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Sword Spirit - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Outer Sect Disciple

Although Xia Ye was arrogant, his heart wasn't bad. This kind of arrogance was also due to his extraordinary birth and had been formed through a long period of pampering.

However, as a swordsman, Xia Ye felt that Lu Xuan was perhaps similar to him. Even if he was defeated, he would be defeated while dignified and wouldn't resort to tricks. Swordsman were originally proud people.

Seeing Xia Ye decisively believing in him, Lu Xuan was a little surprised. They look at each other and smiled a little and didn't say anything further. Lu Xuan once again closed his eyes and properly organized the recent comprehension.

Slightly hesitating, Xia Ye sat down beside Lu Xuan and also began similarly cultivating.

At this time, Lu Xuan had already completely immersed himself in his own world, attentively experiencing that more and more mysterious feeling. At that time, he had felt as if his entire being had become the sword.

With his head as the sword hilt, his body as the blade, the sword was the person and the person was the sword. In that short moment of clarity, Lu Xuan's comprehension towards the Blinking Sword Skill and the Thunder Light Sword Skill both became deeper. Many places that were previously unclear were suddenly opened up.

Right at this more and more mysterious border, he subconsciously displayed the Thunder Light Sword Skill. The sword skill just from before, other than being more powerful, was far from the one that the rock carving demonstrated because Lu Xuan only understood the sword strokes as well as how to use the sword strokes, but it was only a kind of imitation.

But the sword skill just now had assimilated his own understanding towards the sword. The originally dead sword skill had been endowed with Lu Xuan's understanding and immediately came to life. Its power immediately rose by at least 30%.

’’Is this sword intent? It truly is incomparably powerful!’’ Lu Xuan experienced that mysterious feeling and spoke to himself. But after saying that, he became unsure, ’’That's not wright. This isn't real sword intent. It can only be counted as touching the threshold of sword intent.’’

Previously, that Elder Xu hadn't guessed wrong. Lu Xuan indeed had grasping sword intent. It was just that, right now, he still couldn't be counted as having comprehended sword intent and could only be counted as having opened the door to it. He needed to enter that door before he could be said to have truly comprehended sword intent.

But to comprehend sword intent was very difficult. Every swordsman that comprehended sword intent was absolutely a genius. Looking at the entire Wind Sword Sect, the disciples that had comprehended sword intent was less than the number of fingers on one hand. It should be known that Wind Sword Sect disciples included young martial artists from the surrounding three large empires. The degree of difficulty was obvious!

A portion of them were stuck at the entrance. Although they had touched the threshold of sword intent, they had been stuck at the door and were unable to enter.

’’There will be a day when I will truly comprehend sword intent!’’ Lu Xuan firmly said in his heart.

While Lu Xuan was pondering, the assessment didn't stop, however, the top three participants had already finished their tests. The following acts didn't have much to show.

The perception of the martial artists were all trivial and average. The results of the martial skills that they demonstrated, without comparing them to Lu Xuan, they were still far away from Xia Ye. It was simply hard to watch. Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi both couldn't watch it to the end, and they simply sat in the judging area with their eyes closed.

The final results were, other than a body refining third level martial artist receiving a perception level of good, the majority of them received common ratings, and there were 50 who didn't pass and were eliminated.

Yao Lei muddled through it with common perception, managing to remain. Now he was dancing at Lu Xuan's side, waiting for Lu Xuan to end his cultivation.

According to how it usually went, martial artists that could pass the strength assessment, mental strength assessment, and this round of perception assessment, were essentially already qualified to be Wind Sword Sect outer sect disciples. Because of the fourth round of the assessment, the real combat assessment, primarily tested the martial artists combat strength, which was something that could be nurtured later, there wasn't too much requirement in that aspect.

And at this time, Lu Xuan also finally ended his cultivation and opened his eyes. In his eyes there was a flash of sword light which then disappeared.. He slowly spat out a mouthful of turbid qi and stood up.

Xia Ye had long since stopped cultivating. Seeing Lu Xuan standing up, his eyes immediately flashed a look of surprise. He couldn't help but ask: ’’Lu Xuan, why do I feel like you're different from before?’’

Looking at Xia Ye, Lu Xuan faintly smiled and said: ’’I was enlightened.’’

He had already fully digested the things that his insight and had taken a deeper step towards understanding the sword. His entire person naturally gave off a sort of special aura that a discerning eye could see in one look.

Hearing this, Xia Ye couldn't help but praise: ’’So there was this kind of enlightenment. I really admire your perception to the point of prostrating myself.’’

When facing Lu Xuan, Xia Ye long since already didn't have any arrogance or pride. It depended on what, but he was only prideful towards those that didn't know their place. Towards Lu Xuan, he held admiration, thus not only was not arrogant towards Lu Xuan, but was instead revealed friendly intent.

Yao Lei looked at Xia Ye with some hesitancy, unsure of how this guy suddenly became friends with Lu Xuan, however, Xia Ye wasn't someone he could anger. He could only attribute it to Lu Xuan's charisma, that he was a lady and a gentleman killer.(TN: Not actual killer, but the type of person who picks up women/men very easily)

At this time there was the sound of gongs. The martial artists' eyes once again gathered onto the judging area. Elder Sun once again walked out.

’’The third round's perception assessment has ended. I now declare that every martial artist here is now officially my Wind Sword Sect's outer disciple!’’

As Elder Sun spoke, the crowd of martial artists immediately couldn't help but cheer up. Their faces were filled with irrepressible smiles. They had finally passed the assessment! To be able to enter the Wind Sword Sect, even if it was only as an outer disciple, for the common martial artist, it was like a fish leaping over the dragon gate.

(TN: They passed a competitive examination.)

Otherwise, they could only choose to become a common citizen or enter the Long family or Lin family or that sort of clan and acts as servants. Throughout their lives they would never have any further advancements.

’’Haha, older brother Xuan, I entered the Wind Sword Sect and became a Wind Sword Sect outer sect disciple. I need to let the head of the house, he'll be happy to death!’’ Yao Lei couldn't help but loudly cheer.His little round face was completely flushed red. Evidently he was too excited. Originally he had an apathetic attitude towards participating in the assessment, but now he had actually achieved the goal, it felt as if he was dreaming.

Seeing Yao Lei's excited appearance, Lu Xuan also couldn't help but feel happy for him. He smiled and said: ’’Continue to work hard. The world outside is still very large. Your father will definitely be proud of you!’’

’’En!’’ Yao Lei nodded his head with force, ’’Older brother Xuan, this time, I really need to thank you. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have even been able to pass through the first round.’’

Seeing Yao Lei's sincere expression, Lu Xuan couldn't help but feel like sighing. If it hadn't been for the sword crystal, right now he probably be dead right? Even if he didn't die, he would have been a cripple. Without even speaking of where he was now, even passing Wind Sword Sect's assessment would have been a luxury.

He subconsciously rubbed his dantian. Lu Xuan's eyes became firm. Since the sword crystal had given him a new life, he would make it his mission to pursue towards a higher realm. That mean he had to push forward. His goal was the peak of the martial path.


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