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Sword Spirit - Chapter 25


Chapter 25: Intimacy

Xia Chen Xi's eyes were fixed on the scroll. Her movement as she drew the enchantment scroll looked extremely delicate and gentle. Although Lu Xuan tried hard to keep his eyes on the enchantment scroll, he still couldn't help steal a few glances every now and then at her absolutely beautiful face.

A man looks the best when he's concentrated, and it's the same with women. At that moment, Xia Chen Xi's body was emitting a charm that made Lu Xuan feel the need to get closer.

At the start, Xia Chen Xi drew very smoothly. Most likely she had practiced this part many times by herself. But as the following number of runes increased, suddenly it became a bit more difficult.

As Lu Xuan watched every rune that she put onto the scroll, he couldn't help but frown. Right now, he could understand the difference between his ancient enchantment technique and the common enchantment technique.

Simply put, the common enchantment technique was like an introduction to the ancient enchantment technique. Take this Wild Explosion rune for example: Lu Xuan knew that the number of runes in the Wild Explosion rune was far more than the number that Xia Chen Xi was currently drawing!

Because many runes had been lost, it resulted in the current enchantment technique being imperfect. There was no way to properly work with the potency, thus many enchanters could only use a different route to get the potency to cooperate. Although this method reduced the enchantment result, it was at least able to be drawn this way.

And now, Xia Chen Xi's was facing this kind of situation. Because there were so many missing runes, it had raised the skill requirement for enchanters by a lot. If there were any sort of errors, it would have a huge impact on the entire rune or even directly break the entire rune.

When the drawing of the rune had reached about eighty percent or so, Xia Chen Xi's face began to sweat a little. It wasn't because her soul force wasn't enough but was because she could almost longer control the entire rune. The Wild Explosion rune was originally a wildly explosive rune.

It's over! It's over! This time is a failure again, Xia Chen Xi sighed in her heart. Each time it was at this point that problems would appear.

Just as she wanted to give up, suddenly a warm hand rested on her shoulders, a man's aura that could send the heart wild floated over.

At this time, a thin hand reached in front of her. A bit of liquid was pulled out by Lu Xuan and quickly constructed a rune then put onto the blank scroll. The rune that had just been almost uncontrollable suddenly strangely become stable again.

’’Don't be anxious, continue!’’ Lu Xuan's calm voice sounded by Xia Chen Xi's ear. The hand that had just rested on Xia Chen Xi's shoulder was naturally his.

Seeing the Wild Explosion rune that was on the verge of failure having been stabilized by Lu Xuan, Xia Chen Xi's eyes immediately lit up! The ancient enchantment technique really was wonderful!

Suddenly the position of the two had become extremely awkward. She settled down her heart, her slender finger continued to move, creating the rune, continuing to draw. Lu Xuan who was on the side was helping her fill in the gaps, placing down a rune in essential locations every now and then, making sure the entire rune remained stable.

The two's cooperation good, and because their focus was on the scroll, Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi both didn't notice that the distance between the two was becoming closer and closer. It seemed like Lu Xuan's arm was around her shoulder, making it look like they were hugging.

Not long after, with a brilliant flash of light on the scroll, the Wild Explosion was successfully drawn!

’’Ah! Success!’’ Xia Chen Xi excitedly shouted.

Her excited shout suddenly awoke the two who had been immersed in enchanting. Seeing their current position, Xia Chen Xi's face suddenly blushed a bit. Since she was small until now, she had almost never had such intimate contact with a young man.

The awoken Lu Xuan also quickly loosened his arm away from Xia Chen Xi's shoulder, repeatedly apologizing: ’’I had just wanted to complete the enchantment scroll just now and did not intend to offend. Please forgive me young miss Chen Xi.’’

Being told this by Lu Xuan, Xia Chen Xi's face became ever more red, somewhat embarrassedly said: ’’It's no problem. I still want to thank you. If it wasn't for your, then I'm afraid that this time would've been another failure. This is the first time succeeding even after drawing so many times.’’

Lu Xuan said with some embarrassment: ’’I just felt like failing like this would be too wasteful, thus I couldn't help but make a move.’’

