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Sword Spirit - Chapter 48


Chapter 48: The Fight for the Championship!

The difficulty of the fifth floor was multiple times greater than the fourth floor.

Seeing the three body refining martial artists in front of him and the two fifth level ferocious beasts, blood devouring tigers, Lu Xuan couldn't help but feel his scalp tingle a bit.

Right now, his strength was only the large success stage of body refining fourth level. In terms of realm, each of the enemies all eclipsed him. It didn't even need to be said that currently he was facing five of them.

And this time, Lu Xuan once again chose to strike pre-emptively.

With 120% of his spirit, his speed shot up to its limit in an instant, and he directly went killing towards the crowd of enemies.

Before the person arrived, the sword moved. Thunder Light Sword Skill's first move!

Following a soft sound of thunder, the sword flashed a dazzling thunder light. The sword chopped towards the axe-wielding martial artist in the very front.

Facing Lu Xuan's sword, that martial artist did not dodge but lifted up his axe.

A ’’clang!’’ sound rang out. A sword and axe clashed with each other.

Lu Xuan only felt an extremely large force transmit through to him. His sword stroke had actually been abruptly blocked!

Ever since he had entered the Sword Tower, this was Lu Xuan's first time having his attack blocked.

However, this was also reasonable. Although Lu Xuan was powerful, his strength was still only body refining fourth level. Even with the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, facing body refining fifth level martial artists was still going to be hard, especially against this martial artist who used an axe for his weapon. Typically martial artists that chose to use the axe had greater strength than other martial artists.

One move didn't do the trick, but Lu Xuan wasn't discouraged at all. He followed up with the Thunder Light Sword Skill's second move, but his sword stroke was no longer trying to overwhelm the martial artist but had begun looking for flaws to take advantage of.

Sure enough, this time the martial artist didn't have such an easy time making a response. With Lu Xuan's current understanding towards sword intent and adding on the Thunder Light Sword Skill, taking on an ordinary body refining fifth level martial artist wasn't too difficult.

It was a pity though that this time his enemies weren't just limited to one.

After using two moves, after the axe-wielding martial artist had been pushed back, the other two martial artists and the two ferocious beasts charged forward, surrounding Lu Xuan.

While encircled, Lu Xuan's eyes exploded out a bright light, his eyes instantly became sharp. He suddenly turned and sent out the third and fourth move of the Thunder Light Sword Skill, sending the attacks towards the two martial artists and the two ferocious beasts.

The Thunder Light Sword Skill which had gone through the sword crystal's transformation, each move could accumulate a bit of sword power, and the later the the move the more powerful it was. At this time, the third and fourth moves power had already become far more powerful than the first move.

One man one sword. Alone fighting five enemies who were a level above him. If the elders and martial artists outside could see it, they would definitely be surprised.

When using a martial skill to handle enemies that didn't have martial skills, fighting one enemy above your level wasn't too surprising of a matter, but fighting five of them was enough for them to be shocked.

The amount of martial artists being sent out of the Sword Tower was becoming more and more. Almost every moment there would be another eliminated martial artist sent out. Most of the martial artists had gotten stuck on the third floor.

There were also a few martial artists that had entered the fourth floor, for example the few body refining fourth level martial artists. After fighting a while on the fourth floor, they eventually had no way to break through. For them a 1 vs 4 was far too difficult.

’’There are still four people that haven't come out yet.’’ Elder Xu said.

Ninth Uncle nodded, ’’There is still Lu Xuan, Long Tai, Xia Ye, and the other body refining fifth level martial artist.’’

As they spoke, the Sword Tower's fourth floor flashed and then its light was extinguished. This mean that there was no longer anyone on the fourth floor. The remaining four people had all impressively reached the fifth floor.

Among the four people, other than Lu Xuan, they all had body refining fifth level strength. With the strength of body refining fifth level, entering the fifth floor wasn't much of a problem. As for Lu Xuan, although his level was slightly lower, no one would doubt his combat strength. He had previously made it clear when demonstrating the Thunder Light Sword Skill.

Just at this time, a light once again flashed on an empty space.

’’Someone has come out!’’ Elder Sun said. Inside he was constantly praying that the one who had come out was Lu Xuan.

After the light had dissipated, the person's appearance could be seen. Elder Sun was disappointed, but Ninth Uncle and Xia Chen Xi and a few others exhaled a large breath. The person who had come out was neither Lu Xuan nor Long Tai nor Xia Ye, but was the other body refining fifth level martial artist.

This martial artist was the last one to enter the fifth floor and was the first to exit it because he wasn't like Lu Xuan and the others who had their own unique martial skills, thus in the first few floors, especially on the fourth floor, his consumption had been pretty large. When surrounded by five enemies on the fifth floor, there wasn't even a chance of being able to last.

At this time, there were only three people left in the Sword Tower. It could be said that this time's assessment's first three places now no longer had any sort of suspense. The only suspense left was who could get first place!

After another ten or so rests, there was another flash of light. Immediately everyone's eyes were looking over. The third place had come out!

This time the person who came out was Xia Ye.

When he came out, he took his exhausted looking eyes to sweep around the field. Not seeing the figure of either Lu Xuan or Long Tai, his eyes immediately flashed a look of dejection. Obviously, during the true combat strength assessment, he had once again lost to those two, however, thinking about Lu Xuan's amazing perception, Xia Ye's heart felt a little better. Previously his view had been too narrow, but now he understood that the world was much broader.

Giving the broken jade medallion to a deacon, Xia Ye directly sat down and began to recover his soul force. He had been fighting in the Sword Tower up until now and had taken out three of the enemies on the fifth floor before being unable to hold on. Right now his entire body, from top to bottom, had been completely emptied out of soul force. He truly couldn't hold on any longer and needed to recover his soul force.

The assessment had already reached its peak moments. Right now was the fight for the championship.

Ninth Uncle, Xia Chen Xi, and Lin Xin Yi's hearts were taut, and they didn't even dare to take big breaths. Elder Sun was also staring at the Sword Tower without blinking. These moments would decide the victor. He had already set down his heart, as long as Long Tai could win over Lu Xuan, then he would set Long Tai as first place no matter what!

At this time in the fifth floor, Lu Xuan's fight continued.

Thunder Light Sword Skill's move after move left his hand, and soon was on the seventh move. Beside his body was circling thunder light. Looking at it, it seemed very magnificent, but its greatest purpose was that it could confuse the enemies eyes.

At this time, Lu Xuan's body flashed and he suddenly charged out of the encirclement, which was then tightly followed with a turn, and the Thunder Light Sword Skill's eight move was used!

The large amount of accumulated sword power, was at this moment completely released without reservation. Rich thunder light enveloped and entered all of the enemies. It was even more powerful than when he had demonstrated it during the third round of the assessment!

Without warning, lightning shot out of his sword tip, directly landing on the body of a blood devouring tiger. The thunder light exploded. The blood devouring tiger's body was sent flying by the explosion, flesh and blood flew out. A fifth level ferocious beast with incredible defensive power had been exploded to death!

At this time, taking advantage of the chaos, Lu Xuan got into close proximity, his long sword flashed, exploding out with the Blinking Sword Skill, swiping twice with his sword, and decisively claimed the lives of two martial artists.

The five enemies had been reduced to three. Lu Xuan's pressure had been greatly relieved!

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