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Sword Spirit - Chapter 47


Chapter 47: The Fifth Floor

As Elder Sun was talking with the others, Long Tai was currently just finishing off the last martial artist on the third floor. His speed was just a bit slower than Lu Xuan's. There was absolutely no suspense in a body refining fifth level taking on body refining third levels.

However, Long Tai's moves were all martial skills. His speed was fast, but his sustainability was far less than Lu Xuan's.

Xia Ye's speed was also not slow. He finished off the martial artists on the third floor almost at the same time as Long Tai. To be called Lin City's number two genius after Xia Chen Xi, Xia Ye naturally had enough ability. If it hadn't been for the sudden appearance of Lu Xuan, this assessment's overall first place would definitely be either him or Long Tai.

The fourth floor!

This time Lu Xuan's opponents was a bit different that the previous three trials.

In the previous three trials, only martial artists appeared, but in this trial, not only were there martial artists, there were actually ferocious beasts too.

Appearing before his eyes were two body refining fourth level martial artists and two fourth level ferocious beasts, iron-back rhinos.

Compared to the martial artists, the beasts were definitely harder to take on because their bodies qualities were far better than martial artists. At the very least, it would be very difficult for Lu Xuan if he wanted to kill them in seconds.

With a roar, the two ironback rhinos charged towards Lu Xuan, one from the left and one from the right. As they ran, they created powerful vibrations. Although this was an illusion array, Lu Xuan still felt as if the ground was continuously shaking.

At the same time, facing two people and two beasts, Lu Xuan didn't dare to have too big ideas. He was level was body refining fourth level. Facing these four enemies who were in the same realm as him, none of them lost to him.

Although the ironback rhinos bodies were enormous, their body was completely inconsistent with their speed. They charged up to Lu Xuan very quickly, immediately stretching out hard horn on their heads towards him. If he was stabbed by it, then even a body refining fifth level martial artist would definitely be immediately pierced right through.

Seeing the incoming stab, Lu Xuan let out a low roar. His long sword horizontally swept and a thunder light projected out, swiping right in front of one of the ironback rhinos eyes.

This precise stroke actually directly slashed through that ironback rhino's two eyes!

’’Roar!’’ Its eyes blinded, it felt immense pain. That ironback rhino immediately wildly exploded out with a loud roar, and went wild. It struggled to rush towards Lu Xuan.

At this time, Lu Xuan had used the power from the long sword when attacking the ironback rhino to leap up high, directly going over the two ferocious beasts' attacks.

But just at this moment, the two martial artists suddenly charged forward, directly jumping up. One and one sword simultaneously headed towards Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan was currently in the air and couldn't maneuver. He looked at the two incoming attacks. The look in his eyes was very firm without a bit of fear.

With a loud shout, soul force poured into the long sword and the Thunder Light Sword Skill began to activate!

A dazzling burst of thunder light immediately exploded out. Following the long sword's movement, in the air a circle was drawn, and the momentum of the sword became quite large.

This sword sweep directly collided with the two martial artists' attacks.

Although Lu Xuan was body refining fourth level, his strength was comparable to a peak body refining fifth level martial artist. After activating the Thunder Light Sword Skill, his strength became even more powerful. Even when these two martial artists worked together, they still couldn't be his opponent, and were directly knocked down by one stroke and crashed into the ground.

When the two hit the ground, Lu Xuan didn't give them a chance to recover, following up for victory. After landing on the ground, he used another move of the Thunder Light Sword Skill. Dazzling thunder light made it so that they couldn't even open their eyes. In a moment, the two martial artists had been trapped in it.

Bringing up a portion of soul force, Lu Xuan's figure suddenly charged forward, charging up the the two people like lightning.

The Blinking Sword Skill appeared once again!

In a moment, these two strokes continuously struck out, one couldn't even see Lu Xuan's movement. When the sword light died down, the two martial artists were already lying on the ground without any movement. There was only breath leaving the body, none entering. With a careful inspection, one could discover that they throats appeared to have two bloody holes where fresh blood bubbled and flowed out.

The two strokes had gone out together, each one piercing one throat. The two body refining fourth level martial artists had been directly killed in seconds by Lu Xuan!

After touching the threshold of sword intent, Lu Xuan's sword skill perception had become even deeper, which included the Blinking Sword Skill. Right now when Lu Xuan used it, its power was far greater than before the assessment.

Having taken care of the two martial artists, now the two ironback rhinos were already coming back. The ironback rhino that had been blinded by Lu Xuan, its eyes were continuously bleeding with fresh blood, and it continuously roared, and it looked completely crazy.

Lu Xuan coldly snorted and didn't retreat. The sword in his hand directly welcomed it. They were just two thick-skinned idiots who weren't even threats.

After struggling a bit with the ironback rhinos, Lu Xuan aimed for an opportunity. The point of his sword entered into the neck of the healthy ironback rhino and fiercely swiped, immediately creating a large wound from which blood continuously poured out. It was just a matter of time before it died.

Currently outside of the sword tower, there was a sudden flash of light and a martial artist appeared, in his hand the jade medallion had been broken. Evidently, he couldn't hold on for any longer and crushed the jade medallion to be sent out.

However, he was just the beginning. Quickly following him, there were another five flashes of light and another five martial artists who hadn't been able to hold on any longer and retreated from the assessment.

Of the martial artists participating in this time's assessment, most of them were only body refining third level, and while they were on the third floor, they had to face three martial artists of the same level. For these martial artists who only had ordinary combat strength, trying to pass that was very difficult. Some of those who had very poor combat strength couldn't even pass the second floor.

As this crowd of martial artists came out, the Wind Sword Sect deacons moved up and took back the broken jade medallions. Although they were already broken, they had recorded how well the martial artists had done in the round and their results which would be used for the final assessment ranking.

For these martial artists, the elders only glanced at them and didn't pay them any further attention, as their eyes once again turned back towards the Sword Tower.

At this time, the fifth floor suddenly flashed and then lit up.

’’Someone made it to the fifth floor. Something good is about to begin...’’ Elder Xu slowly sighed. Although he looked favorably upon Lu Xuan, but Long Tai's strength was comparatively greater than Lu Xuan's. This was an ironclad matter. This round's outcome was hard to predict!

Ninth Uncle and Elder Sun's faces became solemn, their eyes staring at the sword tower without blinking. The atmosphere was a little imposing. Those martial artists that had just been eliminated didn't say anything at this time and similarly watched the situation of the sword tower.

Currently in the fifth floor, Lu Xuan was proudly standing with his sword in hand. The first person to break through to the fifth floor was naturally him!

Right now Lu Xuan was making the best use of his time to rest. Although his path had been like splitting bamboo, his consumption hadn't been small either. Especially on the fourth floor when facing the two ironback rhinos, he had spent at least 30% of his soul force. The thick skin of the ferocious beasts was indeed annoying for martial artists.

Perhaps this was the intent of the Sword Tower. Not only did it test a martial artists combat strength, but also it tested their ability to continue fighting and sustain themselves.


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