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Sword Spirit - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Defeat Long Tai!

’’This guy really does have a bit of strength. Even Xia Ye isn't his opponent. Could it be that this time's first place will be taken by him?’’ Lin Xin Yi said bitterly as she bit her lips. She disliking for the sake of another. Long Tai was Lu Xuan's enemy, thus she naturally viewed Long Tai as an enemy.

Xia Chen Xi gently shook her head: ’’That's not for sure. The hit just now for 2800 jin of strength was already his limit. If Xia Ye had played it a bit better, the two would have been about the same. Moreover, there is still the rest of the assessment, mental strength, perception, and combat abilities. Xia Ye will not necessarily lose to him.

Lin Xin Yi thought about it and smiled as she said: ’’Chen Xi, do you think Lu Xuan can win over him?’’

’’This... If Lu Xuan wants to win over him using strength, then I'm afraid it won't be easy. Right now Lu Xuan is only at the large success stage of body refining fourth level. The difference between body refining fifth level is still quite a distance.’’ Xia Chen Xi's evaluation was pretty impressive, after all, both sides' strengths were displayed here, but Xia Chen Xi followed up by saying: ’’However, in the following assessments, Lu Xuan's opportunities will be very big. No matter if it's perception or actual combat, Lu Xuan has the strength to seize it!’’

Lu Xuan's progress had been noticed by Xia Chen Xi. When she had first met Lu Xuan, he was only body refining third level, and now, in just the span of a few days, he had already reached the large success stage of body refining fourth level. Although she didn't know what method Lu Xuan had used, but with that kind of talent in perception was too amazing!

Lin Xin Yi happily smiled: ’’Then according to your words, Lu Xuan can will take first place? Then I'll have to have some expectations then.’’

Who didn't want the person they liked to be the strongest. She had a some obscure feelings for Lu Xuan, thus was naturally like this.

Xia Chen Xi slightly smiled and was about to say something, but just at this moment, a deacon loudly called out: ’’Number 828, Lu Xuan!’’

Hearing this sound, Xia Chen Xi didn't say anything else and looked with Lin Xin Yi towards over there. Lin Xin Yi was even moreso a bit nervous and anticipatory. How much could Lu Xuan hit for? Although his strength couldn't compare to Long Tai's, it shouldn't be too far off right?

As for Long Tai who had just returned to the crowd, suddenly hearing Lu Xuan's name, stopped in his tracks, slowly turning his body to look over there.

Seeing Long Tai's strange actions made Xia Ye also become curious. Lu Xuan? I don't think I've heard of him. To be able to make Long Tai notice him, could it be he's an unheard of genius? Thinking of this, he immediately also started watching.

’’Older brother Xuan, it's your turn. Good luck. Fiercely trample them underfoot!’’ Yao Lei said to Lu Xuan while shaking his fist.

Lu Xuan faintly smiled and didn't say anything, and took large steps towards the center of the square.

’’Long Yang, didn't you say you sent someone to deal with him? Then why can he still appear here?’’ Long Tai coldly asked Long Yang who was right beside him.

Long Yang immediately broke into a sweat. He had never told Long Tai what had happened afterwards. But now being asked, he didn't dare to hide it. He told him how Old Second and Old Third had been killed off my someone.

’’You can't even properly execute such small matters, how am I supposed to be able to give you tasks without worry?’’ Long Tai yelled at Long Yang, and then looked towards Lu Xuan and said: ’’This can be considered as that kids luck, however, if he wants to oppose me, he's still not good enough!’’

In Long Tai's eyes, Lu Xuan was just something that could be squeezed to death at anytime. Naturally he wouldn't put him in his eyes. He just saw Lu Xuan as an eyesore.

Seeing Lu Xuan walk over, the deacon looked at the information on Lu Xuan in the roster. Seeing body refining second level, he was immediately a little contemptuous. With just body refining second level he still dared to come to the square, just to fill the numbers.

’’You can start. You have three chances. The highest result will be the determining factor.’’ After arbitrarily explaining, this deacon was already preparing to erase Lu Xuan's information.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan took a deep breath. The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic began rapidly circulating. The soul force spread throughout the twenty-six meridians in his body were instantly mobilized, and began to gather in his hands.

However as he delayed, the deacon wasn't very happy. What sort of strength did a body refining second level that he should be delaying. He immediately urged: ’’Hurry up, you're going to fail anyway.’’

As soon as he said that, Lu Xuan immediately made his move. His taut legs suddenly exploded with power. His entire body was like a shooting arrow. His fist was like lightning as it struck the strength testing monument.


There was only a muffled sound as the crystal pillar on the strength testing monument immediately soared upwards!

1000 jin, 2000 jin, 2500 jin...

The crystal pillar quickly broke through each mark until it broke through to the 3000 jin mark before finally trembling and coming to a stop.

3000 jin!

Lu Xuan's punch had once again created a new record. A result of 3000 jin defeated both Long Tai and Xia Ye!

This terrifying result immediately shocked all of the martial artists!

The square was silent for a while, without anyone able to recover their bearings. After two seconds of silence, the crowd suddenly exploded with chattering.

’’My God! He actually got a 3000 jin result! Could it be another genius whose result is even better than Xia Ye's and Long Tai's!

’’Who is this guy? I've never heard of him, and his strength is actually so large!’’

’’I know this. Earlier, young miss Chen Xi and young miss Xin Yi came here to talk with him. No wonder he could get the attention of Lin City's two great beauties. So his strength was originally so large!’’


Following the announcement of Lu Xuan's result, everyone in the crowd immediately became noisy, each one asking about Lu Xuan's origins.

’’Wow! 3000 jin! Chen Xi, Lu Xuan's result is even higher than Xia Ye's and Long Tai's! Lin Xin Yi's face was flushed with excitement.

Xia Chen Xi couldn't help but be shocked at this time. She had clearly seen Lu Xuan's strengths, which was clearly only body refining fourth level, but he had actually hit with 3000 jin of strength. This was too inconceivable!

’’You, aren't you body refining second level? How, how...’’ Seeing Lu Xuan's results, the deacon beside him couldn't even speak coherently. It was just too amazing. He originally thought that Lu Xuan was only here to fill in numbers and had been prepared to erase his information. He hadn't thought that Lu Xuan would actually directly receive a 3000 jin result, directly shooting up to first place!

Hearing the question, Lu Xuan faintly smiled, ’’I reported the previous information incorrectly.’’

Of course he wasn't going to say that he had improved so much over the course of the past dozen days. Even if he did tell the truth, no one would probably believe him. Since it was that way, it was better to just lie.

’’So it was that way.’’ The deacon let out a breath. His attitude made a 180 degree turn: ’’Then may I ask what your strength is?’’

’’Body refining fourth level. Have I passed the assessment?’’ Lu Xuan reminded.

’’Oh, oh, yes.’’ The deacon quickly recovered and loudly shouted: ’’Lu Xuan, 3000 jin. Pass!’’

At this time, Long Tai's entire face was in disbelief as he looked at Lu Xuan walking down. How could it be! How could Lu Xuan hit a 3000 jin result!

He didn't dare to believe it. This was the same piece of trash from the Lu family? This first trial's result was actually higher than his own by two hundred jin?

However, even if Long Tai didn't believe he still had to believe. The crystal pillar on the strength testing monument had reached the 3000 jin position, reminding him what had just happened was all entirely real.


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