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Sword Spirit - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Ninth Uncle Makes His Move

As Long Zhan's voice came down, the person behind him sounded an affirmative and began calling for the Long family's servants.

Soon, dozens of servants arrived at the Long family's main house, waiting for orders. These servants strengths were all body refining fourth level or higher, and there were two or three body refining levels there too. As for Long Zhan himself, he was body refining seventh level!

This kind of strength wasn't considered much in the Wind Sword Sect, but in the Qing Mountain Village, it was enough to clear out any small clan!

Long Zhan's face was filled with a killing air as he stood in front of the servants and said: ’’Follow me!’’

These people all knew what was going on. The master's most beloved son had been killed by the Lu family's piece of trash. If they didn't flatten the Lu family, then the Long family wouldn't be the Long family.

The line of people emitting killing air directly went towards the Lu family with the intention to kill. Pedestrians that saw this assemblage of power each gave them a wide berth. Normally when they encountered the Long family's people, they would lower their head and leave, and especially now the Long Zhan was personally taking the lead, his face clouded with anger.

There was a decent distance between the Lu family and Long family, but the entire Qing Mountain Village was only so large. Before long, Long Zhan and the others arrived in front of the Lu mansion.

Currently, the Lu mansion's doors were tightly closed, and there didn't seem to be anyone there, as if they had expected that Long Zhan would come.

Seeing the Lu mansion's closed doors, Long Zhan's face was somber. He coldly snorted and said: ’’Is it a guilty conscience makes a man a coward? They still dare to hide? Where can you hide!’’

After a pause he loudly yelled: ’’Lu Yu, come out and die!’’

This loud shot was like dropping a stone into the sea. There wasn't any response.

Long Zhan's patience had already reached the limit. He hadn't come this time to act as a guest but had come to kill people!

Without saying anything further, he charged directly forward. A fist heavily smashed towards the Lu mansion's door as if it could transmit all of the anger in his heart.

The entire strength of a body refining seventh level exploded out. How could this strength be comparable to Lu Xuan's kind of strength. The strength of Long Zhan's punch was about 7000 jin!

The fist solidly smashed against the door. There was suddenly a huge bang as a huge hole was punched into the Lu mansion's door.

Raising another fist, Long Zhan prepared to punch it again, but the scene in front of him suddenly blurred and an incomparably powerful soul force suddenly streamed out from the hole that he had smashed open.

This soul force hit quickly, and Long Zhan didn't have any time to block before it had already slammed into his body. He only felt a humongous force hit him, and his entire person was sent flying. Blood gushed out of his mouth.

A person's figure leapt up and caught Long Zhan who had been sent flying. It was Elder Sun.

Just as that soul force had streamed over, Elder Sun had discovered it. His face couldn't help but change. It was a pity that he was late by a step and couldn't help Long Zhan block it and could only fly over and catch him.

At this time, a faint voice sounded out: ’’This old man is drinking tea here with Mr. Lu. Where did these rabid dogs that dare to run wild and disturb my hobby come from.’’

Currently Long Zhan had already stood up by himself. The attack just now hadn't been intended to kill. Although he had been hit to vomit blood, he hadn't been too severely injured. However, listening to this voice, he was immediately alarmed. When did the Lu family get acquainted with such a master? He judged that the person who had just sent out the attack was definitely not just a body refiner!

On the side, Elder Sun's face sank. He had already figured out who was the owner of this voice.

’’Yan Jiu, you got here pretty quickly!’’

The person that had just injured Long Zhan was impressively Ninth Uncle!

Previously while in the vehicle, Lu Xuan was worried that the Long family would attack the Lu family earlier and pleaded with Ninth Uncle to go there earlier. Now, it seemed like he was correct! If Ninth Uncle had been a step late, then there probably would have been a tragedy.

After Elder Sun spoke, the Lu family's door slowly opened. Three figures appeared at the door. The person in front was naturally Ninth Uncle, and beside Ninth Uncle was standing a middle-aged man and a young woman, The young women's clothes couldn't be considered luxurious, but they made her look very beautiful, giving people a pleasant surprise.

These two people were naturally Lu Xuan's father Lu Yu and his older sister Lu Qiong.

Seeing the large group of men and horses in front of him, Ninth Uncle acted as if he didn't see anything, and only looked at Elder Sun and said: ’’Do I need to report my whereabouts to you? How about you. Could you have brought so many people to drink tea with me?’’

Seeing Ninth Uncle appear, Long Zhan felt he was a little familiar. After thinking about it, wasn't he the shopkeeper of Lin City's Treasure Pavilion? How would he have any relation with the Lu family?

He whispered and asked: ’’Father-in-law, what identity does that person have? Why would he come forward for the Lu family?’’

Elder Sun was also currently scowling. Ninth Uncle arriving here so quickly was completely out of his expectations. He had originally wanted to take advantage of the time before Ninth Uncle and the others arrived and extinguish the Lu family clean, and help Long Tai get revenge. Even after Ninth Uncle and the others arrived then, they wouldn't have any way of dealing with him, but now Ninth Uncle had actually already arrived. Still wanting to kill someone in front of him wouldn't be easy.

’’That person's name is Yan Jiu and is also an elder of the Wind Sword Sect. He was once a sect elder as part of the fist sect, and his strength doesn't lose to mine.’’

Hearing Elder Sun speak like this, Long Zhan was slightly startled. He knew that his father-in-law had long since broken through the body refining stage and had achieved the next realm. His strength was powerful beyond measure. He hadn't thought that this person's strength would actually not lose to him!

Gritting his teeth, Long Zhan said: ’’No matter what, I must get revenge on Tai'er's enemies! Father-in-law, please help me keep that person bust. As long as that person doesn't make a move, killing the Lu family's people will be a piece of cake!’’

Hearing this, Elder Sun's eyes squinted. Previously in front of the sword tower, Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu had combined forces and had completely suppressed him. He had been forced to hold his breath. If he didn't release it, then perhaps he would not be able to progress in his cultivation, and over time, perhaps it would even decline.

’’Yan Jiu, it seems like you are determined to care about this matter...’’ Elder Sun slowly said.

’’Lu Xuan is a disciple of my Wind Sword Sect. Protecting his family's people is my duty as an elder. So what if I am determined to care?’’ Ninth Uncle coldly smiled.

In Elder Sun's eyes there was a trace of viciousness revealed in his expression. A set of shining and colorful gloves suddenly appeared on his hands. He put the gloves on as he spoke: ’’I haven't exchanged moves with you since you've been out of the Wind Sword Sect. Today, I want to see whether or not you've grown in these past few years!’’

Seeing Elder Sun was prepared to make his move, Ninth Uncle's expression also became heavy. He had full confidence in beating Elder Sun, but he also had to protect Lu Yu and Lu Qiong.

Lu Xuan's father Lu Yu, could also currently see Ninth Uncle's situation. His eyes suddenly became firm. He made a long bow to Ninth Uncle and with a deep breath, he said: ’’Mr. Yan, for Xuan'er to earn your favor is his life's blessing. Even if I die there will be no regrets, I only plead that Mr. Yan could take the young lady away. Once Xuan'er has success along his martial path, he can come back and get revenge for me.’’

(TN: It actually says 陆羽的父亲陆羽 which translates to Lu Yu's father Lu Yu. See, I'm not the only one who goes auto-pilot with names)


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