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Sword Spirit - Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Chase to Kill

’’His mother. This wilderness really isn't easy to walk through. I'm tired to death. It's so early in the morning, and I got this sort of crappy work. Such bad luck. In a little while, when we find that kid, I'm going to vent my anger on him.’’ A grumbling sound came out.

’’Old Third, stop complaining so much. The young master looked upon us and gave us a task. Once we complete the task and go back, will the rewards be small?’’ Another voice whispered to that Old Third.

’’Hehe, that's true. This time we're going to get more reward money and be able to go wild in the Green Red House. I've been frequently thinking of that Little Jade.’’ That Old Three happily said in a sudden swing in attitude.

(TN: The green red house is a brothel.)

’’How many times have I told you, spend less effort on woman's bodies. Even now you're still body refining third level. I feel like I've lost face for you...’’

Hearing these two men talk, Lu Xuan's heart went cold. If he was guessing correctly, the little kid that Old Third was talking about was him, and that young master the other guy mentioned must be Long Yang. He hadn't thought that after having been beaten by Long Yang to that state, Long Yang still hadn't relaxed.

Very soon, the two were talking again. Lu Xuan continued to listen attentively, his mind was flying through strategies.

’’If I remember correctly, it should be up ahead right? Heh, that kid probably is probably still on the ground unable to get up!’’

’’En, let's quickly finish this and go back. Don't kill him, just shatter his dantian.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan was shocked and angry.

Alright Long Yang, not only did you not relax, you were that vicious. The dantian was the martial artists core. If the dantian was shattered, then there wouldn't be any sort of hope. For martial artists, it was akin to death.

But although he was angry, Lu Xuan did not lose his head. Having just heard the words of these two, that Old Third should be body refining third level, and the other person was at least body refining fourth level. Lu Xuan reckoned that the current him wasn't their opponent.

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him, this way, returning in the future would not be too late.

Taking advantage of the fact that the two hadn't seen him, Lu Xuan decided to temporarily avoid fighting and hide. He turned his body to leave.

But right as Lu Xuan was preparing to treat, he accidentally stepped on a dead tree branch.

There was a crisp ’’kacha’’ sound, instantaneously ringing out into the surroundings, clearly reaching the ears of the two men who were chasing him!

Lu Xuan's heart immediately sank. Any sound was bad, and this sound definitely had been noticed by those two.

Since his position was no longer hidden, he exploded out at his fastest speed to run away.

Just as Lu Xuan was running away, the sound of the broken tree branch reached those two who finally arrived. Seeing Lu Xuan's back, that Old Third immediately shouted, ’’Second Brother, it's that kid, quickly chase him!’’

Seeing that Lu Xuan wanted to run, that Second Brother didn't say anything else and directly let out his greatest speed to chase.

Hearing the wind whistling behind him, Lu Xuan didn't even dare to turn his head back and only ran for his life. He had only just reached body refining third level, he was not an opponent for that body refining fourth level Second Brother, much less also with the body refining third level Old Three's help.

But that Second Brother's speed was greater than Lu Xuan's. Body refining four level was naturally not something body refining could compare to. Soon, he was like the wind and passed Lu Xuan, blocking Lu Xuan's front, cutting off the path.

With no time to turn around, Lu Xuan was blocked. The Old Third whose speed was slower then caught up to Lu Xuan's back. Wolf in the front and tiger in the back. Lu Xuan was suddenly trapped.

’’Heh, a body refining second level piece of trash actually dares to run. Your courage isn't small! Running away, ah. If you have skill then continue running away for me. Believe it or not, this little grandpa will crush you in a single hand!’’ That Old Third arrogantly said as he slowly approached Lu Xuan.

Seeing that Lu Xuan didn't dare to continue running, that Old Third suddenly began talking again: ’’You deserve this bad luck little kid. Young master Long Yang was good-hearted and wanted to spare your life, but unfortunately, young master Long Tai decided that your life was worthless. Thus, today, I, your little grandpa, have come to claim your life.’’

’’So it was this way, the person who sent people to deal with me was Long Tai.’’ Lu Xuan's pondered inside. Yesterday, Long Yang didn't dare to kill, but Long Tai didn't care. In his eyes, Lu Xuan was like an ant. Destroying Lu Xuan's dantian was only a sentence for him.

But the surrounded Lu Xuan did not panic. He silently watched the slowly approaching Old Third. He slowly breathed in, letting his whole body's strength slowly gather to his hands. Inside he was thinking, closer, a little bit closer...

