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Sword Spirit - Chapter 22


Chapter 22 Get Out!

Xia Chen Xi's arrival speed was very quick. Not long after, a carriage stopped in front of the Treasure Pavilion.

Lu Xuan and the few others turned their heads and saw two well-dressed and fair-bodied women jump off of the vehicle. It was Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi. These two were holding hands, daintily walking towards the Treasure Pavilion.

However, as the two had just entered, someone blocked their path.

’’Young miss Chen Xi, young miss Xin Yi, it's been a while.’’ Long Zhi had a fawning smile on his face as he stood in front of the two ladies.

Suddenly having been blocked by someone, Xia Chen Xi slight frowned, looking a little unhappy, but her attitude was good and she took a look at Long Zhi. However, she discovered that she didn't recognize this person. Immediately she asked with a bit of a puzzled tone: ’’You are?’’

Being asked this question by Xia Chen Xi, a bit of embarrassment appeared on Long Zhi's face. He awkwardly smiled and introduced himself: ’’I am the enchanter guild's Long Zhi. We have met a few times before.’’

Long Zhi? Xia Chen Xi searched her memories and discovered that she didn't have any sort of impression of him. The amount of people in the enchanter guild wasn't a small number. With her identity, everyone would recognize her, but those that were qualified to be remembered by her was not a large number.

Xia Chen Xi could endure speaking with Long Zhi, but Lin Xin Yi didn't have any interest towards Long Zhi who had popped up out of who knows where and she directly ignored his presence. Her eyes passed by him and saw Lu Xuan behind him. Her face immediately became happier.

’’Lu Xuan, do you still remember me? We meet again.’’ Lin Xin Yi said as she simply cast off Xia Chen Xi and walked over to Lu Xuan, blinking a pair of moist eyes.

’’I remember. Of course I remember.’’ Lu Xuan nodded with a little embarrassment, his face turning a little red. Facing such a beautiful young lady like Lin Xin Yi, Lu Xuan who had just awakened interest in the opposite se*, naturally felt a little odd.

Receiving Lu Xuan's response, Lin Xin Yi immediately began to giggle excitedly, revealing two cute dimples, and her eyes were bright.

Lin Xin Yi also didn't know why, although she had only met Lu Xuan yesterday, once she saw him she was very excited. Normally she was surrounded by an endless amount of gallant princes, similar to Long Zhi, but she only felt disgust towards them. Her feelings towards Lu Xuan were entirely different.

’’As long as you remember. I've heard from Ninth Uncle that you successfully drew an enchantment scroll?’’ Lin Xin Yi continued to ask.

Once they spoke of business, Lu Xuan finally began to normalize. He nodded his head and said, ’’It should be a success, however, senior said he couldn't appraise it, thus we specifically troubled young miss Lin Xi and young miss Chen Xi to help appraise it.’’

Lin Xin Yi cutely spat out her tongue, saying: ’’I'm don't have that ability. It's true that Chen Xi is a talented enchanter though. Also, don't call me whatever young miss Lin. Hearing that sounds strange and awkward. How about you call me Xin Yi.’’

Finished speaking aloud, Lin Xin Yi secretly added in her heart: Others want to call me that and I won't let them, I've gone easy on you.

As the two were speaking, Xia Chen Xi also finally got rid of Long Zhi and came to the side of those two.

She first greeted Ninth Uncle and then began speaking to Lu Xuan, asking with some surprise: ’’You've succeeded in drawing the Wild Explosion scroll?’’

’’En, the drawing was successful. I also have to thank young miss Chen Xi for the notes that you gave me. They were very beneficial. However, senior just said that he couldn't appraise the scroll, thus we have you trouble to the young miss to appraise it for us.’’

’’Young miss, the transmission rune contents weren't too clear. This old servant could not reach a verdict on this Wild Explosion scroll, and thus I called the young miss over to personally appraise it.’’ Ninth Uncle said.

Xia Chen Xi nodded her head, ’’Let me first look at the rune then.’’

’’Young miss Chen Xi, you don't need to look at that rune. I just took a look at it, and it wasn't even an enchantment scroll. It was just some smeared animal blood.’’ Long Zhi who Xia Chen Xi had rid herself of now once again stuck himself into the conversation and continued to talk noisily.

