. The two attacks were immediately disappeared.

Ninth Uncle's martial skilled was named Departing Fire Claw and was also a middle Huang grade martial skill. When the move was used, it carried with it a bit of the power of fire, which would burn endlessly. If a martial artist even got a bit stuck onto him, his body would immediately begin burning up until he was burned to ash.

Seeing that Elder Sun had already begun to move, Long Zhang immediately loudly yelled: ’’Kill! Don't leave a single one!’’

Receiving the order, the Long family's servants' faces revealed fierce looks and swarmed forward, directly charging towards the crowd of people behind Ninth Uncle.

Lu Yu's strength had also reached body refining fifth level, however, facing off against so many servants, he naturally had no way to protect the people in his surroundings.

Glancing at the incoming servants, Ninth Uncle coldly snorted: ’’Like moths to a flame, overconfident!’’

(TN: They're heading to their own destruction)

The Shadow Claws on his hands turned, and without seeing what sort of movement Ninth Uncle made, the three servants charging at the very front were suddenly killed, their chests were left with a bloody red claw print!

Seeing this scene, Elder Sun couldn't help but exclaim: ’’Shadowless Claw! You've actually succeeded in learning it?!’’

’’If you want to die, then hurry of and come up for your granddaddy!’’ Ninth Uncle's voice forcefully rang out, his eyes flashed a fierce light. When he was young, he had been a ruthless man. The move just now had completely unleashed his ferocity.

Shadowless Claw was an upper Huang grade martial skill and was something he had obtained on accident while fighting outside years ago. These years he had always been cultivating it up until today, and yet had only mastered about 70% of it, but for taking care of these body refining people, it was naturally one strike for one kill.

But Long Zhan didn't care about this. His heart only had one word on it, revenge. Revenge on the one that killed his son. It was impossible to live under the same sky!

’’Go, go, go! Everyone move forward! If today we do not extinguish the Lu family, then all of you can go accompany Tai'er in his burial!’’ Long Zhan crazily screamed, however, he himself was standing still without moving. He hadn't even been able to see a trace of the Shadowless Claw just now. If he went forward, then he would also probably face the result of being directly killed in a second.

But the Long family's victory would be winning through strength in numbers. Even if Ninth Uncle's Shadowless Claw was even more powerful and if Elder Sun had been restrained, how many people could he kill each time?

Receiving Long Zhan's urging, although the Long family's servants were scared, they still had to brace themselves and go forward. They all knew Long Zhan's temperament. If they didn't follow his directions today, they didn't doubt that Long Zhan really would use them as burial accompaniments.

The Long family servants once again charged forward. Elder Sun also grit his teeth and once again unleashed an attack. Although Ninth Uncle was powerful, he was still only one man. All he had to do with tie up Ninth Uncle and it would be enough.

Facing Elder Sun, Ninth Uncle only used the middle Huang grade Departing Fire Claw. There wasn't a way to kill him in a short time anyway so he shouldn't waste his soul force. As for the Shadowless Claw, it was used specifically to take care of the Long family servants. Every time he clawed out, there would definitely be at least one servant that died.

But Long Zhan's death command was still there. They didn't have any path of retreat and could only continually charge forward to kill. After being continually killed by Ninth Uncle, these servants were killed until they had a fierce temperament, charging forward without regards to their own safety.

Although Ninth Uncle's strength was great, it was difficult for two fists to oppose four hands. Finally there was a servant that was able to make it through the blockade and charged towards Lu Yu and the others. Lu Yu did not stand still and also began to fight against the enemy. His body refining fifth level was enough to take on a single body refining fourth level servant.

Following that there was another one, then two...

The number of servants breaking through Ninth Uncle's blockade became more and more. Lu Yu's pressured suddenly increased and the Lu mansion's few servants also began to fight and help, however, the situation didn't improve by much.

Ninth Uncle was anxious. Lu Xuan had wanted him to come early to protect the family's people. If he let Lu Yu and Lu Qiong suffer an injury, he wouldn't have a way to keep his face. Successively shooting out two claws and forcing Elder Sun to retreat, he was preparing to save Lu Yu and the others, but unexpectedly, Elder Sun also increased in ferocity, and determinedly stuck close to him, not letting him get away.

Elder Sun also knew that this was a critical moment. He was determined that even if he received an injury, he would still pin Ninth Uncle down. In this time, he was fighting in a manner like he was playing with life.

(TN: Fighting as if he didn't care that he could die)

As Lu Yu was about to be unable to resist any longer, there was suddenly an angry shout: ’’Who dares to injure my father!’’

Just as the words were heard, in an instant the figures of two people suddenly broke through the air and directly landed by Lu Yu's side. Without the slightest hesitation, a sword light as bright as snow swept over and three Long family servants were instantly killed! The remaining servant was stunned by the scene and Lu Yu used that opportunity to kill him!

The sudden turn of events instantly stunned everyone.

Long Zhan examined closely. By Lu Yu's side there two extra people. One was less than sixteen years old and the other had a white beard.

The people that had come were impressively Lu Xuan and Elder Xu!

Having just seen that the situation was critical, Elder Xu directly grabbed Lu Xuan and leapt out, helping Lu Yu resolve the crisis. The sword strokes that had just been mad were Lu Xuan's Blinking Sword skill.

Inside the Sword Tower, Lu Xuan had used a lower grade martial skill and could kill body refining fourth level martial artists in seconds. Now he was using the Lovesick sword. Facing these servants that didn't even have iron grade equipment, there was no suspense in these one second kills!

Seeing Lu Xuan and Elder Xu had arrived, Elder Sun's heart suddenly sank!


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