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Sword Spirit - Chapter 24


Chapter 24: Ancient Enchantment Technique

’’Lu Xuan, you're a real prodigy genius!’’ Xia Chen Xi loudly exclaimed with undisguised praise, ’’Can you tell Chen Xi who your teacher is?’’

Teacher? Lu Xuan hesitated a little and then understood. Xia Chen Xi assumed that in order for him to have reached this level, he had to have had a powerful teacher.

Speaking of which, Lu Xuan's teacher really was incomparably powerful. Up until now, Lu Xuan still didn't know the origin of the mysterious sword crystal.

Seeing that Lu Xuan didn't reply after a time, Xia Chen Xi assumed that Lu Xuan didn't want to speak. She then apologetically smiled and said: ’’Chen Xi was a bit abrupt. This ancient enchantment technique was taught to you by your teacher right?’’

Ancient enchantment technique? Lu Xuan once again heard a new phrase. Could it be that the reason his was different from present enchanters and use only the main animal blood component be because he had the ancient enchantment technique?

He hadn't thought for too long before Lu Xuan replied to Xia Chen Xi: ’’En, my enchantment technique was indeed taught to me by ta, however, what is this ancient enchantment technique?’’

(TN: The words of pronouns in Chinese for he, she, and it are all pronounced ta. Lu Xuan uses the pronoun for it here. If Lu Xuan is talking about ’’it’’, he is using that pronoun)

This time it was Xia Chen Xi's turn to be puzzled. She returned his question with a question: ’’What did your teacher say to you?’’

Lu Xuan secretly said to himself, I want it to talk to me, but it's a pity that it can't talk. He shook his head.

’’The ancient enchantment technique has been lost for a long time. Rumors say that the enchantment techniques that we use now was evolved out of the ancient enchantment technique. Even now, many of today's enchanters don't know of the ancient enchantment technique's existence. Even I had only accidentally stumbled upon an ancient book in the enchanter guild before I learned of the ancient enchantment technique's existence.’’ Xia Chen Xi slowly explained to Lu Xuan.

’’The ancient enchantment technique's greatest feature is that it can use animal blood to directly draw on enchantment scrolls and doesn't need the special product. It is well known that using the product can help neutralize the potency and make drawing easier, but at the same time it damages the potency, making it so that the full extent of the potency can no longer be drawn out.’’

’’As for the ancient enchantment technique, it can use animal blood to directly draw. This way, the drawn enchantment scroll's result will be far better than something drawn by the present enchantment techniques.’’

Xia Chen Xi picked up the recently successfully enchanted Lovesick sword that was by Lu Xuan's side, waved it around a couple of times and said, ’’I am confident that your Wild Explosion rune can increase the explosive attack multiple times compared to an average Wild Explosion rune! It's the same for the Enormous Power rune. Using the ancient enchantment technique to draw the Enormous Power rune will raise the attack power for your weapon by much more compared to a normal Enormous Power rune.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan's face became more and more concentrated. He hadn't thought that the stuff that the sword crystal had given him was not only uncommon, even the enchantment technique was actually the ancient enchantment technique. Doesn't that mean the sword crystal was at least something from an ancient era?

Just as Lu Xuan was getting excited, Xia Chen Xi poured a pot of cold water on him, ’’However, the flesh is innocent, the treasure is guilty. If it is known by others that you know ancient enchantment skills, then you can already guess the ending... Thus, I just thought it was strange that your master actually didn't tell you about this matter.’’

(TN: A man's wealth is his own ruin by causing other's greed.)

Lu Xuan smiled in embarrassment. It seemed that Xia Chen Xi had come to the conclusion that the imaginary master was real. However, when Lu Xuan thought about it, this was also good. His recent changes were too large. Not only did his strength suddenly soar by leaps and bounds, he also learned how to enchant. If he had a ’’master’’, then it would all make sense. Everything could be explained onto the ’’master’’. Who knows, if other people had suspicions, there would be an extra layer cover.’’

’’The old man didn't say anything like that to me. Thinking back on it, with his strength he didn't have to fear anyone trying to covet him. However, thank you young miss Chen Xi for the reminder, otherwise if an interested person learned of it, then I'm afraid it would've been slightly problematic.’’ Lu Xuan began to set up the tiger skin.

’’What is your master's cultivation level?’’ Xia Chen Xi asked out of curiosity.

’’Eh... I'm not clear. My master said he was wandering the world and had accidentally wound up here, staying here for only a short time.’’

’’To wander the world, I'm guessing that your master must have some strength. This is your good luck.’’ Xia Chen Xi said with a slight hint of envy. Although she had an extraordinary birthright, but birthright and good luck had nothing to do with each other. Since she herself was an enchanter, she really wanted to know of the ancient enchantment technique. Lu Xuan had encountered a ’’master’’ who had taught him the ancient enchantment technique, naturally she was a little envious.

’’Lu Xuan, although you can use animal blood to directly draw enchantment scrolls, I'll remind you, if you're selling it, it's best to use the specialized liquids. That way, even if your method is a little different, others won't necessarily be able to see through it.’’ Xia Chen Xi once again said.

’’En, I'll be careful. Then this matter, I'll have to ask young miss Chen Xi to help me keep it a secret. In the future, if you need Lu Xuan somewhere for something, I'll definitely use all my power.’’ Lu Xuan said. Since Xia Chen Xi had privately told him these things, naturally she wouldn't easily give it out, and also, Lu Xuan had a grateful trust towards her.

’’Of course, however, Chen Xi has a presumptuous request...’’ Xia Chen Xi said with a little embarrassment, ’’Recently I was studying how to draw the Wild Explosion rune, however, I never succeeded. Can I ask Lu Xuan to give me some advice?’’

She was eager to learn the ancient enchantment technique, but she also knew that this sort of thing was something that couldn't be randomly taught, not to mention, Lu Xuan also had a very powerful ’’master’’ in the area, thus she only asked Lu Xuan for some advice.

Lu Xuan naturally agreed to Xia Chen Xi's request. To him, this was a piece of cake. The ancient enchantment technique was his in the first place, He could teach who he wanted to teach. Towards people like Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi who had treated him with kindness, he would naturally agree to this matter.

Receiving Lu Xuan's promise, Xia Chen Xi was overjoyed. Suddenly there was a blurred flash, and Lu Xuan discovered that Xia Chen Xi's hands, which were originally empty, suddenly appeared a high grade blank scroll and a bottle of enchantment material!

Seeing Lu Xuan's surprise, Xia Chen Xi smiled, and stuck out her jade-like hand towards Lu Xuan's eyes, shaking a ring on her finger and said: ’’This is a storage ring. Inside is an empty space. It was the present my father gave to me on my tenth birthday. It's very convenient.’’

Lu Xuan was naturally exclaim in surprise. He hadn't thought that there would be such a magical item. He didn't know when he would be able to get one like that. However, thinking about it, it was definitely going to have a high price.

Preparing the blank scroll, Xia Chen Xi was getting ready to draw the Wild Explosion rune. Before drawing, she turned her head and said, ’’Lu Xuan, first watch mine. It will be enough to just watch me and point out what I didn't do right each time I fail.’’

Lu Xuan nodded. Xia Chen Xi then took a deep breath, adjusted her condition, stuck out a slender finger, and began using soul force to pull out some of the material, starting to draw.

Once Xia Chen Xi began, even if there was a beauty before him, Lu Xuan's attention became focused on the blank scroll. He had been entrusted a task. Xia Chen Xi hadn't wanted him to stare at her but to give out advice.


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