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Sword Spirit - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Amazing Perception

’’Ah, it's already time? Why do I feel like it's only been a moment?’’

’’Crap, crap. I only just scratched the surface.’’


A crowd of martial artists said with distressed expressions. One hour of time basically wasn't enough time to perceive anything. Most of the martial artists' perceptions only scratched the surface. If they could touch even a bit of the essence, then it could be said that their perception was not bad.

Although some were unwilling, under Elder Sun's urging, they could only reluctantly walk out of the stone room.

Lu Xuan also followed the crowd out of the stone room, his expression calm, neither happy nor angry. Xia Ye's eyebrows were knit together. Evidently, the time was too short, and he hadn't been able to perceive too much.

His eyes sweeping over Lu Xuan and Xia Ye, Long Tai's expression leaked out some pride, and then he went his his head high and his chest out, taking large steps outwards. Let's see what you will pull out to compare with me!

Very soon, the crowd once again returned in front of the Sword Testing platform. Elder Sun said: ’’Right now you will divide into groups based on the martial skill perceived and demonstrate it. With your performance, These elders and I will judge your perception level, splitting it into extreme, amazing, excellent, good, average, and unqualified. Those with unqualified perceptions will be eliminated!’’

Hearing the word eliminated, the crowd of martial artists became timid and didn't dare to go up. Obviously, they didn't have much confidence in themselves as they didn't know what sort of achievement was needed to be qualified.

Looking down on the expressions of the martial artists, Long Tai smiled in disdain, then walked up, loudly saying: ’’Since no one is going up, then I will go up first. Elders, please enlighten me!’’

’’En, good. We who study martial arts need this sort of person who dares to go first. Don't worry, just display the martial skill you have perceived.’’ Seeing that Long Tai had stood up first, Elder Sun said with a smile, freely giving out his praise.

Seeing Long Tai going up first, seemingly filled with confidence, Lu Xuan's eyes flashed. He didn't say whatever he was thinking and only watched quietly.

Xia Ye grunted: ’’That guy stole the limelight again. I want to see how much you perceived.’’

Seeing that everyone's eyes were focused on him, Long Tai basked in this feeling. Without a moment of hesitation, he directly began demonstrating. This time, he was going to amaze everyone!

The martial skill that Long Tai pondered was called the Mysterious Ice Claw. When used, it would send out an oppressing cold air. If trained to its peak, it could even use soul force to condense ice to attack their enemy, directly destroying the enemy body's functions.

Of course Long Tai couldn't reach that sort of realm right now, but as he used the first move, the crowd of martial artists felt the temperature in the area dropped down a bit!

The two elders in the judging area couldn't help but stand up.

One of the elders exclaimed: ’’He actually caused a change in temperature! He has already perceived this martial skill's essence!’’

’’That's right. In such a short period of time, he could reach this sort of result. This perception is completely amazing!’’

Hearing the praise from the two elders, Elder Sun couldn't help but laugh. Looking at Ninth Uncle beside him: ’’Old Nine, I seem to remember that you also know this Mysterious Ice Claw. How is it? Long Tai's perception isn't bad, right?’’

Watching Long Tai's demonstration closely, Ninth Uncle slowly nodded his head, ’’It is indeed not bad. It's already at about 10% of my ability. If this is really the result obtained after just one hour, then his perception really could be described as amazing.’’

In Ninth Uncle's words there was obviously a little skepticism, however, Elder Sun didn't it up, only satisfiedly smiled: ’’It seems like this rounds first place will belong to Long Tai.’’

’’That's not for certain. Hasn't Lu Xuan still not gone up yet?’’ Xia Chen Xi said.

Hearing this, Elder Sun laughed out loudly: ’’Could it be that Niece Chen Xi still thinks that Lu Xuan can still surpass Long Tai? I have presided over the assessment for so many years. To be able to perceive to such a level in just an hour, there has only been Long Tai.

As they were speaking, Long Tai finally finished demonstrating his set of the Mysterious Ice Claw.

After three days of continuous study and comprehension, he had not only memorized the moves of Mysterious Ice Claw clearly, he had also already perceived some of the essence of the Mysterious Ice Claw. The hardest thing while studying a martial skill was perceiving its essence, but once it was understood, one would only need to bitterly cultivate in it afterwards. It could be said that right now, as long as he persevered and continued to practice it, there would be a day when he could master it.

