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Sword Spirit - Chapter 26


Chapter 26: Inner Sect Disciple

When the two of them came back downstairs, Lin Xin Yi was talking with Yao Lei, but they were all questions about Lu Xuan. Obviously she was very interested in Lu Xuan.

Seeing Lu Xuan come back down, Lin Xin Yi took a quick steps over and asked: ’’Lu Xuan, I've heard you guys also want to participate in the Wind Sword Sect assessment?’’

’’En, that's right. Yao Lei and I are both attending.’’ Lu Xuan nodded with a smile.

’’That's great. Chen Xi and I are also entering the Wind Sword Sect this time. It seems like we'll have plenty more days to meet!’’ Lin Xin Yi was smiling so that her eyes had become like crescent moons, exposing small dimples on her face. She looked extremely attractive, making people want kiss her.

(TN: The original character was 咬, which means bite. I didn't think that made much sense so I replaced it with kiss.)

After saying a few more words, Lin Xin Yi and Xia Chen Xi left.

Sitting on the carriage, Xia Chen Xi once again thought back to the beginning of that scene, of Lu Xuan's arm resting on her shoulders, gently stroking. Previously, she hadn't thought much of it, but now thinking back on it, there was a strange feeling, the intoxicating manly aura felt like it was still by her side.

Thinking of this, Xia Chen Xi pulled out the Wild Explosion scroll that Lu Xuan had made from her storage ring and placed it in her hands.

’’Chen Xi, this is?’’ Lin Xin Yi asked curiously.

Xia Chen Xi who had been immersed in memories was suddenly interrupted by Lin Xin Yi's voice. Her face immediately became red and a little confused. She had almost forgotten Lin Xin Yi was still here. She quickly explained: ’’This is the other Wild Explosion rune that Lu Xuan made. I bought it and was preparing to study it once I got home.’’

Hearing that it was from Lu Xuan, Lin Xin Yi immediately became interested, ’’Chen Xi, can you give me one?’’

’’Um... I only bought one, there weren't any more.’’ Xia Chen Xi subconsciously lied. Clearly she had another one in her storage right, but she didn't know why, she didn't want to pull it out.

Um, I'm only not pulling it out to help preserve Lu Xuan's secret, after all, the less people that know about the ancient enchantment skill the better, Xia Chen Xi reasoned to herself. However, she didn't know whether or not she actually believed herself.

Inside the Treasure Pavilion, Lu Xuan was making his final preparations for the assessment.

’’Senior, I'd like to buy a few more dan medicines.’’ Lu Xuan said. Xia Chen Xi had just bought those two scrolls, leaving him with a ticket worth three thousand taels of gold, which was more than enough for Lu Xuan to squander.

Ninth Uncle chuckled: ’’Don't call me senior. Just call me Ninth Uncle.’’

If the first time meeting Lu Xuan, Ninth Uncle had only appreciated him a little, then now, it had become much more.

With his vision, he could naturally see through that Lu Xuan was still body refining third level yesterday, and today he had actually already stabilized at body refining fourth level and had begun bone cleansing. If this improvement speed continued, he would be a top-level talent.

Even less needed to be said now that Lu Xuan was an enchanter. Although he didn't know what Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi were talking about on the second floor, just by looking at Xia Chen Xi's expression, he could tell that Lu Xuan wasn't simple at all.

Watching Lu Xuan, Ninth Uncle continued to say: ’’In another two days, it will be the Wind Sword Sect assessment. I want to see how far a kid like you can possibly make it, probably properly become a Wind Sword Sect inner sect disciple.’’

’’Inner sect disciple? Isn't this assessment just for accepting outer disciples?’’ Lu Xuan asked. Although both would be Wind Sword Sect disciples, outer sect disciples and inner sect disciples were treated completely differently,like clouds and mud.

Outer sect disciples could only perform chores and run errands. An outer sect disciple's greatest responsibility was not to cultivate, but was to help the Wind Sword Sect with tasks. Only after finishing the tasks would one be able to use the rest of the time to cultivate.

As for inner sect disciples, they were the Wind Sword Sect's main force. Inner sect disciples didn't have to perform any tasks. Their responsibility was to cultivate. All chores were performed by others. Not only that, every month there would be an allowance of certain items, including dan medicines, money, etc.

If one could become a Wind Sword Sect inner sect disciple, that could be described as becoming a top dog. One could run wild in the entire Lin City, except that you would still have to give the city lord a bit of face and not provoke him.

Of course, the threshold to be an inner sect disciple was very high. The Wind Sword Sect could not spend too many resources to develop trash.

Hearing this, Ninth Uncle smiled: ’’Indeed they are accepting outer sect disciples, however, at the same time, they are also accepting a quota of inner sect disciples. As long as one becomes one of the top ten this assessment, they can directly become an inner sect disciple of the Wind Sword Sect without having to take another assessment.’’

The first ten would directly become inner sect disciples!

Hearing this news, Lu Xuan's eyes immediately lit up. An inner sect disciple, regardless of identity or status, they far surpassed outer sect disciples. Originally he was still worried that if he had become an outer sect disciple of the Wind Sword Sect, he still might not be able to save his sister, but if he could become an inner sect disciple of the Wind Sword Sect, then even if Long Tai was even more arrogant, he still wouldn't dare to be too reckless.

’’Thank you Ninth Uncle for the reminder. I will definitely go all out! I must place within the top ten!’’ Lu Xuan promised. In fact, there was another sentence in his heart that he didn't say, which was, he would not only enter the top ten, he would fight for first!

Hearing this, Ninth Uncle smiled, ’’I like your type of fighting spirit. Young people ought to be moving forward. However, don't become happy too soon. With your current strength, it's not bad amongst your peers, but there are definitely those that are stronger than you.

’’As far as I know, this time's assessment participants have many body refining fifth levels as well as peak body refining fourth level for that reason.’’

Lu Xuan was startled. There would actually be body refining fifth level people participating? It should be known that the Wind Sword Sect's assessment was only for martial artists twenty years old and below. To be able to reach body refining fifth level within twenty years or less, one had to be a talented genius.

But he quickly calmed himself. Xia Chen Xi wasn't even sixteen years old and was already body refining sixth level. Compared to her, a twenty year old body refining fifth level wasn't even a speck, not to mention, Lu Xuan had enough self-confidence that sooner or later he would surpass them.

’’No matter how powerful the opponent is, I will be able to put them under my feet.’’ Lu Xuan quietly said. He couldn't lose, and he wouldn't lose!

’’Alright, don't get too nervous. The assessment doesn't only compare strength. Perception and talent are also tested. Properly rest for these next two day. What dan medicines did you want?’’

’’Ten Bone Cleansing dans and ten bottles of Xuan Yuan dan.’’ Lu Xuan said without hesitation.

A Bone Cleansing dan was a hundred taels of gold and a bottle of Xuan Yuan dan was also a hundred taels of gold. Added together, out of the three thousand taels of gold he had just gotten, Lu Xuan had spent over half of it in a moment.

Cultivation really wasn't something that your typical person could afford.


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