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Sword Spirit - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Breaking Through Two Trials in a Row

The savage wolf was a sixth level ferocious beast, its strength was comparable to a body refining sixth level martial artist. When Lu Xuan had drawn the Wild Explosion scroll, it had been done using a savage wolf's blood.

Faced with this savage wolf that had suddenly appeared, Lu Xuan didn't dare to ignore it. He current strength was the large success stage of body refining fourth stage, but the strength gap between him and the savage wolf was not small.

At this time, the savage wolf had already discovered Lu Xuan. Its shiny green eyes exuded a bloodcurdling killer light. It howled and rushed towards him

Facing this strong savage wolf, Lu Xuan still wasn't afraid. He very calmly displayed the moves of the Large Foundation Fist, and against the savage wolf's charge, he suddenly took a step back, an attack flashed by, and his fist fiercely smashed against the savage wolf's waist.

When this punch flew out, it actually hit the air. Just as Lu Xuan was stunned because of it, he discovered that the body of the savage wolf in front of his eyes began to break apart, and then began disappearing into the air, until it the image was completely gone.

Lu Xuan suddenly understood. Just now had actually been an illusion, however, it had felt far too real. Just now as the savage wolf had pounced, Lu Xuan had felt like its appearance, motions, and its charging attack had all felt as if it was no different from reality.

Usually an illusory array and a killing array were combined, however, the Wind Sword Sect had not added the killing array for this time's assessment. If they had added in the killing array, if Lu Xuan couldn't kill the savage wolf, then if he had been killed, then he would have died in real life too.

At the time that Lu Xuan had calmed down a bit from this trial, on the Sword Testing platform, quite a few martial artists' faces had turned white, their faces in horror. Although their eyes were tightly closed, their bodies were spasming, as if they had encountered some sort of terrifying situation.

And the martial artists that exhibited these symptoms were momentarily automatically transferred out of the Sword Testing platform, appearing below the platform.

Only once they had left the magic circle did those martial artists slowly open their eyes. At first they were a little confused, and then they discovered that they were no longer on top of the Sword Testing Platform. Their faces immediately let out a trace of disappointment, It was very obvious that they had already failed. They had failed to endure past even the first mental strength trial.

They had just been in the illusion and had also seen various kinds of strong ferocious beasts, however, they didn't dare to fight back and only tried to run away. They were then chased and killed by those ferocious beasts. They had watched as the ferocious beasts had torn apart their bodies. That kind of fear was unspeakable.

’’Isn't the courage of these guys a bit too small? They couldn't even endure past the first trial.’’ Lin Xin Yi's mouth twitched.

The mental strength test's first trial tested a person's courage. As long as they could muster the courage to fight those ferocious beasts, they would be able to pass. It was the mental strength test's easiest trial.

However, these martial artists that had been eliminated, when facing the enemy hadn't even had a bit of courage to fight, then even if they had cultivated further, it would still be of no use.

Ninth Uncle laughed a little and didn't judge them, only saying: ’’Lu Xuan's appearance is not bad. He didn't even blink and passed the trial in an instant.’’

Xia Chen Xi smiled slightly and said: ’’When he was body refining third level, he already dared to fight with a body refining fourth level martial artist in the martial arena. How could there be a matter where he didn't dare to fight.’’

In the courage trials, the stronger the courage the martial artist displayed, the easier it would be to pass the trial. Those like Lu Xuan who hadn't even flinched and directly punched it would naturally be able to pass the trial, but those that were timid, then even if they weren't eliminated, they would be trapped for a short period of time.

At this time on the Sword Testing platform, quite a few martial artists' faces were scrunched up and frowning. Obviously they were still in the first trial, fighting to death with those ferocious beasts.

Yao Lei was the same. He clenched his fists and ground his teeth, doing who knows what.

It was not just Lu Xuan alone who had passed the courage trial in just a moment. Long Tai and Xia Ye were also very confident in themselves. Naturally they wouldn't be afraid when facing these ferocious beasts.

The three of them had almost all entered the second trial at the same time, setting themselves apart from the others in an instant. Seeing that Long Tai's performance was pretty good, that Elder Sun couldn't help but let out a smile.

The scenery changed again. The woods in front of Lu Xuan disappeared and became a tragic battlefield.

The entire atmosphere was very gloomy. By his feet there were heaps of corpses which had all been mutilated. Calling it a mountain of bodies and a sea of blood was not an exaggeration. Next to him there were quite a few surviving soldiers. His identity at that moment seemed to be that of a soldier who entering a large battle.

And at this time, there was an extremely loud battle cry that suddenly rang out. Lu Xuan raised his head to look there, and faced countless people waving the weapons in their hands, their faces grim. They began to charge in his direction. Smoke rolled through, and the sounds were deafening.


There was another wave countless shouts. This time it had come from the people by Lu Xuan's side. The fighting began again. Countless fellow soldiers passed by him as they charged at the opposing army.

Seeing such a bloody scene, Lu Xuan couldn't help but have a bit of feeling of bloodlust himself, wanting to go on a killing spree- but very quickly, he closed his eyes, retaining his original mental state, and forced the impulse and bloodlust down.

Once he recovered his spirits and cleared his head, suddenly, the fighting armies completely disappeared, and the entire world once again broke. This trial had once again been broken by him.

Ninth Uncle and the others, seeing that Lu Xuan had only frowned a little then relaxed again, immediately once again smiled: ’’This kid broke through the second trial so quickly. He doesn't have bloodlust in his heart. Not bad. Not bad.’’

Seeing that Lu Xuan had broken through another trial in just a moment, Elder Sun's face became a little ugly. Long Tai's face was savage, evidently immersed in the slaughter. It seemed like he wouldn't pass within an hour and a half.

’’Elder Sun, this Long Tai's heart for killing isn't small, ah.’’ Ninth Uncle saw and said.

Having it pointed out by Ninth Uncle, Elder Sun was a little displeased and snorted: ’’As a powerful martial artist, of course there will be some heart for killing.’’

’’Elder Sun, your words aren't quite right. This doesn't have to do with whether or not there is a heart for killing.’’ Xia Chen Xi said in a gentle tone: ’’They clearly know it's an illusion, but they still let loose and enjoy slaughtering. It can only be said that their self-control isn't enough. In the future, they will have to avoid cultivating and walking the path of the devil.’’

Xia Chen Xi sharply pointed out the flaws. Elder Sun didn't have anything to say and could only curse Long Tai in his heart for being disappointing.

Of course Lu Xuan knew nothing of the matters that were happening outside. He had broken through two trials in mere moments and had already entered the third trial.

The third trial's scene was different from the first and second trials. It was neither harsh nor full of bloodshed.

The place where he appeared now was actually in a well-decorated, luxurious, and warm pavilion. There were red veils and the smell of incense that could calm a person's heart. It was truly a gentle place.


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