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Sword Spirit - Chapter 34


Chapter 34: The Bet is All Yours

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Hearing the two items that Xia Chen Xi proposed, Elder Sun's mouth twitched a little.

The Heaven Mixing dan was a dan medicine used by body refining eighth level. It could help a martial artist raise a level. Not only did it lay a better body refining foundation, it also could help the probability of breaking through. It's price was completely incomparable to the price of the Bone Cleansing dan that Lu Xuan had previously used.

In the entire Wind Sword Sect, the amount of Heaven Mixing dans produced were not too many. In the secular world, no matter how much gold was spent, one would not be able to buy one.

The storage ring was similarly priceless. A typical martial artist in the body refining stage wouldn't even think of getting one. Only someone like Xia Chen Xi whose background wasn't normal would be able to get one.

The price of these two items added together wasn't quite the price of two lower grade treasure grade items, but it wasn't too far off. Xia Chen Xi really wasn't at a disadvantage.

’’Hehe, Niece Chen Xi really isn't one to be at a disadvantage.’’ Elder Sun dryly laughed.

’’What is it? Could it be Elder Sun doesn't dare to bet?’’ Xia Chen Xi slightly smiled and said without a trace of pressure.

’’Of course I'll bet. How could this old man be someone who goes back on his words. Although a storage ring and Heaven Mixing dan aren't cheap, this old man just so happens to have them.’’ Elder Sun said resolutely.

Anyways, this was just a bet. As long as he won, of course he didn't have to bring out anything. Also, he was very confident in Long Tai. Although Lu Xuan had defeated him in the strength assessment, in Elder Sun's eyes, Lu Xuan was just someone with a born with divine strength. The distance between body refining fifth level and body refining fourth level was not so easy of a gap to cross. Other than the mental strength and perception assessments, there was still the final combat assessment.

Seeing that Elder Sun agreed, Xia Chen Xi smiled, and bowed towards the other elders that were in the judging area and said: ’’Since it's this way, then may Ninth Uncle and the other elders help act as witnesses for this bet between Chen Xi and Elder Sun.’’

’’Haha, that's fine. However, it won't be easy for this Lu Xuan to win.’’

’’Just only watching is boring, adding some entertainment isn't bad. This old man will act as a witness.’’

The other two elders in the judging area agreed, however, they both were leaning towards Long Tai winning, after all, there was the strength gap there.

Xia Chen Xi naturally didn't mind the way they saw things. She didn't believe Lu Xuan's strength was limited to the bit of what he showed off.

As the people in the judging area were talking, the assessment in the square did not stop. After Lu Xuan's explosive entrance with 3000 jin of strength and taking first place, the rest of the martial artists became very interested in the rest of the assessment.

It was just a pity that the martial artists that went up next didn't every hit Lu Xuan's, Long Tai's, or Xia Ye's amazing results.

Another martial artist with body refining fifth level appeared, but he was only a common body refining fifth level practitioner, and also his age had already reached the assessment's limit of twenty years old. In the end he only hit a 2200 jin result, letting the rest of the martial artists who were waiting in anticipation be disappointed.

As for the few peak body refining fourth level martial artists, their results were usually between 1800 - 2000 jin or so, far from Xia Ye's 2600 jin, much less Lu Xuan's 3000 jin.

In the eyes of the crowd of martial artists, this assessment's final top three should be Lu Xuan and two others, however, they just couldn't determine who would be able to take first. Although Lu Xuan's strength assessment was number one, there could be a lot of variation in the following tests.

Soon Yao Lei also went up and receive a result of 1050 jin, just barely passing. Having just broken through to body refining third level and being able to hit over 1000 jin could already be considered as not bad.

As for Lu Xuan, after the test, he went to find a quiet place to sit down, waiting for the assessment to end and seize the moment to cultivate. Right now his bones were completely cleaned from any impurities. As long as he continually circulated his cultivation technique, he could continue to temper his bones.

After knowing that Long Tai's strength had reached body refining fifth level, Lu Xuan felt a large sense of crisis. With an extra bit of strength, he could greatly improve his chances of winning first place.

Following the sound of a drum, Lu Xuan slowly opened his eyes and saw Elder Sun once again stand up. Evidently the first round of the assessment had already ended.

’’The first round of strength testing assessment is over. Everyone that passed follow me to the Sword Testing Hall. The next test will be held in the Sword Testing Hall!’’

Finished speaking Elder Sun led the way and walked off, neither quickly nor slowly, towards the Sword Testing Hall.

’’Older brother Xuan, let's go, let's go. The second round of the assessment is beginning.’’ Yao Lei said with excitement. He had successfully passed the first round of the assessment and was super happy. However, seeing Lu Xuan was cultivating, he hadn't bothered him before.

’’I just heard from some others, that rumors say that if you can pass the first round of the assessment, there's an eighty percent chance of passing the rest of it. If I can enter the Wind Sword Sect, my old man will probably be happy to death.’’ Yao Lei had suppressed a bellyful of talk and was now letting it all out by Lu Xuan's ears.

’’Next up is the mental strength assessment. With your mental strength, be careful not to stumble.’’ Lu Xuan teased.

Hearing this, Yao Lei's face blushed. Honestly speaking, the mental strength was the trial he was most worried about. The rest was fine, but if it was a trial of lust, he couldn't guarantee anything.

Just at this time, a soft voice sounded out, ’’Lu Xuan.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan immediately stopped in his tracks and turned to look. It turns out it was Xia Chen Xi. She hadn't gone with Ninth Uncle and gone into the Sword Testing Hall first, instead had specifically waited here for Lu Xuan.

’’Young miss Chen Xi, why haven't you gone in?’’ Lu Xuan asked in surprise.

Xia Chen Xi slightly smiled: ’’Don't call me young miss Chen Xi. Just call me Chen Xi. I specifically stayed here to tell you something.’’

’’Eh... just say what's on your mind.’’

’’Let's talk as we walk.’’ Standing at Lu Xuan's side, Xia Chen Xi walked with him and said: ’’Do you have confidence in taking first place this time?’’

’’Ah, confidence.... I believe more in strength!’’ Although Lu Xuan didn't directly answer, he had clearly expressed his goal.

Seeing Lu Xuan was filled with fighting spirit, Xia Chen Xi suddenly smiled sweetly: ’’That's good. This time you must take first place! Otherwise, Ninth Uncle's personal weapon will be gone.’’

Lu Xuan was startled, not knowing what his winning first place and Ninth Uncle's weapon had to do with each other. He asked: ’’What's going on?’’

’’That Elder Sun made a bet with Ninth Uncle. If Long Tai takes first place, then Ninth Uncle's weapon, the lower grade treasure grade Shadow Claw will belong to Elder Sun. If you take first place, Elder Sun will then pay out a storage ring and a Heaven Mixing pill as the bet.’’

Deeply looking into Lu Xuan's eyes, Xia Chen Xi continued to say: ’’If you win, then those two betting materials, the storage ring and Heaven Mixing dan, will all belong to you!’’

The betting materials that Xia Chen Xi had sought from Elder Sun were actually all for Lu Xuan's sake!


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