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Sword Spirit - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Like Splitting Bamboo

During this moment, a voice without any emotion suddenly came out of nowhere.

’’Please select the weapon you need!’’


The word had just left Lu Xuan's mouth as a very ordinary lower grade iron grade long sword appeared in his hands.

Once the sword was in his hand, Lu Xuan immediately felt his confidence soar. His entire person's qi power increased. Man and sword completely merged into one.

With the long sword in hand, the darkness in front of Lu Xuan suddenly disappeared. A figure appeared before him.

On closer look, Lu Xuan discovered that this figure was a martial artist who had been impressively armed with a long blade. However, his face was masked and his appearance couldn't be clearly seen, but his strength could be clearly seen by Lu Xuan. It was just a body refining first level.

’’It seems this is the illusion enemy that the Sword Tower's illusion array created.’’ Lu Xuan was thinking this as the martial artist didn't say anything and directly charged forward, the blade chopping down on him.

Lu Xuan coldly snorted. His soul force instantly poured into the long sword and the Thunder Light Sword Skill came out of his hands!

There was only a slight sound of thunder. There was a flash of thunder light on the long sword. Immediately it clashed with the martial artist's long blade.

A terrifying power passed through the long sword causing the martial artist to suddenly no longer be able to wield his weapon. The long blade directly fell out of his hands. Lu Xuan continued to attack for the win, his body was as swift as lightning as it flashed past, in one stroke across the chest, the martial artist was directly killed.

A body refining first level martial artist didn't actually need Lu Xuan to use a martial skill, nor was it his opponent, not to mention he had even used a move from the Thunder Light Sword Skill.

After the martial artist had died, Lu Xuan was directly sent to the second floor.

This time there were actually two martial artists that appeared in front of Lu Xuan. One person wielded a staff, the other wielded a sword. Both were body refining second level. Every time he went up a floor, not only would the martial artist's strength increase, it would actually also increase the number. The difficulty would grow exponentially.

Glancing at the two martial artists, after experiencing the first floor, Lu Xuan didn't even think about how they would attack. His body suddenly accelerated as he quickly flew at them.

How could a body refining fourth level's speed be resisted by merely body refining second levels. Lu Xuan instantly charged right in front of the two martial artists. These two immediately hurried to wave the weapons in their hands to block.

But Lu Xuan's sword was even faster, even more precise!

The stroke was as swift as lightning, stabbing at the martial artist wielding the sword, accurately passing through his defenses, directly penetrating through his heart.

The number of enemies went from two to one!

The staff-wielding martial artist's reaction could be considered quick. Seeing that Lu Xuan hadn't attacked him, he directly smashed his stick towards Lu Xuan. This staff had at least a few hundred jin of strength behind it. If it struck true, Lu Xuan would definitely receive an injury.

However Lu Xuan had already had been prepared to block his attack. As soon as the staff moved, Lu Xuan suddenly leapt to the side. Just as the staff flashed by, at the same moment, the sword in Lu Xuan's hand knocked the staff down.

If the martial artist didn't let go, out of his ten fingers, at least seven would be broken. Even if he wasn't dead he would still be worthless. In desperation, he could only choose to let go of the long staff.

After stripping the martial artist of his weapon, Lu Xuan once again got close. Another stroke went across the neck, and suddenly blood flowed out without stop, with no more chances to live.

The second trial had once again been broken through!

In this trial, Lu Xuan hadn't used any martial skills, and had only used his own fighting skills to break through.

Using martial skills consumed soul force. Lu Xuan didn't know how many enemies there would be in the future. Soul force naturally had to saved up. Only this way would he be able to charge even higher!

There was a flash of light and Lu Xuan had already arrived on the third floor.

At this time, outside the Sword Tower, Ninth Uncle and the others were staring at the Sword Tower.

They saw that suddenly the third floor's light lit up.

’’There's someone who has broken through to the third floor!’’ One of the elders said.

’’His speed is pretty fast. It has only been two rests time and he has already broken through both the first and second floor.’’ That Elder Xu said as he stroked his beard.

Ninth Uncle slightly smiled and said: ’’The first and second floor's martial artists strength is too weak. For Lu Xuan and the others, it would only take seconds to kill them. Naturally it wouldn't take too much time.’’

’’Keep watching. We still can't see much now. We'll only be able to see some stuff after the fourth floor.’’ Elder Sun said in a deep voice.

Right now Elder Sun's expression wasn't that great. Lu Xuan's performance was too eye-catching. If Long Tai could not suppress him in this round, then he would have to fork over a storage ring along with a Heaven Mixing dan. These two things enough to cause him some heartache.

At this time, Lu Xuan was standing on the third floor alertly looking at the enemies in front of him.

As he expected, arriving on the third floor, the martial artists numbers and strength had increased once again. At this time facing him were three body refining third level martial artists.

However, even three body refining third level martial artists were still far from being Lu Xuan's opponents. The reason why he didn't rush was to play it safe. If he received an injury it would definitely affect his performance later on.

Since Lu Xuan wasn't attacking, the three martial artists were no longer polite. The three people simultaneously charged forward. Among them, two had weapons. One spear and one halberd, both were long weapons. The other person was unarmed, presumably having practiced some martial arts using fists and feet.

The two armed martial artists were the first to make their moves. The spear and halberd accompanied each other, moving towards Lu Xuan.

The martial artist who used his fist then circled to Lu Xuan's back, preparing to take an opportunity to sneak attack.

Lu Xuan's eyes flashed a soft light. The long sword suddenly swung out. There was a flash of thunder light. It was the Thunder Light Sword Skill.

His sword carrying the power of thunder, its strength was far greater than the two's combined attack. Lu Xuan was relying on his own raw power to suppress them!

Seeing Lu Xuan make a move, the fist using martial artist didn't hesitate and charged forward. His two fists punched out. Two fists carrying a thousand jin strength each simultaneously striking towards Lu Xuan's back.

A crisp sound of metal striking metal rang out. The two martial artists couldn't stand firm, with the Thunder Light Sword Skill, Lu Xuan directly jarred them apart.

At this time, Lu Xuan felt a gust of wind come. That fist-using martial artist's attack had already arrived behind him!

It was just at this time, the long sword in Lu Xuan's hand flickered, becoming a phantom, his movement were unable to be seen clearly. By the end of the move, the long sword had impressively cut open the throat of the fist-using martial artist.

Blinking Sword Skill! One second kill!

After the martial collapsed onto the ground, Lu Xuan didn't bother looking at him again, directly returning his attention to the other two people and went to kill them. Without that threat, the two body refining third level martial artists were like a plate of small veggies to Lu Xuan.

After spending three rests time, the other two martial artists collapsed onto the ground dead.

The third floor was broken again! The four floor's light lit up!

’’The third floor has had someone break through! Such a quick speed. In just ten rests time they have arrived at the fourth floor! I wonder if this is Long Tai or Lu Xuan?’’

’’I feel like it's definitely Lu Xuan. Swordsman killing people is a matter that can take place in the span of a blink.’’ Elder Xu said with confidence.

Elder Sun glanced at him and snorted: ’’Don't forget that Long Tai has the strength of body refining fifth level. The first three trials can be completely suppressed and directly killed in seconds!’’


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