These two both assumed that Lu Xuan was still body refining second level. As long as Old Third entered his attack range, Lu Xuan would launch a sneak attack. If the attack could exterminate that Old Third, then the body refining fourth level Second Brother would no longer have a helper.

Watching Old Third as he entered within two meters in front of Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan was just about to launch an attack when that Second Brother's voice suddenly sounded out.


Following this Second Brother's command, that Old Third suddenly stopped. Lu Xuan also had to temporarily press down his idea of attacking. He would only have one chance for the sneak attack. It had to be lethal.

At this time the Second Brother was currently suspiciously staring at Lu Xuan. He clearly remembered that this kid had been beaten until he was half an inch of his life. How was it that over the course of a night, he had suddenly become so healthy. It was too strange.

’’Little kid, do you have something good on you? Quickly bring it out. I can still spare you, otherwise, hmph...’’ This Second Brother said testily.

Hearing these words, Lu Xuan remained silent. It wasn't that he didn't want to speak, but that he was holding his breath and didn't dare to let it out.

’’Not speaking, eh? Since you refused a toast, then you will drink a forfeit. Don't blame anyone else!’’ This Second Brother grinned, ’’Old Third, go search him.’’

In his eyes, Lu Xuan was a body refining second level kid. He could take what he wanted. With Old Third's strength, it was more than enough to take care of him. He would just stand to the side to prevent the kids escape.

’’So there was still a treasure? Let this little old man check it out.’’ Hearing Second Brother's words, this Old Third's eyes lit up. Rolling up his sleeves, he took big steps toward Lu Xuan. With these steps, the two sides had become closer!

It was at this moment!

When this Old Third was a meter away in front of Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan's two fists suddenly flew out!

Having accumulated almost a thousand jin of power, it forcefully slammed into Old Third's chest.

This Old Third was body refining third level, but all of his body's strength had been spent on top of girls bodies. At this time it was just a mere form, and then adding on the fact he was completely unprepared, how could he withstand Lu Xuan's full strength attack.

In a moment, that Old Third's chest felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer, leaving a very deep impression, and instantly smashing him into unconsciousness. It looked like he was dead.

This sudden turn of events was entirely out of the Second Brother's expectations. He had thought that there was only a flower, then he saw Old Third sent flying by Lu Xuan. At the same time a mouthful of blood sprayed out. Life or death was unknown.

’’Old Third!’’ This Second Brother sadly called out and became instantly angry. Originally he had thought it was a foolproof plan, but it had suddenly changed into this situation. He was now no longer considering anything about a treasure or the wishes of the young master. He just wanted to tear Lu Xuan apart!

The sneak attack was successful. One attack had exterminated Old Third. Lu Xuan didn't have the time to let out a breath of relief though, and turned his body to run, but at this time the Second Brother went mad and rushed towards him.

After having run only two steps, Lu Xuan had already been caught up to by the Second Brother who brought a whistling fist, mercilessly smashing towards the back of Lu Xuan's head.

Forced to a last resort, Lu Xuan turned his body and sent his fist out, blocking the hit.

When the pair of fists collided, Lu Xuan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying by the attack. The difference between body refining third level and body refining fourth level was absolutely not something that could be ignored.

Body refining third level only had nine hundred jin of strength, but body refining fourth level's threshold already had reached fourteen hundred jin.

Although he was sent flying by the attack, that angry Second Brother did not have any intention of stopping there and added speed and sent out another fist straight towards Lu Xuan's dantian. If this fist hit, then Lu Xuan even if Lu Xuan didn't die he would become worthless trash.

At this time, the Lu Xuan who was still in the air had no strength to leverage and could only watch as that fist that carried a thousand jin of force smashed towards his dantian.

Lu Xuan couldn't help but leak a bitter smile. Did the heavens really want him to perish? It had been incredibly difficult to have gotten such an opportunity and he had just seen a ray of hope, but in the end there was no such luck...

’’Die!’’ That Second Brother angrily yelled. The fist had already collided with Lu Xuan's dantian.

Lu Xuan felt a sharp pain, the fist's power spread through his body, directly attacking his dantian.

At this time the mysterious sword crystal was currently in the dantian slowly rotating. Suddenly as it received the violent attack, the sword crystal shuddered, as if it had taken a heavy hit. A tiny piece of the crystal suddenly fell off the sword crystal and then instantly disappeared.

Meanwhile at the same time, a bit of sword qi came out of the sword crystal, instantly going through Lu Xuan's body and headed towards that Second Brother!


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