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Sword Spirit - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Pondering Over Stone Carvings

Seeing the curiosity that the martial artists had towards these stone carvings, Elder Sun said: ’’Although my Wind Sword Sect is a sword sect, but in reality it encompasses all types of martial skills. I'm assuming that you've seen these stone carvings. Each stone carving cost my sect a great deal to produce, because each stone carving contains in it a martial skill!’’

As Elder Sun said this, the crowd of martial artists were all amazed!

For a martial artist, a martial skill was powerful and mysterious existence. The reason why they wanted to enter the Wind Sword Sect was just for the Wind Sword's sects many martial skills and cultivation techniques. They hadn't thought that right now, while still in the assessment, they would already actually been exposed to martial skills.

’’Once the assessment begins,you all can select a suitable stone carving for yourself and ponder over them. You will be given only one hour to ponder. After this hour, you all will display your understanding of the martial skill that you have pondered and that will be the result of this round's perception assessment.’’

Finished declaring the rules, he swept a glance through the crowd of martial artists and asked: ’’Are there any questions? If there are none, then you may begin.’’

’’Elder, may I ask what tier these martial skills are?’’ A peak body refining fourth level martial artist inquired.

’’All of the martial skills are lower Huang tier.’’ Elder Sun replied.

So they were all only lower Huang tier, the very lowest tier of martial skills. Quite a few of the martial artists, after hearing Elder Sun's words, their faces expressed a bit of disappointment. They had originally thought that these would be high tier martial skills.

Their expressions were naturally seen by the elders. One of the elders stood up and said: ’’Don't think that lower Huang tier martial skills aren't worth anything. With your current strengths, you can only comprehend a lower Huang tier martial skill. Even if we let you ponder a middle Huang tier martial skill, you wouldn't be able to understand anything! In one hour's time, if you can comprehend even a layer of skin from these martial skills, then you could be considered to have amazing perception.’’

Looking at the martial artists beside him, Long Tai also sneered. They really were just a bunch of guys who don't know the immensity of heaven and earth. Is a martial skill so easy to learn? He had practiced his family's inherited martial skill the Dragon Seizing Hand since he was small. Only after so many years did he reach some degree of skill in it, and he didn't dare to say he had achieved mastery of it.

After being told off by that elder, these martial artists didn't dare to be so highly ambitious. To them, even a lower Huang tier martial skill could still move their hearts, their eyes exposed a trace of anticipation, thinking only to hurry up and ponder it, looking forward to shocking others.

’’Since there aren't any more questions, then this assessment will begin now. The testing of results will be in one hour's time.’’ Elder Sun finished speaking and walked out of the stone room, however, before leaving, he gave Long Tai a meaningful look.

Long Tai nodded his head, giving Elder Sun a look of complete self confidence, as if he had this in the bag.

Seeing Long Tai's expression, Elder Sun slightly smiled, his heart fully satisfied, and walked out. This round he had complete confidence of letting Long Tai obtain victory.

Once Elder Sun had left, the crowd of martial artists suddenly became excited. Each one quickly went to find a stone carving that suited themselves, trying to make the best of their time to begin pondering. This was the closest they had ever been to a martial skill since birth. It naturally couldn't be wasted.

’’Older brother Xuan, what do you think I should try to perceive?’’ Yao Lei scratched his head and asked. He hadn't selected a weapon yet and thus with so many stone carvings, whatever he picked would be about the same.

’’Picking the one you like the most is fine.’’ Lu Xuan didn't give Yao Lei much of a suggestion. Only one's self could know what weapon was suitable for themselves.

’’Then I'll just select the blade, it's powerful!’’ Yao Lei considered what he wanted and made a decision. He then went to the stone carving with blade on it. At this time there were already quite a few martial artists standing in front of it. Obviously, they were all blade using martial artists.

Lu Xuan also didn't hesitate and directly walked to the sword stone carving. The sword stone carving had the most martial artists select it. Because of the Wind Sword Sect's influence, in all of Lin City, the number of martial artists that used the sword was the highest.

Seeing Lu Xuan walk over, some of the martial artists split to let him through. Although they hadn't heard of Lu Xuan's name before, his result from the first two assessment already had earned the crowd's respect. Having placed first in two rounds, beating both Xia Ye and Long Tai, once he entered the Wind Sword Sect, his position would definitely be higher than theirs. He should not be easily offended.

And in front of this stone carving, Lu Xuan also saw two familiar people. One of them was Xia Ye of course, the weapon he used was also the sword. The other was that Feng swordsman. This time his luck was pretty good and had successfully entered the third round. There was a very good chance that he could successfully path the last assessment.

Xia Ye looked at Lu Xuan and softly snorted, then refocused himself to pondering. He had lost both strength and mental strength to Lu Xuan. He didn't believe that he would also lose in the perception assessment.

Only after seeing that each martial artist had quickly found their stone carving did Long Tai neither quickly nor slowly walk to the front of the claw user's stone carving. He had a look of confidence, as if he had already had the victory in his grasp.

In truth, this time Long Tai indeed have victory in his grasp. That was because before this, he had already pondered this for three days!

This is why he and Elder Sun both had such confidence in winning this trial!

Others only had an hour's time to ponder, but his pondering time was greater than the rest of the martial artists by over ten times. If he still couldn't take first place, then Long Tai didn't have to bother being human anymore.

In fact, at the beginning, Elder Sun had already been prepared to bet with Ninth Uncle, however, he had originally been prepared to bet about Long Tai and Xia Ye. Although it had been changed to Lu Xuan later, it didn't really change anything.

In order to guarantee that Long Tai would win, three days earlier, Elder Sun took the risk of breaking the rules, and secretly brought Long Tai to the stone room, and let him continuously ponder for three days, and it was because Long Tai had been staying here for these few days that Long Yang didn't have the opportunity to tell him about the matter with Lu Xuan.

Long Tai didn't believe that there as someone with only an hour of pondering who could win over his three days of pondering. This round he would definitely take first place!

The stone room slowly quieted down and all of the martial artists entered their pondering states. Lu Xuan was the same. His entire mind became immersed in the stone carving. It was like there was nothing in the world left except the stone carving. He suddenly felt something shook. The stone carving in front of him had actually suddenly ’’moved’’ as if it was alive.

’’Thunder Light Sword Skill!’’

Without warning, Lu Xuan's mind suddenly flashed these four words.

Thunder Light Sword Skill. Could this be the martial skill's name?

Just at this time, the stone carving, in Lu Xuan's eyes, transformed into a martial artist, who was holding and swinging a long sword, creating mysterious attacks!


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