Just now Xia Chen Xi had spoken a few words with him causing him to be so happy he was lost, and he really saw himself as a character. Although he was a member of the Enchanter's Guild, he was only an apprentice enchanter. In front of ordinary martial artists, putting on airs was fine, but whether it was Xia Chen Xi, Lin Xin Yi, or Ninth Uncle, none of them would put him in their line of sight.

However his putting on airs was annoying Lin Xin Yi. Her eyebrows pricked up as she glared at Long Zhi saying: ’’Who are you, ah? Is this a place for you to talk? Go off to the side and cool off.’’

Towards other people, Lin Xin Yi would not have the same attitude as she did towards Lu Xuan, not to mention, Lin Xin Yi had some interest in Lu Xuan. Long Zhi calling the enchantment scrolls that Lu Xuan drew worthless was essentially the same as running his mouth into a wall, inflicting self-pain.

After being reprimanded by Lin Xin Yi, Long Zhi felt a little awkward, and didn't dare to say anything.

Seeing Long Zhi's lack of courage, Yao Lei suddenly grinned. Seeing the villain being deflated was great. It was still older brother Xuan who was powerful. He had secretly gotten young miss Lin's favor. Yao Lei thought to himself, in a while after they went back, he would have a good talk with Lu Xuan. Young miss Lin actually had interest in him. He should take this up and become the Lin family's in-law. Then he wouldn't be short on money!

Without Long Zhi's racket, Xia Chen Xi could finally calm down and look at Lu Xuan's enchantment scroll.

Unfurling the enchantment scroll and glancing through it, Xia Chen Xi was completely shocked, her concentration suddenly became very focused. Her eyes became very concentrated on the scroll.

The entire Treasure Pavilion suddenly became very quiet. Long Zhi's people didn't dare to say anything, afraid of irritating Lin Xin Yi, and Lu Xuan was nervously watching Xia Chen Xi. If Xia Chen Xi also said there was no way to appraise it, then he was afraid that he would not be able to sell the three Wild Explosion scrolls in the near future.

As for Lin Xin Yi, she seemed much more interested in Lu Xuan than the Wild Explosion scroll. Her eyes were looking at the scrolls, but from time to time she would turn her head to look at Lu Xuan and smile a little.

Only after a long time did Xia Chen Xi finally exhale a deep breath, close her eyes, and rub her temples with her hands. She seemed very tired.

Just now she hadn't been just simply glancing at it, but had been emitting her own mental energy to thoroughly examine the rune once, which had led to excessive consumption.

’’Young miss, how is it?’’ Ninth Uncle couldn't help but ask. This was the first time seeing this sort of strange enchantment scroll. Truthfully, he thought in the bottom of his heart that the scroll was most likely a success, but he didn't dare to be sure.

Xia Chen Xi slowly opened her eyes, preparing to speak. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and turned her head towards Long Zhi and his crowd, saying: ’’You're called Long Zhi right?’’

’’Yes, yes. Does young miss Chen Xi have a request?’’ Hearing Xia Chen Xi say his name, Long Zhi's eyes lit up, and he hurriedly spoke.

’’Take your men and go out first.’’

’’Ah?’’ Long Zhi was dumbfounded, and hurriedly said: ’’That, I am also an enchanter. If young miss Chen Xi wants to study it, maybe I can help a bit.’’

’’Get out.’’ Xia Chen Xi's tone became a bit louder. This time, she didn't seem to have such a good temper. Even if a person's temperament was better, they still would have a limit.

’’Uh, okay then. I'll leave first then. From now on, young miss Chen Xi can find me at the Enchanter's Guild.’’ Long Zhi still didn't fully give up and said.

’’If you're told to get out then get out. Stop it with the useless talk.’’ Lin Xin Yi said impatiently.

Waiting until Long Zhi's crowd exited, Xia Chen Xi's personal guards immediately surrounded the Treasure Pavilion to prevent others from entering.

’’Bro, you said before that your relationship with Xia Chen Xi was pretty good right? Why is it now...’’ Long Yang wondered.

’’When did I say that my relationship with her was good?’’ His lies exposed, Long Zhi's face was red. Following that, he fiercely said, ’’What aura. Isn't it just a girl. There will be a day that I show you my formidability, hmph.’’

Finished speaking, Long Zhi brought Long Yang and the crew away. Even if they stayed here, they would just be bringing contempt on themselves.

Inside the Treasure Pavilion, Xia Chen Xi's face was a little imposing as she looked towards Lu Xuan, ’’Lu Xuan, was this Wild Explosion scroll really drawn by you?’’


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