’’Elder, disciple has already finished demonstrating.’’ Long Tai saluted as he said.

’’En, your perception is not bad. After a unanimous decision, your perception has been judged as 'amazing'!’’ Elder Sun publicly announced.

As Long Tai's results were made public, it immediately caused the martial artists below to become noisy.

’’This Long Tai still can't be overlooked!’’

’’That's right. In a short hour, he could actually perceive a martial skill to such a degree. He's truly too amazing!’’

’’It looks to me like this rounds first place will belong to him.’’


Hearing Elder Sun's words, Long Tai's face flashed a hint of glee. Amazing perception. This was an extraordinary result, second only to extreme perception. In fact, looking at the entire Wind Sword Sect, how many people there could be regarded as having extreme perceptions?

This round's first place would would definitely belong to him!

Under the envious eyes of the martial artists, Long Tai's complacently returned to the crowd. He turned around and just happened to me Xia Ye's displeased eyes. He immediately laughed and said: ’’Xia Ye, didn't you want to compare who was the bigger genius with me? Why not also go up and have your perception assessed?’’

Facing Long Tai's taunt, Xia Xi's fists were clenched tightly. Although he didn't have a chance of beating Long Tai, but he also didn't want to be a coward. He fiercely said: ’’I'll go up. I'm not afraid of you!’’

As he spoke, Xia Ye stepped out of the crowds and stood in front of the judging area. After asking what weapon Xia Ye used, a deacon brought over a lower grade iron grade long sword so that he could demonstrate the sword skill.

Xia Ye also pondered on the Thunder Light Sword Skill, however, as he began his display, it was evidently far different than what had been demonstrated on the stone carving. The eight sword strokes were all made, but unfortunately it lacked charm. It didn't need to be said that compared to Long Tai who had been able to affect the surroundings temperature. It was only on the last stroke that Xia Ye managed to create a bit of the thunder sound.

Hearing the thunder sound, Elder Sun looked at Ninth Uncle and the other two elders and said: ’’This Xia Ye is also not bad. Although he's far off from Long Tai, but since he was able to create the thunder sound, it could be said that he has perceived some of its charm. Should his perception be judged as good?’’

Hearing this, Ninth Uncle and the other two elders nodded their heads, agreeing with Elder Sun's words.

Knowing that his perception had been judged as good, a full two tiers below Long Tai, Xia Ye was naturally a little unwilling, but he already knew that his performance just now was indeed far off from Long Tai's. Although he was angry, he didn't have anything to say.

’’Xia Ye, even if you want to fight me for the position of genius,it's just a huge joke. Your perception is a full two tiers below mine. Now you can admit defeat!’’ Long Tai said proudly. Previously in the mental strength assessment he had lost to Xia Ye, but right now he had finally made a comeback.

’’Hmph, so what if you beat me? Beating me doesn't mean that first place will definitely be yours. Lu Xuan has already grabbed first place in two rounds. How do you know that he won't continue to take first place in this round?’’ Facing Long Tai's taunts, Xia Ye had brought up Lu Xuan to the same line, and now he was pushing Lu Xuan towards the stage.

’’Lu Xuan?’’ Long Tai disdainfully glanced at Lu Xuan and said: ’’Him taking first place in the first two rounds was just luck. These last two rounds can test true strength. Lu Xuan, do you dare to come up and test your perception? If you can beat me, I will agree to not go looking to make trouble for your Lu family, how about that?

’’Lu Xuan's eyes brightly flashed, and he said with a heavy tone: ’’Can I take these words as truth?’’

’’Of course it's truth! The Wind Swords Sects and so many martial artists are here as witnesses. You're still worried that I would go back on my word?’’ Long Tai sneered. He didn't believe that Lu Xuan could be so amazing. Even if his perception really was better than his own, he had practiced for three days. Could it be that he still wouldn't be able to compare to Lu Xuan's hour?

’’Since it's this way, then I will fulfill your wish.’’ As Lu Xuan spoke, the crowd made way, and he slowly walked towards the front. In a moment, all the martial artists' eyes were all gathered on him.


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