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Sword Spirit - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Killing Long Tai!

The move which Long Tai used was the Dragon Seizing Hand!

Using an upper grade iron grade weapon along with using the Dragon Seizing Hand, how could it be compared to using it bare-handed. Whether it was speed or strength, it would beat being bare-handed by far.

Soul force turned into claw images and came out of the Cloud Piercing Claw, simultaneously flying at Lu Xuan. In a moment, tens of attacks arrived in front of Lu Xuan with amazing power.

Facing the claw images that filled the whole sky, Lu Xuan's long sword suddenly came out of the scabbard. With a flick of the wrist, the Lovesick Sword similarly turned into a blur. There was only the sound of bang bang bang that continued to sound out. Each sword stroke accurately struck down a claw image. In a moment, the claw images were all destroyed by Lu Xuan, and they disappeared without a trace.

Although Lu Xuan hadn't used any martial skills in his sword strokes, he had used the profundity in the Blinking Sword Skill, which was nothing more than the word fast and the word accurate. However, even though saying it is simple, actually practicing it was not easy at all.

After breaking all of Long Tai's attacks, Lu Xuan's was relentless and his speed exploded out, his body suddenly charged forward. He used another sword stroke and there was the sound of thunder. The sword's body flashed some thunder light. It was the Thunder Light Sword Skill.

Lu Xuan arrived very quickly. Long Tai didn't even have time to make a move, and could only forcefully swing the Cloud Piercing Claws on his hands to block Lu Xuan's sword stroke. As sword and claw collided, he could only feel a large force travel through the Lovesick Sword. The Cloud Piercing Claw was directly knocked down, and he was struck dumb with endless amazement. The Thunder Light Sword Skill was only a lower Huang tier martial skill, and yet its power was actually so huge!

What Long Tai didn't know was that for the same sword skill, you also had to look at who was using it. Lu Xuan had already perceived to its threshold, and had comprehended the depths of the Thunder Light Sword and could display 100% of its strength.Also, right now the Thunder Light Sword Skill that Lu Xuan was using had been improved by the sword crystal.

A single sword stroke wouldn't be enough. Lu Xuan immediately backed up and then once again horizontally swept without giving Long Tai any time to recover.

This time Long Tai could handle it even less. Currently his old strength had passed but his new strength hadn't yet arrived. There simply wasn't any time to mobilize his soul force and could only forcefully take a deep breath and yell loudly, and once again forcefully try to block the sword stroke. However, his body was no longer able to stand firmly and was forced to take two steps back. The air and blood in his chest and abdomen were churning, and some blood was spat out.

This sudden turn of events caused the onlooking martial artists to go dumb. No no had thought that the battle field actually would turn into this situation. Long Tai, who was wielding an upper grade iron grade equipment and had body refining fifth level strength, was actually being suppressed by Lu Xuan, who only body refining fourth level and was using a middle grade iron grad equipment!

Long Tai was entirely had a disadvantage!

However, this wasn't over. A series of two sword strokes had come out which had pushed Long Tai to his limits. Lu Xuan then sent out the third sword stroke!

In Thunder Light Sword Skill, each move was originally stronger than the previous. The previous two moves hadn't been blocked, and now Lu Xuan's third sword stroke was even more powerful than before.

Lu Xuan shouted, and with the force of a thunderbolt, the extremely sharp Lovesick Sword chopped down!

Long Tai was also angry now. Forcefully gulping down a mouthful of blood, he angrily yelled and in a moment mobilized all of his body's soul force and channeled it into the Cloud Piercing Claw, and fiercely swiped. He wanted to see who was actually stronger than who!

There was only a ’’ding’’ sound, and the Lovesick Sword once again chopped onto the Cloud Piercing Claw, and it immediately caused the martial artists ears to go numb.

And as the two weapons clashed, an inexplicable force suddenly came out of the Lovesick sword. This sudden force directly enhanced the power of Lu Xuan's sword stroke by 30%!

This burst of power had already far surpassed Long Tai's limit of endurance. He once again couldn't stand any longer, a large amount of blood was spat out, and his entire body was sent flying by Lu Xuan!

Lu Xuan was also a little shocked by this sword stroke which had suddenly exploded out. He was naturally clear about the power of the Thunder Light Sword Skill. If one said that the eighth move of the Thunder Light Sword Skill had this kind of power, so be it, but this was only the third move and it had exploded out with such power. It was too unreasonable.

But these thoughts flew by quickly, and Lu Xuan very quickly understood what was the matter.

