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Sword Spirit - Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic

As that Second Brother's fist smashed towards Lu Xuan's dantian, who was grinning as he watched Lu Xuan's miserable fate, reveling in the other's misfortune, suddenly the opposite let out sword qi. He was completely unprepared.

The sword qi fom the sword crystal was very strong! How could it be something that a body refining fourth level martial artist could block. A white light of sword light flashed, in that moment hitting the Second Brother's chest.

The sudden change was something the Second Brother could not respond to. In front of this sword qi, his body was simply as soft as tofu. There was only a ’’Chi’’ sound, as his heart was instantly penetrated!


Two screams came out at the same time. One was naturally the Second Brother, and the other one turned out to have come from Lu Xuan!

Lu Xuan at this time had already fallen to the ground, his hands tightly gripping his head, his face full of pain. He felt like his head was about to explode!

It hurt! There was no way to handle the pain, as it instantly covered Lu Xuan's mind.

Countless strange memory fragments flashed through Lu Xuan's head. Those memory fragments were very clearly not part of Lu Xuan's. It was as if something was shoving these memories into his head.

But right now he didn't have the thought of looking at these memory fragments, he was desperately trying to resist the immense pain from this attack, trying to preserve the last threads of a clear mind without losing his sanity.

Although he had gone through a round of enormous pain yesterday, this times pain was completely different from last night's pain.

Last night's pain was due to his meridians being forced through, it was the body's physical pain. But this time's pain was mental pain. Lu Xuan felt as if there were countless iron needles constantly stabbing at his brain. There was no way to block it, he could only bear with it.

Finally, after who knows how long, the pain finally subsided. Lu Xuan gradually woke up from his state of unconsciousness. His eyes slowly opened. The hands on his head slowly loosened. He was deeply gasping for breath.

This pain came quickly and left quickly, but this time's pain, compared to last night's, could be described as worse. Although the pain was already past, Lu Xuan thought back to it and couldn't help but be scared.

Turning his head and looking to the side, right now the Second Brother had already turned into a cold corpse. The sword qi had directly penetrated his heart. How could he have survived. It was said that once a martial artist had cultivated to the peak, not only could they regenerate their limbs, as long as their soul wasn't extinguished, they could live forever, but a body refining martial artist naturally was far from achieving that step.

Thinking back to previous situation, Lu Xuan face suddenly changed because he suddenly discovered that within his head, there was a bit more there than before.

It was very strange, yet somewhat familiar... That's right, it was the memory fragments that he had just seen.

These memories that didn't belong to him, had forcefully instilled themselves into his mind. No wonder there had been such a piercing pain.Whose memories were these? The sword crystal's memories? Or was it the sword crystal's master's memories? Or something else?

Lu Xuan's mind was full of questions. The way he thought of to get answers was the most direct one, which was naturally to search through these memories.

The number of memories instilled into Lu Xuan's head couldn't be considered as many, and now that he had time to sort out some clues. The sword crystal piece that had just been knocked off by the punch should be the memories of the sword crystal, and he had just gotten the memory. What was implied though, was if that was just a tiny piece of the sword crystal, then how many memories did the entire sword crystal contain?

It was just that, although these memory fragments had entered into Lu Xuan's mind, but they were a scattered mess. If he wanted to know something, Lu Xuan had to go and organize it himself.

Although it was a little cumbersome, it was fortunate that there weren't too many things inside the memories. After not too long, Lu Xuan had organized these into a complete memory. But, when he had understood this piece of memory, he couldn't help but shudder.

Along the cultivation path, the most important thing, other than talent, was the cultivation technique!

Why did all of the martial artists around Lin City want to enter into the Wind Sword Sect, when even only becoming an outer disciple required bashing heads?

The most important reason was because the Wind Sword Sect had many cultivation techniques in it!

Lu Xuan's clan was possibly brilliant before, but now it had long since declined. It didn't even have a presentable cultivation technique to pull out. The cultivation technique that Lu Xuan had been practicing was only the most basic Guiding Qi Tactic. And that only taught you have to guide the soul force into the body. If he had had a better cultivation technique, then with Lu Xuan's talent, he wouldn't have been sixteen years old and only body refining second level.

Following Sky Sword Continent's division of cultivation techniques, they were divided into four classes Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang. Each class was then divided into three levels of upper, middle, and lower. As for the Guiding Qi Tactic, it wasn't even considered to be lower Huang tier, it was low to that extent.

But now from the sword crystal memory he had gotten a cultivation technique. How could Lu Xuan not be excited! Although he still didn't know how this cultivation technique was, but since the sword crystal was so mysterious, and it had long since gone deeply into Lu Xuan's heart, how could the cultivation technique in the sword crystal be bad?

After a time of continuing to comb through the memories, Lu Xuan quickly absorbed the contents of the cultivation technique.

The cultivation technique was called Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. Just by going with the name, it looked like this was far more powerful than Lu Xuan's Guiding Qi Tactic.

However, Lu Xuan browsed through it again and discovered that this set of Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was incomplete. The memory of Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic only had the body refining level cultivation technique. As for the cultivation techniques above the body refining level, those were missing.

But Lu Xuan was not bothered. Right now he had just entered body refining third level. The distance from the peak of body refining level was still a while away. At least within this period of time, the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was enough for him to use.

Also Lu Xuan assumed, since the crystal piece that had fallen off contained a memory, then it was very likely that the sword entire sword crystal was a large complete memory crystal!

Once he had grown stronger and found another chance to attack the crystal, it was very likely that he would get another piece of memory, that could possibly be the next part of the cultivation technique of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

The only regret was that, in the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, there wasn't any indication of what tier of cultivation technique it was, thus, Lu Xuan had no way of accurately judging its tier.

But even though he couldn't accurately determine Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic's tier, Lu Xuan was sure that the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was definitely not a low tier cultivation technique.

Because in the Guiding Qi Tactic, its circulation path only circulated through one meridian, but in the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, its circulation path circulated through twenty-six of them! Using only one meridian for body refining versus using twenty-six for body refining, the difference could be described as the difference between heaven and earth.

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