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Sword Spirit - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Older Brother Xuan, Sister-in-Law is Here

The two began to head towards the Sword Testing Hall. The Sword Testing Hall was the place where they originally registered, and today it was assessment location today.

Today, Lin City was unusually lively. Walking along the road, every now and then you could see a young people dressed as martial artists who were also headed in the same direction as Lu Xuan and Yao Lei. 80-90% of these people were all most likely preparing to partake in the Wind Sword Sect's sect acceptance assessment. The remaining 10-20% were going to watch the assessment so that when they took it later they could have an idea about it.

In front of Lu Xuan, there were two people who seemed familiar. They were nonchalantly chatting as if they had nothing to do. Lu Xuan also heard them speak.

’’Brother Feng, this time's assessment to enter the Wind Sword Sect should be in the bag right?’’ A martial artist who had a large axe on his back laughed loudly, speaking to the person next to him

That person shook his head, he bitterly smiled, ’’It's hard! This is my third time failing. If I continue to fail, then I can probably only attach myself to a small clan.’’

Lu Xuan looked at that person. He was carrying a long sword. He was probably also a swordsman. He gave off a bit of a warm feeling.

Hearing the swordsman's words, the warrior said in surprise: ’’No way. I heard that Brother Feng already reached peak body refining third level. Could the threshold of entering the Wind Sword Sect be so high? This is my first time participating in the assessment, Brother Feng, please give me some advice.’’

’’It's true that I'm peak body refining third level, however, I'll be a full twenty years old in a few months. The Wind Sword Sect's assessment, other than your strength, also looks at the corresponding age. If I was one year younger, with the peak body refining third level strength, I could have enough self-confidence. Unfortunately, when I had taken the assessment, I had only just reached body refining third level, and was eliminated.’’

Speaking of these things, this swordsman Feng was obviously a little sad. He started participating in the assessment when he was sixteen, and didn't miss a single year. Unfortunately, he was always lacking by just a little bit.

’’Just becoming an outer disciple has such high requirements? The Wind Sword Sect is such a large sect, I'd imagine that they need quite a few outer disciples. With such stringent requirement, then I'd think that even with all of Lin City's young martial artists participating in the assessment, not too many people would be recruited right?’’ That martial artist said in disbelief.

That swordsman Feng chuckled and said: ’’That's where you're wrong. It's true that the Wind Sword Sect needs many outer disciples, but the martial artists participating in the assessment isn't only limited to just Lin City.’’

After a pause, he continued to say: ’’You should know, our Lin City is only a city in the Heavenly Martial Empire. There are at least ten cities in all of the Heavenly Martial Empire that are similar to Lin City, and as far as I know, the east side's Warflame Empire and the south side's Scarlet Flame Empire are all within the Wind Sword Sect's boundaries. I'm not sure if its boundary is even bigger, but think about it. With so many heroes from so many places all coming to participate in the Wind Sword Sect's assessment, would they be lacking people?’’

The swordsman Feng's remarks shocked that martial artist. Lu Xuan also couldn't help but be a little shocked too. It was the first time he had heard this. So the Sky Sword Continent was actually this large!

Also, this was only what the swordsman Feng knew of. With the areas he didn't know about, how much larger would it be?

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan couldn't help but daydream. Would there be a day, when his strength was powerful enough to travel around the entire Sky Sword Continent?

However, no matter what, the path must be taken step by step. The first thing he needed to do was to become an inner sect disciple of the Wind Sword Sect. If he couldn't even do this, then there was no point in talking about traveling around the entire continent.

’’Older brother Xuan, if even this peak body refining third level person isn't able to definitely make it past the assessment, then wouldn't my hopes be even slimmer?’’ Yao Lei said with some apprehension.

Lu Xuan faintly smiled and said: ’’Don't worry. Didn't you hear that the assessment tests strength and also looks at your age? He's already twenty and you're still a few months away from sixteen. How can you stereotype off of that.’’

As Lu Xuan reassured Yao Lei, the martial artist also recovered from his shock and said to the swordsman Feng: ’’I didn't think that the world was so big. Younger brother was ignorant. Many thanks for Brother Feng's advice. Younger brother is now eighteen and just entered body refining third level. In Brother Feng's eyes, will I be able to enter the Wind Sword Sect.

’’The hope for an eighteen year old body refining third level isn't small. Use it well in a while. The assessment doesn't only assess strength. It also tests heart and perception and so on. You'll know in a while.’’

Next, this swordsman Feng said a few more pieces of advice to the martial artist as well as a few things that had occurred during the past few assessments. Lu Xuan and Yao Lei listened with rapt attention.

Walking behind those two, not long after, Lu Xuan could see the Sword Testing Hall in the distance.

The Sword Testing Hall's surrounding was filled with martial artists. All of the martial artists currently taking the assessment and those that would take it in the future all gathered here. It could be described as a rare event.

Because the number of people participating in the assessment was too many to fit in the Sword Testing Hall, the first round of the assessment site was outside at the Sword Testing Hall's square. Passing by many crowds, Lu Xuan could see in the square there were a few strength testing monuments.

The content of the Wind Sword Sect assessment wasn't some kind of secret. Just listening in, one would know that the first round's test was testing the martial artist's strength. Lu Xuan long since knew this. For body refining martial artists, strength was the most intuitive method of demonstrating a martial artist's power.

Lu Xuan and Yao Lei arrived a bit early. The assessment began at 10am, and it wasn't that time yet, thus it hadn't started. Lu Xuan silently stood to the side with his eyes closed and reposing himself. Yao Lei eyes wildly looked around, searching for where there were pretty ladies.

Soon, Yao Lei suddenly shook Lu Xuan and said with a bit of excitement: ’’Hey hey, older brother Xuan, look quickly! Sister-in-law is here!’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan opened his eyes in curiosity. Sister-in-law? What sister-in-law?

Looking in the direction that Yao Lei was pointing at, Lu Xuan immediately bitterly smiled. What sister-in-law was over there. Surprisingly, it was Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi arriving. Naturally they hadn't walked over but instead had ridden the City Lord Mansion's carriage here. Also, they hadn't come to Lu Xuan's area to wait but were directly going to the judging area.

Seeing the direction that Yao Lei was pointing at, the crowd of martial artists next to them immediately looked at Lu Xuan and Yao Lei with contempt, filled with disdain. What martial artist in Lin City didn't know Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi? Even though almost all of the martial artists in the square regarded them as goddesses, those like Yao Lei with so little face and openly shouting sister-in-law were actually pretty rare.

Yao Lei was indifferent to the looks of contempt from the people on the side, and Lu Xuan didn't mind them either. As he was watching the location with Xia Chen Xi, he noticed that it wasn't just the two of them getting off the carriage. He originally thought it would be Lin City's city lord, but unexpectedly it was actually the old shopkeeper from the Treasure Pavilion, Ninth Uncle!

And looking at it, Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi were just there to accompany Ninth Uncle, and the leading role was Ninth Uncle instead.

What was going on? Lu Xuan was somewhat surprise. Although with Xia Chen Xi's twos attitudes, he long since knew that Ninth Uncle's identity was definitely not just a Treasure Pavilion shopkeeper, he hadn't thought that Ninth Uncle would be able to attend as a judge in this sort of occasion.


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