’’It's the result of the enchantment!’’ Xia Chen Xi stood up in excitement and said.

They had enchanted the Wild Explosion Rune that he had drawn onto Lu Xuan's Lovesick Sword. The purpose of the Wild Explosion Rune was so that when a martial artist was fighting, it would automatically absorb soul force from the air and store it, waiting up until a certain time when it would completely explode out.

The results and chance of the explosion greatly depended on how the rune was drawn. The more powerful the enchanter that drew the rune, the better the result would be.

And at this time, Lu Xuan had only sent out four sword strokes and had gotten the explosion. The explosion's strength had improved the sword move's power by 30% which was more than enough amaze Xia Chen Xi. It should be down that the Wild Explosion Rune drawn by her teacher didn't even reach half of Lu Xuan's result.

'Is this the power of the ancient enchantment technique? It truly is too amazing!’’ Xia Chen Xi couldn't help but say.

Similarly stunned were the martial artists in the field and the few elders in the judging area.

’’Impossible! He's only body refining fourth level, how could he have such strength? Long Tai is body refining fifth level and is also using the Cloud Piercing Claws!’’ Elder Sun said with a face full of incredulity.

Even if Long Tai lost, Elder Sun wouldn't find it unacceptable, but now Long Tai was simply being completely suppressed by Lu Xuan, and soon to be oppressively killed, which he could not accept.

No matter what the people on the side thought, the fight hadn't ended yet.

Because Lu Xuan was thinking about the matter of the enchantment's result and hadn't followed up and chased, it had given Long Tai an opportunity to recover a bit.

Rapidly getting up off the ground, Long Tai wiped the blood off his mouth, his eyes burning with fire!

Have been so embarrassed by something that he saw as an ant, with Long Tai's nature, how could he accept it. He felt as if he had gone crazy!

’’Really good! You're really good! You've completely angered me! Today, not only will I kill you, I will also destroy your Lu family! After I finish playing with your older sister, I will sell her to the brothel so that anyone can be her husband!’’ Long Tai crazily growled.

These words from Long Tai thoroughly angered Lu Xuan. His family was his bottom line! Dragons had their bottom lines and if those were touched they would become furious!

His eyes instantly became red. His eyes were full and rich with killing intent! No one could stop him! He knew, that if today he didn't kill Long Tai here, then what Long Tai had said would become a reality!

’’You're courting death!’’ Lu Xuan angry yelled. The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic began to crazily circulate. His entire body's soul force was instantly mobilized, and its speed suddenly reached its limit. The entirety of his person turned into a blur and instantly raced towards Long Tai to kill him!

Lu Xuan's sudden explosion of strength startled everyone in the field!

Long Tai didn't even have time to react and only had his mouth open, watching the lightning-like incoming Lu Xuan, his face full of horror.

’’Stop!’’ Elder Sun yelled. His body instantly charged out of the judging area, and raced towards the battlefield. He already saw that Long Tai absolutely couldn't stop this sword, and although this was a death match, he still insisted on protecting Long Tai.

’’Mr. Sun, what are you doing! Are you going to break the rules!’’ Ninth Uncle similarly yelled loudly, and followed up by chasing after him.

The sudden turn of events caused all of the martial artists to go into an uproar. What was going on with this elder. Did he want to stop this death match? The battle of the two fighters had actually caused to elders to move.

On the field, despite all the drastic occurrences, Lu Xuan completely ignored everything that was going on. As for Elder Sun's words, he acted like he was deaf. Right now in his eyes was only Long Tai. In his mind was only one thought, kill!

’’Go and die!’’ With an explosive shout, the Lovesick Sword in Lu Xuan's hands rotated, and its trajectory became unseeable.


Blinking Sword Skill came out!

Long Tai was only able to lift the Cloud Piercing Claws before Lu Xuan's sword had already arrived. This sword made in an enraged circumstance, and had reached his peak power!

In that instance, Lu Xuan had stabbed out at least ten times, each sword stroke meant to harm!

Throat, heart, chest, dantian...

More than ten injuries instantly appeared on Long Tai's body, and he instantly died.

Killed in a second!

After Long Tai's corpse fell onto the ground, there was a muffled bang sound and Elder Sun had just rushed onto the battlefield.

Seeing that there was no more life in Long Tai, Elder Sun stood still for a little while, his face filled with disbelief. Slowly he looked up and looked towards Lu Xuan, his eyes filled with a fierce light: ’’I told you to stop, didn't you hear! Who told you to kill him!’’


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