Though the scene just now had been recorded in both of their hearts, both had a tacit agreement to not bring it up.

’’Oh yeah, the runes you used just now, was that the ancient enchantment skill?’’ Xia Chen Xi asked.

Lu Xuan nodded his head: ’’En. In fact, young miss Chen Xi, your rune drawing skill is much higher than mine. The problem lies in the runes. The rune that you use has a lot of gaps in it, thus if there is even the slightest mistake, it becomes easy for the rune to collapse. I just basically filled in the gaps you left.’’

’’It's that way, ah... It seems like master spoke correctly. I still have to practice a lot.’’ Xia Chen Xi said, seeming a little lost. She had also consulted the president of the Enchanter Guild, who was also her teacher, and the answer was that she wasn't skilled enough.

Now hearing Lu Xuan, it was indeed that way. If she had become very skillful at the rune and didn't have any errors, then there naturally wouldn't be any problems.

Seeing Xia Chen Xi's lost look, Lu Xuan couldn't help but feel a swell of pity. He suddenly said: ’’Actually, I can teach you a few runes. You also know that the ancient enchanting skills greatest strengths are its integration and stability. As long as you can practice using those runes enough, from then on it'll help your ability to draw runes a l

Hearing this, Xia Chen Xi immediately looked up at Lu Xuan, her eyes full of surprise, ’’Can you really? Your master won't reprimand you or anything?’’

Why wouldn't Xia Chen Xi want to learn those runes? However, it wasn't so easy to speak aloud. After all, many things were secretly passed on. Right now Lu Xuan actually said he could teach her, of course she was surprised and excited.

’’It's no problem. My master... ta is very tolerant and didn't advise me either way. Just teaching you a few runes shouldn't be a problem.’’ Lu Xuan smiled and said.

Finished speaking, Lu Xuan waved his hand and a bit of soul force condensed on his fingertip, ’’Young miss Chen Xi, I'll demonstrate these runes for you a few times. Watch closely.’’

Following Lu Xuan's fingertip motion, a trace of crystalline rune lines was sketched out by him. Because it was a demonstration for Xia Chen Xi to watch, his speed was very slow, guaranteeing that Xia Chen Xi could see clearly.

’’This, could it be this is the Void Drawing Rune skill? Lu Xuan, your talent is too amazing!’’ Watching Lu Xuan's actions, Xia Chen Xi shouted in surprise.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan didn't respond and only smiled. He continued to draw his rune in the air and Xia Chen Xi also pushed down her feelings of surprise and began to concentrate on watching Lu Xuan's actions. This was a good learning opportunity and shouldn't be wasted.

Xia Chen Xi's talent was not bad. After Lu Xuan had drawn it a few times, she had firmly recorded it in her. The next step would just be practicing and applying it.

’’Lu Xuan, you said you drew another two Wild Explosion scrolls right? Would it be possible to sell it to me? I want to return and experience it a bit more.’’ Xia Chen Xi said.

’’If young miss Chen Xi wants it, then just take it.’’ Lu Xuan simply took out the other two scrolls and gave them to Xia Chen Xi. This time, not only did he reap a middle grade iron grade sword with a price of over ten thousand taels of gold, Xia Chen Xi had also told him about the matter of the ancient enchanting technique. Compared to that, two Wild Explosion scrolls weren't worth mentioning. Lu Xuan was not an ungrateful person.

Xia Chen Xi puckered her lips in a smile, gently teasing her hair, adding on a bit of heart moving appearance, and said: ’’How can that work. The Lovesick sword was sent to by Xin Yi. I can't take advantage of her. As for the matter of me reminding you, you just taught me about runes. In the end, I've taken advantage of you.’’

Although Lu Xuan insisted on giving to Xia Chen Xi for free, in the end, Xia Chen Xi still bought each scroll for 1,500 taels of gold each, buying both Wild Explosion scrolls for a total of 3,000 taels of gold.

In reality, there probably wasn't a single enchantment scroll that had been drawn using the ancient enchantment technique in all of Lin City. If Lu Xuan actually sold it to the public, he would definitely be able to sell it for a sky-high price, but that would also push him towards a cliff. Selling it to Xia Chen Xi was a good choice.


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