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Sword Spirit - Chapter 27


Chapter 27: Assessment Day

Spending two of the one thousand gold tael tickets, Lu Xuan grabbed the dan medicines and the Lovesick sword which was given to him by Lin Xin Yi and left the Treasure Pavilion with Yao Lei.

Lu Xuan wrapped the Lovesick sword in a black cloth. A man's wealth is his own ruin. With Lu Xuan's current body refining fourth level strength, if he took out a middle grade iron grade weapon worth ten thousand taels of gold in the marketplace, it was bound to be seen. Lu Xuan understood the policy of hiding one's wealth.

’’Lei, these ten bottles of Xuan Yuan dans were bought for you. There are still two days worth of time. Work hard and we can both enter the Wind Sword Sect!’’ Lu Xuan handed over the ten bottle of Xuan Yuan dans to Yao Lei.

Xuan Yuan dan's were used to increase a martial artist's ability to absorb soul force, but with the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, Lu Xuan didn't need them. He had already reached body refining fourth level, the Bone Cleansing realm. Bone Cleansing dans were most suitable for him.

Yao Lei looked gratefully at Lu Xuan, and without pretense, only heavily nodded his head. Although he didn't have much hope of entering the Wind Sword Sect in the beginning, with this opportunity in front him, how could he miss it?

This many Xuan Yuan dans and a Bone Cleansing dan were enough for Yao Lei to breakthrough to body refining third level.

Lu Xuan didn't say anything else, turning his body and entering his room. Next up, he was going to prepare for the assessment.

The greater a person's strength, the greater their ambitions. Right now Lu Xuan's goal was to win first place in the assessment. However, hearing Ninth Uncle's words, he didn't dare to take it lightly.

He had just entered the body refining fourth level recently. Compared to those body refining fifth level people, he was lower than them by an entire level, the difference was still very large. Although he had the Blinking Sword skill as a killing move, but wouldn't the disciples from those clans have their own?

He sat down and rested for a few minutes. Once he was calm, Lu Xuan pulled out a Bone Cleansing dan and swallowed it. Lu Xuan immediately felt a rush of warm qi rising from between his abdomen and chest that spread to his four limbs. The effects of the Bone Cleansing dan was already beginning to work.

Without hesitating, Lu Xuan quickly began to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. The soul force in his surroundings were quickly absorbed by him, entering into his body, accompanying the Bone Cleansing dan's effect and entering into the bones.

The purpose of the Bone Cleansing dan was to help martial artists clean out the impurities from their bones and circulating the cultivation technique would temper the bones. The two complemented each other.

Bits of odorous impurities continually poured out of Lu Xuan's skin, but he simply ignored it and continued to circulate his cultivation technique, digesting the Bone Cleansing dan's effects. One Bone Cleansing dan was worth a hundred taels of gold. He couldn't bear to waste any of it.

After cultivating for a few hours, Lu Xuan felt the Bone Cleansing dan's effects had just about been fully digested by him, and his body was covered with a thick layer of gray impurities. The smell was very unpleasant.

At this time, Lu Xuan slowly brought his cultivation technique to a stop and was preparing to wash off then continue by taking another Bone Cleansing dan.

The moment he stopped the cultivation technique, the sword crystal in his dantian suddenly began to change!

Countless small strands of sword qi suddenly shot out, immediately scouring through out all of Lu Xuan's body.

A burst of came came. Lu Xuan couldn't help but shout in pain, however, this time wasn't as painful as last time. Also, having experienced it twice, he had slowly built up some tolerance.

Gritting his teeth and letting out no noise, Lu Xuan let the sword qi move throughout his body. This time's duration wasn't very long. After scouring once, the sword qi all once again returned to the sword crystal. All was quiet, as if nothing had happened just then.

Lu Xuan forcibly sat up and once again looked internally, trying to see what the sword crystal had done this time. With a single glance, his face immediately became excited.

The traces of the Bone Cleansing dan inside his body had actually been cleaned up completely by the sword crystal!

As everyone knew, all medicines had some poison, even dan medicines were the same. Every time one used a dan medicine, there would be a trace of the dan poison left over in the body. If dan medicines were used frequently, then one would accumulate a lot of dan poison. Not only would it hinder a martial artist's cultivation, it could even lead to one's cultivation regressing, or even death!

Because of this reason, the disciples some large clans and large sects wouldn't dare to wantonly use dan medicines. Only when they needed to break through a bottleneck would they use a dan to improve their success rate.

And now, the sword crystal could actually use sword qi to clean out his body's dan poisons. How could Lu Xuan not be excited. This way, he could relax and safely use the Bone Cleansing dans over the next two days to cultivate!

Without worries, Lu Xuan began to completely enter isolation, continuously circulating the cultivation technique while also consuming Bone Cleansing dans one after another.

At the start, every time he used a Bone Cleansing dan, it could clean out a lot of impurities, but as he used more, the impurities gradually became less, until Lu Xuan had used the ninth Bone Cleansing dan, and even with the entire Bone Cleansing dan's effect, no more impurities appeared.

While cleaning out the impurities, Lu Xuan also didn't stop tempering his bones, traces of soul force continually entered his body, penetrating into the bone, making all the bones in his body harder and closer. Right now Lu Xuan had received a great improvement to both his strength and his defense.

Two days' time passed by very quickly. In these two days, Lu Xuan urgently used this time to cultivate and made unbelievably fast progress.

The power of dan medicines was indeed great. These ten Bone Cleansing dans helped Lu Xuan a lot of time. If he had to rely on his own soul force to clean his bones, then even with the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, it would still take at least half a month.

However, only Lu Xuan would dare to use dan medicines so recklessly. With the sword crystal helping him to clean out the dan poisons, there weren't any worries.

When the sun rose again, a ray of sunlight came in through the window. Lu Xuan slowly stood up. Today was the day of the Wind Sword Sect's assessment.

After going through two days of bitter cultivation, he had now already reached upper body refining fourth level. Although he hadn't reached the peak, he wasn't too far away. Feeling that his body was filled with strength, Lu Xuan was filled with self-confidence.

Just at this time, there was knocking at the door. Yao Lei's voice came through the door, ’’Older brother Xuan! Older brother Xuan, are you awake?’’

Lu Xuan opened the door, his eyes landing on Yo Lei's body. His eyes immediately flashed a hint of excitement, ’’You broke through?’’

’’En, I broke through! Last night, with the help of the Bone Cleansing dan, I finally reached body refining third level!’’ Yao Lei said happily: ’’The feeling of breaking through is really his mother comfortable. It's even more comfortable than that matter by a lot! I feel like my strength increased by a lot. I'm guessing my ability to last has also gotten better. Next time I'll go look for Little Red to test it out, hehe.’’

As Yao Lei spoke, his tone became higher and higher. Lu Xuan could only shake his head, ignoring his words.

’’Prepare yourself and let's head out. Today will be the official assessment.’’


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